International Travel Blogger And Media Conference – Himalayan Travel Mart, Nepal

On 2nd June 2018, PATA Chapter Nepal and Nepal Tourism Board organize an event – International Travel Blogger And Media Conference along with Himalayan Travel Mart. It was a very big event held at Crown Plaza Hotel, Kathmandu. I also took part in this event as an international travel blogger from India. There are lots of blogger and media persons I met there who took part in this event as media delegate. I learned many things at this conference and discussed the Himalayas.

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal

One day before this event, they mailed us and invited for dinner at Bhojhan Griha – A heritage restaurant. This was an amazing night, we spent there. I tasted Nepali Thali (Dal – Bhat – Tarkari) There. I like that they welcomed us in proper Nepali style. I met other bloggers and media persons there. They had many kinds of food and drinks there for us. I ate the tastiest Momos of my life at this restaurant. They provided us all the facilities of pick-up and drop to hotel. There are some artists also there who perform local Nepali cultural dance for our entertainment. I liked this cultural dance and this heritage restaurant.

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2019

On Day 1st, We start our day by registration and then we took our seat in the conference hall. The event started with the welcome speech and program highlights by Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, who is CEO of Nepal Tourism Board. Many speakers discussed different-different topics-

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2018

Dr. Marcus Lee

Dr. Marcus Lee is the Chairman of The International China Investment Forum (ICIF). They Discussed The China Outbound Travel Market – How to attract Chinese visitors effectively. They said that we need to focus on small cities in China compare to big cities.

Dr. Chris Bottrill

Dr. Chris Bottrill is the Chairman, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). They gave an amazing speech about The Human Capital Development Needs and Opportunities in Asia.

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2018

After a short break, they held a panel discussion session where

Sri. Madhur Bhandarkar (Indian film director, scriptwriter, and producer) talked about Tourism & Bollywood Movies.

Mr. Rajesh Hamal (Nepali Film Actor, Director & Producer) talked about Promoting Domestic, Regional and International Tourism through Cinema.

Mr. William Vazquez (Photography Tour Operator, Camera Voyages) talked about The Power and Importance of photography in Tourism.

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2019

Mr. Adrian Hayes

Mr. Adrian Hayes who is A Record-Breaking Adventurer and Sustainability Campaigner talked about Sustainability, Nepal & Adventure Tourism

Mr. Philip McMaster

Mr. Philip McMaster who is A life-Long adventurer and Sustainability Advocate talked about “The Amazing RACE to SDG – Nepal’s BLOCKCHAIN Voyage to Sustainability”

And other great speakers gave us their informative speech.

On 2nd Day-

It was the main day of this International Travel Blogger And Media Conference. There were hundreds of travel bloggers and media delegates there. We all discussed lots of things about Himalayas and Trekking in Nepal. We also Discussed Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign. This day was also started with registration and welcome. And Then many great speakers talked about many good topics-

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2018

Mr. Tim Leffel (Travel writer, author, editor, blogger, and publisher & Owner/ President-Al Centro Media) talked about Building a brand based on storytelling.

Ms. Mariellen Ward (Travel Writer & Outspoken Advocate for Female Solo Travel) talked about My Journey to becoming a Mindful Traveller

Mr. Nischal Dua (Entrepreneur, Growth Marketer & Mountaineer) talked about Digital Nomads – Travel & Work as a Lifestyle

Mr. Keith Jenkinsn (CEO and Founder- iambassador & Founder and Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog) talked about How influencers can show value to the industry

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2018

Mr. Matt Gibson (CEO, Up Think • Outbound President, PTBA) talked about How influencers can build better relationships with brands personally, and collectively.

This was the day with full of information and networking. I got lots of information from this conference, met many professional travel bloggers like me, met some senior media persons as well.

Himalayan Travel Mart, Kathmandu Nepal 2018

Why Should You Join Himalayan Travel Mart?

You should join Himalayan Travel Mart if you are a travel entrepreneur or you have a travel startup for promoting your company and networking with other people in the same industry. Here, you will get many national and international clients for B2B (Business to Business) rates. You will also get lots of information about how to build your company as a brand in the market of travel by many great speakers.

Hope to see you in Himalayan Travel Mart 2019.

Happy Traveling 🙂



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