About Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages

Just think about a place where you can see the lush green forests, scenic views which are far away from the hustle bustle of the city. So let's talk about the Himachal Pradesh tour Packages. Himachal Pradesh “Dev Bhoomi” which is also known as the Land of God. So are you planning to visit the Land where God stays. Himachal Pradesh is the best & beautiful place in the north of india.

This place is filled with the Scenic views, Adventure activities & many more things & buildings are present in Himachal Pradesh. This state of India has a variety of mountain ranges which shares boundaries with the different countries like china. Himachal Pradesh contains various villages which have their own history. For example: Chitkul etc. It has a diverse culture & religion which makes it more beautiful from another perspective also. Himachal Pradesh is known for its hospitality & respect towards tourists. Himachal is a great location where adventure lovers and leisure travelers can go and relax amidst the enchanting Himalayan beauty.

Best Places to Visit In Himachal Pradesh Tour

Manali: It is one of the most famous destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Most probably Manali is known for backpacker or Manali Honeymoon Tour. Manali is a gateway for trekking in Parvati valley & skiing in Solang valley. If you are for a spiritual tour then you can have a tour to Manali because there are temples & monasteries in Manali. There is a stunning location which is at the altitude of 3978 meters & provides the best view of the surrounding mountains.

Places to visit in Manali: Old Manali, Mall Road, Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, Kullu, Vashitha Hot Springs, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Atal Tunnel.

Tirthan Valley: Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages are incomplete without adding Tirthan to them. Tirthan valley is famous for the meadows & waterfall, orchids & scenic himalayan range. It is a very awesome destination for the people who love nature & want to live in nature. This destination provides us with various activities like Camping, Trekking & fishing. Other than the adventure activities Tirthan valley is also famous for the culture & tradition of the locals. The most important thing which is most famous in Tirthan is Trekking. The trek of Serolsar Lake from Jalori Pass goes through the lush green forest, scenic views & villages.

Places to visit in Tirthan Valley: Chhoie Waterfall, Jibhi Waterfall, Chehni Kothi, Great Himalayan National Park, Jalori Pass, Serolsar Lake.

Mcleodganj: A place which lies in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj is famous as home for the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. It is a very beautiful destination due to which it has become the most visited destination in various Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages. This place also has other names that is “Little Lhasa” only due to its large Tibetan population. Some of those things which makes Mcleodganj the most visited destination is because of tasty Tibetan food & cafe hopping, snow-capped mountains, serene waterfalls and much more. The Dhauladhar Range, when it is covered with snow, provides a breathtaking view.

Places to visit in Mcleodganj: Triund Hill, Namgyal Monastery, Bhagsunag Waterfall, Naddi, Dharamshala.

Kasol: A destination that is awesome for the adventure lover. This destination lies in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh which is very popular by the name Kasol Kheerganga trek. Kasol is nestled along the gushing Parvati river. If anyone is searching for peace then Kasol will be the best destination to be added to Himachal Pradesh backpacking tour because it is surrounded by the lush green forest, chilled-out cafes, rustic villages & snow-capped mountains. Kasol is also known for its delicious cuisine, vibrant culture & destination.

Kheerganga lies at the altitude of 2960 meters above sea level. This trek from Kasol is very peaceful & beautiful. There are hot springs in Kheerganga base camp which are believed to have healing power in them and are associated with the legends of Lord Shiva-Parvati & their son Kartikeya.

Places to visit in Kasol: Kheerganga Trek, Manikaran Sahib, Tosh, Grahan Trek, Malana, Chalal, Kalga, Pulga.

Shimla: Shimla is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh & also the capital. This city had various places to visit in & around. In 1864, it was also known as the summer capital of British India. This place is so beautiful & has the best scenic views. This place has a Mall road or called The Ridge from where the tourists like to buy souvenirs so that they can take them as a memory of Spiti Valley & the other destination of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is the hub from where various tours to Himachal Pradesh have started. Shimla is a gorgeous place from where we can have pleasant memories which will reside in us for the entire time.

Places to visit in Shimla: Christ Church, Kufri, Jakhu Temple, The Ridge, Naldehra, Viceregal Lodge.

