About Spiti Valley Bike Trip

Spiti Valley Bike Tour is one of the best places where cycling enthusiasts can enjoy their adventure. Check out the Spiti Valley Bike Tour Packages offered by Go4Explore and experience the thrill of the countryside, the dangers of challenging roads, the thrill of crossing the famous Northeast Himalayas and once you are done you will be delighted with the beautiful and beautiful view of Spiti Valley. Every biker's dream trip!

Let the cool breeze blow on you as you speed past the pristine blue lake flowing through the gentle desert mountains, let the ivory river fill the sky and the clouds you name each mountain pass. Happy Pause to admire the vibrant flowers and green hills, or soak in the rushing waterfalls on an enchanting bike ride to Spiti Valley. Immerse yourself in the charm of Spiti with our carefully selected Spiti Valley tour packages that guarantee you an enriching and unforgettable trip.

Best time to visit Spiti Valley by Bike

The best time to visit Spiti Valley by bike always depends on your taste, preferences, riding style and willingness for the challenge.

Winter in Spiti Valley: The month from November to early April is only advisable if you are an experienced biker seeking a challenging and unique adventure. The winter season of Spiti Valley, especially from November to March, has extremely low temperatures, heavy snowfall, bad weather conditions, many inaccessible mountain passes and roads, and limited options for accommodation and other services. Some areas might require permits for access. Hence, it is advisable to travel with Go4Explore’s Spiti Bike Trip Experts to make the most of your Spiti Valley Trip in winter, as Winter in Spiti is still an enthralling winter wonderland that an adventure lover should experience!

Summer in Spiti Valley: Summer in Spiti is the safest and safest time to visit Spiti Valley by bike. In winter the weather is less severe and most of the roads and mountains pass through it, paving the way more smoothly and unobstructed.

From May to June: Spiti may still be covered in snow, so you may experience the difficulties of crossing rivers and some mountain passes due to snow melt, as it is beautiful. Going to Spiti in summer by bike is a must!

From July to August: Be prepared for occasional rains in Spiti, which can be beneficial if green areas are your thing. cycling experience.

From September to October: The best time to visit Spiti Valley by bike is from September to October, thanks to the good climate, lack of snow, clear skies, access to mountain passes and beautiful views.

Best routes for Spiti Valley Biking Tour

Understanding the route

Before embarking on a Spiti Valley bike tour, it is important to understand the route and plan your itinerary accordingly. The route can be divided into two parts: Manali to Kaza section and Kaza to Shimla section. The Manali to Kaza section is approximately 200 kilometers long and takes you through the famous Rohtang Pass. The Kaza to Shimla stretch spans approximately 400 kilometers, showcasing breathtaking views of the Spiti River, high mountain passes, and remote villages.

Bike Route from Manali to Kaza

Manali to Rohtang Pass/Atal Tunnel: Start your journey from Manali and head towards Rohtang Pass/Atal Tunnel, traversing scenic landscapes and breathtaking views.

Rohtang Pass/Atal Tunel to Gramphu: From Rohtang Pass/Atal Tunnel descend towards Gramphu which is a small village in Lahaul valley.

Gramphu to Chhatru: Drive through rough roads from Gramphu to Chhatru where you can take a short break and soak up the beauty of the surroundings.

Chhatru to Batal: The journey from Chhatru to Batal is adventurous, with steep climbs and sharp turns aplenty.

Batal to Kunzum Pass: Enjoy a scenic drive from Batal to Kunzum Pass, which is one of the highest mountain passes in India.

Kunzum Pass to Losar: This stretch offers a scenic journey through the charming villages of the Spiti Valley.Losar to Kaza: The last leg of the Manali to Kaza route takes you from Losar to Kaza, the capital of the Spiti Valley.

If you go on Spiti Valley Bike Tour from Delhi, Go4Explore Spiti Bikers one of the best ways is the road from Manali to Spiti Valley, especially in summers Manali is one of the well-accessible cities in Himachal Pradesh. The journey from Delhi to Manali is approximately 550 km. After reaching Manali, you can head to Spiti Valley via the famous Rohtang Pass (open from May to October) or Atal Tunnel (subject to weather) and then Gramphu and Kunzum Passes.

Bike Route from Shimla to Kaza

Sarahan to Shimla: Shimla route takes you from Shimla to Sarahan, the Gateway to Kinnaur district and home to the famous Bhimakali Temple.

Sarahan to Kalpa: Take a scenic drive from Sarahan to Kalpa, offering the best views of Kinnaur Kailash.

Kalpa to Nako: From Kalpa proceed towards Nako, a picturesque village on the lake shore.

Nako to Tabo: Ride from Nako towards Tabo and enter Spiti Valley.

Tabo to Kaza: The last leg of the journey takes you from Tabo to Kaza.

Another favorite route of bikers is to go to Spiti via Kinnaur via Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The journey from Delhi to Shimla is around 350 km and is generally easier than reaching Manali. This journey will take you to NH-22 (Hindustan-Tibet Highway).