Bir Billing: This place is also located in Kangra district. Bir Billing is famous among adventure seekers of the world. The beauty of this place is very awesome due to its flora & fauna. This place is also famous for the Paragliding. In Bir Billing a world cup of paragliding was held in 2015. Due to which the fame of the village is increasing & the love toward paragliding is increasing to the world & people start coming there to just do paragliding in Bir Billing. The difference between Bir Billing is that Billing is the takeoff point & Bir is the landing point for the paragliding.

Places to visit in Bir Billing: Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Chokling Monastery, Bangoru Waterfall, Billing, Gunehar Waterfall, Baijnath.

Dalhousie: It is a hill station which is near to the town Chamba. This Hill station is at a very high altitude. This town is across the 5 hills of Dhauladhar Mountain Range. This town is home to the building of the colonial era, including St. John Churches & St. Francis etc.

Places to visit in Dalhousie: Dainkund Peak, St. John Church, Khajjiar, Gandhi Chowk, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.

Spiti Valley: It means the middle land i.e. the land between India & Tibet. Spiti is a district of Himachal Pradesh. In this there are many villages & towns. So when we travel to the overall villages then it is known as the Spiti circuit. There are various places in Spiti circuit like Sangla, Tabo, Nako, Chitkul & many more places are present in Spiti Valley Tour Packages.

Places to Visit in Spiti: Sangla, Sarhan, Chitkul, Tabo, Nako, Kaza, Kalpa, Chandratal etc.

Best Things to Do In Himachal Pradesh Trip

Trekking: There are various destinations in Himachal which are famous for trekking such as Kasol Kheerganga, Tirthan & many valleys, passes are present there so that the lover of trekking may have fun in all these places. Treks in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Hampta Pass Trek: This Hampta pass is a stunning location in Himachal Pradesh. It is 26 Km long. The entire path of this trek is so stunning & changes time by time. This Hampta pass Trek has beautiful & eye-catching scenery.
  • Bhrigu Lake Trek: This trek is just to reach the sacred lake which stays at the altitude of 4300 meters above sea level. The Bhrigu Lake Trek got its name from a sage named Bhrigu. This trek starts from the point which is named as Chaudda Morh which is about 20 km away from manali.
  • Kheerganga Trek: This trek is a well known destination to all the tourists. The altitude of Kheerganga Trek is 9700 ft. This also has fantastic scenic views & the terrains also change time by time. This trek mainly starts from Kasol.
  • Pin Parvati Trek: The pin parvati pass is a long trek that is fully filled with the adventure & the scenic views. This Pin Parvati trek is 100 km long so it is not confirmed what is going to come before you. This trek's highest peak is 17,457 ft which is once in a life experience.
  • Beas Kund Trek: This Beas Kund Trek is towards the source of the river Beas with full adventure & the scenic views. It has a climb of 8000 ft in the beginning to 12000 ft.
  • Laka Glacier Trek: This Laka Glacier Trek is found in the Lap of Kangra Valley which is present in the Dhauladhar Range of mountains. This trek is easily accessible from Dharamshala & Mcleodganj.
  • Triund Trek: This Triund Trek is also a famous trek of himachal pradesh. Just like all the treks of Himachal it also has a very unique landscape. This is a short trek but it is steep from start to end.
  • Prashar Lake Trek: This Prashar Lake Trek is at the altitude of 2730 meters above sea level. This lake also has scenic views Snow capped mountains around it. This trek starts from Baggi & it is 16 km long.

Paragliding: It is also an adventure activity which takes place in various parts of Himachal Pradesh. Some of the places are Bir Billing, Kullu, Solang Valley; these are some famous spots where this adventurous activity takes place. Places to do paragliding in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Kullu Valley
  • Bir Billing (Palampur)
  • Solang Valley

River Rafting: It is one of the adventure sports/ activities which also take place in various parts of Himachal. As we all know there are many rivers which flow from Himachal pradesh so we may have many places from where the river rafting can be done. Places to do River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Manali
  • Kullu
  • Tattapani
  • Shimla
  • Naldehra

Shopping: As we all know Himachal is rich in diverse culture so there are many things in the market which are present in the culture which you can buy. The Tibetan culture in Himachal is more so we can get many things related to the culture from the market which is very unique which you can not get from any simple market. So there are many places to shop in Himachal pradesh. Places to do Shopping in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Shimla
  • Manali
  • Dalhousie

Best Food to Eat In Himachal Pradesh Tour Package

Babru: It is a snack of shimla just like the north India kachoris. It is made with wheat flour & black gram. This dish is one of the authentic dishes of Himachal Pradesh. This dish also contains the Himachal taste in it which is awesome.

Chha Gosht: This dish is one of the most famous dishes of Himachal Pradesh. This dish is prepared with the Lamb gosht. Firstly the ghost is marinated & then it is added to the curd Some more things so that it becomes so awesome after fully prepared.

Tudkiya Bhath: This bhath is not a regular pulao. This is the famous dish of himachal pradesh which is loaded with the taste. This bhath is so awesome in taste due to the ingredients which are added in it. Tudkiya bhath is made with rice cooked with lentils, potatoes, ginger, Onion, yogurt and at last garlic. There are some more spices which are added in it so that it becomes so good.

Kullu Trout: This dish is best for the non-veg lover. It is made with the trout fish by adding a variety of spices in it. In this dish firstly the fish is marinated with different spices & other eatables. It is especially prepared in Kullu region.

Siddu: If anyone is visiting Himachal Pradesh, Siddu is the dish which he/she must eat. Siddu is a type of bun which is made from wheat flour & served at last as the complement of the main course.

Best Religious Place to Visit In Himachal Pradesh

Manikaran Gurudwara: This gurudwara is made at the bank of Parvati River. This gurudwara is just 15 minutes away from Kasol. This gurudwara had great scenic views, Huge Mountains, gushing river & at last bridge on the river.

Bhimakali Temple: This temple is a fusion of Buddhist & Hindu Traditional style in architecture. This temple is present in Sarhan which is so lovely from its ambience & everything. This temple is 165 km away from shimla. This temple is made of wood & has scenic views around it.

Bijli Mahadev Temple: This temple is present in Kashwari village of Kullu valley. It is located at the height of 2460 meters above sea level. This temple comes under one of the ancient temples of India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Raghunath Temple: This temple was built by a king whose name is Raja Jagat Singh. This temple is totally dedicated to Lord Ram. This temple is made of wood & the wood is hot at some points. Due to the hot spring flow beneath the temple. This Temple also lies in Kullu Valley.

Jwalamukhi Temple: This temple lies in the Jwalamukhi village of Kangra. This is believed to be the place where the tongue of sati has fallen. The ambience of the place is very lush & scenic.

Hidimba Devi Temple: This destination is a must visit destination for the history enthusiast & for those also who are seeking peace in the lap of nature. It is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Hidimba Devi, wife of Bhima. It is known for its unique architectural work with wood. It is locally known as Dhungri Temple.

Best Places to Shop In Himachal Pradesh

Mall Road: The mall Road is more than a road because it contains various shops from where you can buy various things which are related to the culture, flavor of Himachal Pradesh. There are several Mall Roads like one in Manali & the other in Shimla.

Things to buy from Mall road: Woolen Product, Organic Product, Hand crafted Product.

Tibetan Market: The Tibetan Market lies in Shimla. This market is the best for those who are explorers, Culture enthusiasts etc. This place contains many Tibetan handicrafts. There are also Tibetan refugees due to which this market presents a wide range of fascinating products.

Things to buy from Tibetan Market: Carpets, Jewellery, Souvenirs

Lakkar Bazar: This bazar is one of the best locations for shopping in Himachal Pradesh. This market originated in the 19th century. The wooden market in Hindi is known as Lakkar Bazar which is a home for sikh carpenters who are very skilled in wooden work.

Things to buy from Lakkar Bazar: Pottery, Jewellery, Wooden Items

Old Manali: This place is the best & offers an amazing product. This bazaar is so energetic due the richness of the type of people there & various types of vibrant color etc. This market contains various handicraft, wooden sculptures, carpets etc.

Things to buy from Old Manali: Carpets, Souvenirs, Wooden Items

Manu Market: This market is present in manali. This market is best for the people who do not have warm clothes for the chilly weather so don't worry we can get everything from the Manu market. This market is easily reachable from the Railway station. This Market is so vibrant & energetic due to colorful stalls & the shops which are present there.

Things to buy from Manu Market: Tibetan Souvenirs, Handmade craft, Carpets

Akhara Bazar: This bazar is located in Kullu heart which is a heaven for the shoppers. This bazar provides a variety of products which are vibrant shawls & scarves, wooden handicrafts & many more things are present in the market.