When traveling to Spiti by bike, please note that you will need a travel permit for some areas. It is advisable to plan your Spiti Biking trip in advance according to Spiti season, weather and route.

Best places to visit in Spiti Valley Bike Trip

Tabo Monastery: On your way to Spiti you will find the oldest and most famous monastery built in 996 AD, its interior is decorated with beautiful paintings. The church was built like a castle with walls 3 meters high and this is the main reason why it has survived for hundreds of years.

Dhankar Monastery: An important site of Buddhism, famous for the Vairocana statue showing four statues of the Buddha in meditation. The architecture and paintings of the monastery will fascinate you. This temple is located between Kaza and Thabo at an altitude of 12,700 feet. This Gompa is a 300 meters high structure overlooking the Spiti and Pin rivers.

Chandratal Lake: Sit by the stone banks of the ethereal Chandratal Lake which is molded like a Bow moon, and genuine to its title, an unmatched excellence. Be a tease with the pleasant mountains and lose yourself within the endless skies, as you set up a camping tent within the peaceful climate of the Chandratal Lake.

Komic: There can be nothing more energizing for a biker to ride through the World’s most elevated motorable town which is found in Spiti, and rests at 18,000 feet over ocean level. Appreciate the foremost unpredictable supper at the highest cafe within the World, while appreciating the shocking magnificence of Spiti from a thrillingly tall- elevation point.

Hikkim: When you bike through the stunning scenes of the tall height of Hikkim, to reach the highest post office within the world, don't forget to sending your loved ones a postcard gloating around your fun biking adventures, and where the postcard is coming from!

Gue: You cannot take a bike trip to Spiti, and not visit the foremost interesting Mummy village which holds the tomb of the 600-year-old mummified monk.

Langza: Motor through the celebrated Fossil Town, and release your hands to drag the foremost captivating fossils out of your clench hands to require back domestic Fossil trinkets as your Biking in Spiti memories. Pay a visit to the generous Medicine Buddha statue that neglects the lovely, beautiful Spiti Valley, and could be a radiant work of craftsmanship in itself.

Important Tips for Spiti Valley Bike Adventure

  • Warm Clothes: Spiti Valley has a cool temperature throughout the year, so bring a warm jacket, thermals, gloves and woolen socks.
  • Rib Equipment: Invest in good riding gear, including helmets, knee and elbow pads, riding boots, durable gloves, etc.
  • First Aid Supplies: Be sure to bring first aid supplies with you, including band-aids, antibiotics, and any medications.
  • Water & Snacks: Bring enough water bottles to stay hydrated throughout your trip. Bring energy bars, nuts, and other snacks to keep you energized.
  • Bike Accessories/Tools: When you join the Spiti Bike Tour, you must have all the necessary tools to repair your bike in case it gets damaged anywhere.
  • Spare Tires: If one of our bike's tires punctures or something happens, we need to have a spare tire so we can replace it and continue on our way.
  • Photography Equipment: Our eyes are the best cameras in the world, but if you want to see everything you have accomplished in life, you can take your photography equipment with you.
  • Take Diamox: reduce the chances of AMS (Altitude Sickness).
  • Pro-Max Tip: Between the Reckong people and Kaza, there is no petrol station. Fill it up there and keep extra gasoline or fuel in the bike. Don't worry if you didn't obtain it; you'll be able to get it from a local shop for a small fee. Locate one and obtain the oil.
  • Power Bank: It is recommended that you always carry a portable charger on your trip. Make sure you plan backup, especially in a restricted area like Spiti.
  • Navigation Equipment: Such as Compasses, GPS devices and satellite devices in remote areas.

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Day 0

Delhi to Jibhi | Overnight Journey

  • Assemble at the boarding point in Delhi - RK Ashram Metro Station or Majnu Ka Tilla. 
  • Start an overnight journey to Jibhi and socialize with your co-travellers.

Day 1

Jibhi Arrival | Acclimatization & Day At Leisure
  • After arriving in Tirthan Valley, check in to our cozy hotel/homestay in Jibhi, freshen-up and have some leisure.
  • The travelers who opted for a Bike Trip will head down to Manali to collect their bikes, followed by a test run. After which, they will head to Jibhi as well.
  • Regroup and head out for a quick nature walk near to our hotel/homestay.
  • You can visit the beautiful Jibhi waterfall and soak in the soothing surroundings of the place (by walk). 
  • In the evening, don’t miss out the much-needed acclimatization session by your trip captain followed by home-style cooked dinner and overnight stay in a hotel/homestay.