Things to buy from Akhara Bazar: Souvenirs, Handicraft, Woolen clothes etc.

Best Time For A Himachal Pradesh Tour

March – June: Spring & Summer

This season is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh because at this time all the flora & fauna become so vibrant & the weather of the Himachal Pradesh is also great which is different from any other state in the north. 

September – November: Autumn

In this season you will watch the tree & the area is getting shower with leaves which are getting down from the trees & the area is becoming good in different ways.

November – February: Winter

This time in Himachal Pradesh is highly preferred by the tourists. In this you are going to watch the best view of the snow capped mountains & all the areas become white due to the snowfall which just happens in winters only. During this period of time the temperature will be 5 to 6 degrees. Himachal shows its lowest temperature in this season only. If you are a snow lover then you must visit in this season.

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After looking at several options I choose Go4Explore for my Himachal Backpacking trip. Reason was the itinerary they provided (Manali, Kasol and Jibhi) with the pricing. Firstly I was skeptical about hotels they will provide in the pricing, but the provided hotels and homestays were amazing. They were strategically selected homestays due to its location. I would recommend Go4Explore for Himachal Trips. Ask for Group Leader: Aaryan Verma, he is a gem of a guy.


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Many thanks for making such a trip possible. The organization, the effectiveness, the planning and on top the driver were just perfect. I felt so comfortable despite being so far from home. Everything worked out in time and perfectly. Our captain (Sahil Yadav) is a man of heart, he was always on his toes to assist and provide the best hospitality. The hotel we stayed at was always clean. I will definitely recommend Go4Explore to my other friends as well. Big thanks to Amit sir, who always helped for every possible difficulty.


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Went for their Spiti Valley full circuit trip last week and loved it. The trip itinerary was well curated to make sure we get the most of all the places. Our trip lead - Nikhilesh was well experienced and made sure we don't miss out on anything throughout the trip. The driver was also well experienced. All the stays and food were also managed well. Made some really great memories and friends on this trip and these will be cherished forever. Would also like to point out that we did bump into other groups throughout the trip and came to know that our group covered all of the places mentioned in the itinerary while some others didn't. So I would definitely recommend and also prefer traveling with the Go4Explore community for the best experience.


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It was my first trip with a travel community and I found Go4Explore through Instagram recommendations. I went to Tirthan Valley & Jibhi with Go4Explore. I only had expectations that the accommodation and transportation would be arranged but in actuality it was beyond my expectations. I had a great time with Go4Explore. Everything was very well arranged. We stayed in No Society Homestays which is an amazing place with an amazing vibe. Our trip was led by Sahil Singh who is an amazing trip leader cum friend. He made our trip even more fun. I'd recommend everyone to plan their trip with Go4Explore without even a second thought. Looking forward to more trips.


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6 days trip to Spiti Valley with Go4Explore was the best trip of my life. The hospitality, the overall arrangements and the entire tour plan was simply amazing. Special mention to Devendra Bisht without whom our experience would be incomplete. He was an excellent human and a brilliant team captain. Thank you Go4Explore for this memorable experience which I will cherish throughout my life. Looking forward to many more trips with Go4Explore and Devendra Bisht. Big big thumbs up to the entire team. You guys rock!


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It was my first trip with Go4Explore, Location: Chopta, Tungnath, Chandrashila, Deoria Lake. It was the best memory I've ever got till now which I'll cherish my whole life. Everything was pre-planned and managed accordingly. Captain (Nishant) and Co-Captain(Sabrina) were really supportive and helpful. Group was truly amazing. As a whole, Nothing can be better than this. I'll definitely look forward to booking my upcoming trips with the same team.


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My first solo trip to Spiti was with Go4explore and has been one of the best trips that happened to me. This trip made me see how much fun it can be with strangers who become like your family by the end of the trip. All this wouldn't have been possible without Sahil Singh who ensured that everyone had fun at every step with utmost care and comfort. I decided to take my second road trip with this community as their itineraries are very well planned and executed. My Ladakh trip was a lot of fun as I met and bonded with a lot of like-minded people. Our young and amazing trip leaders Rahul and Nikhilesh made everything very comfortable from day 1 till the end of the trip and all of them made it the most memorable trip to Ladakh.

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