Day 2

India's Last Village: Chitkul

  • Wake up early in the morning and post breakfast, we will drive ahead from Jibhi (via Jalori Pass at 10,800ft approx) to reach the last Indian village before Indo-Tibetan border.
  • After arriving in Chitkul, take a stroll around the village and visit Mathi Temple dedicated to the Goddess of local people of Kinnaur.
  • Treat your stomach with a satisfying plate of steamy momos or rajma chawal at ‘Hindustan Ka Akhri Dhaba’.
  • What can be more magical than relaxing near the pristine Baspa River? A perfect location in the lap of majestic Himalayas to disconnect from the urban madness and connect with nature.
  • Post Chitkul village exploration, check in to our cozy hotel/swiss tents, freshen-up and have some leisure. 
  • In the evening, savour home-style cooked dinner and overnight stay in a hotel/swiss tents.

Day 3

Chitkul to Kalpa
  • Post breakfast, we will head move Kalpa from Chitkul.
  • En route Kalpa, we can have lunch in the market of Reckong Peo town
  • Upon reaching Kalpa, after spending some leisure time, we’ll head out to visit the 3000-year-old Kalpa Monastery and the Suicide Point which offers a picturesque view of the Kailash ranges.
  • Savour home-style cooked dinner and overnight stay in a hotel/swiss tents.

Day 4

Kalpa to Dhankar

  • Wake up early in the morning, post breakfast, we will move towards Dhankar village from Kalpa
  • Enroute, we will make a pit stop at Khab Sangam, the confluence of Sutlej and Spiti rivers.
  • Visit the famous Nako Village and pay our respects at the Tabo Monastery.
  • After arriving in Dhankar village, check in to your property and have leisure.
  • Savour home-style cooked dinner and overnight stay in a hotel

Day 5

Dhankar to Kaza

  • Wake up early in the morning, post breakfast, head out to explore Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar fort.
  • Further drive to Kaza.
  • We will visit Kungri Monastery in Pin Valley on the way.
  • After arriving in Kaza village, check in to your property and have leisure.
  • Travelers are also advised to indulge in cafe hopping in the Kaza Market.
  • Savour home-style cooked dinner and overnight stay in a hotel

Day 6

Spiti Sightseeing Day

  • Post breakfast, we’ll head out to visit the Key Monastery, followed by Chicham Bridge which is Asia’s highest bridge.
  • Later in the day, we will visit the highest post office in the world, Hikkim.
  • Afterward, we’ll move towards Komic village which is one of the highest villages in the world connected by a motorable road.
  • Last but not least, we will visit the land of fossils, Langza, and visit the Buddha statue that sits on top of a hill overlooking the village.
  • Finally, we’ll head back to Kaza where we will have dinner and spend the night.

Day 7

Kaza to Chandratal 

  • Post-breakfast, we will head out to visit the pristine Chandratal which is a crescent-shaped lake mimicking the moon.
  • Upon arrival at our designated campsites, we'll check in and then head towards the Chandratal lake to spend some leisure time by the lakeside.
  • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in the campsites.

Note: If the weather conditions don't permit us to stay in the camps near the Chandratal lake, we'll stay in the Batal region instead. 

Day 8

Chandratal to Manali

  • After breakfast, we'll check out of our campsites and head towards Manali.
  • En route, we'll be passing through the iconic Atal Tunnel.
  • Upon reaching Manali, we'll leave our bikes behind and check into our designated stay.
  • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in Manali.

Day 9

Manali Leisure Day

  • After early morning breakfast, the rest of the day is at leisure.
  • Travelers are advised to spend their time indulging in cafe hopping, visiting the local market, Mall road, etc.
  • Later in the evening, we will take an overnight bus from Manali to Delhi.

Day 10

Delhi Arrival | Tour Ends

  • The group will reach Delhi and part ways with fond memories.
  • End of tour.


  • Transportation: AC Semi-Sleeper Volvo (Delhi to Manali/Jibhi & back) and Force Traveler/Cab at all other times or the entire journey by Force Traveler/Cab from Delhi.
  • 8 Nights Accommodation on Sharing Basis
  • Meals: 8 Breakfasts & 8 Dinner. Breakfast & Dinner each day of the trip.
  • Experienced and cool trip leader.
  • Driver allowances, toll taxes, parking, state taxes.

For Biking Option

  • Himalayan BS6 Bikes.
  • Bike Rent & Fuel from Manali to Manali.
  • Riding Gears (Knee guard, Elbow guard, Helmet).
  • Temporary lodgings for bikers to freshen up in Manali. 
  • Toolkit
  • Backup Vehicle
  • Mechanical Support


  • Any extra meals and stay arrangements apart from the ones mentioned under inclusions as per the itinerary.
  • Travel Insurance, items of a personal nature like porterage, tips, laundry etc.
  • Any inner line permits/environmental permits, entry fees, extra expenses for optional activities or tickets, unless quoted in Inclusions.
  • Any other costing involved due to circumstances like natural calamity, weather conditions, riots, roadblocks, landslides or any other forced circumstances which are out of our control.
  • Anything which is not mentioned in the above inclusions.
  • GST (5%) is applicable extra.

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