Ukhrul, Manipur - Places to Visit - Things to Do - Best Time

Ukhrul, Manipur - Places to Visit - Things to Do - Best Time

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Ukhrul, Manipur - Places to Visit - Things to Do - Best Time

Ukhrul is the most beautiful hill station of the state Manipur. This Northeastern state is multilingual and is endowed with distinct classical dance, scrumptious cuisine, and traditional aura that fumes like a lit incense stick in sacred shrines. This is the best destination if you are a nature lover and also Ukhrul is the best destination if you love trekking and camping. Here you will find many peaks to climb like Shirui Lily Peak etc. It is about 85 KMs from Imphal. Ukhrul is the highest hill station of state Manipur. So Let’s Explore this fantastic hill station of North - East India-

Places to Visit in Ukhrul, Manipur-

Shirui Kashung Peak-

Shirui Kashung Peak- Ukhrul - best Place

Shirui Kashung peak is one of the best mountains to visit in Ukhrul, Manipur. This is located at the distance of 18 km from Ukhrul. The altitude of the Shirui Kashung Peak is 2835 m above the sea level. It is famous for the Shirui Lily flowers that blossom here only in between the months of may and June. Blyth's tragopan and Mrs. Hume's bar-backed pheasant are the two rare birds which are found here. There are many kinds of plants and herbs found here. Many scholars and researchers come here for research every year. This is one of the places, you must visit during your Ukhrul trip.

Khayang Peak-

Khayang Peak- Best places to visit Ukhrul

Khayang Peak is another beautiful peak of the town Ukhrul. This peak is the highest peak of Ukhrul district with the altitude of 3114 m above the sea level. From this peak, you can see the panoramic view of the Ukhrul region. It is famous for trekking and camping. Many trekkers and locals come here for spending their night in a tent by enjoying the view of galaxy and night view of Ukhrul.

Hundung Mova Cave-

Hundung Mova Cave- Things to do in Ukhrul

The Mova cave is a limestone give in which can become after a reroute before achieving Ukhrul. Hundung Mova Cave is located at the distance of 13 km from the Ukhrul City. It is arranged close to the now-ancient concrete manufacturing plant and Lungshang Kong/waterway in a little villa called Hungpung. The primary lobby of the buckle can collect more than 100 odd individuals. Some separation from the surrender is a precarious strong shake mountain which is accepted to be the male accomplice of the buckle, as per the nearby legend.

Khangkhui Cave -

Khangkhui Cave - Best Places to visit Ukhrul

It is a natural limestone cave where the people of the village took refuge during the World War II. This cave is located at the distance of 15 km in the direction east from the Ukhrul city in a town named - Kangkhui. There are two chambers and five tunnels in this big cave. It is the excellent creativity by nature. Many legends and folklores are associated with Mangsor Cave tell of the deity of Mangsor as a mighty spirit who is benevolent and romantic. The big hall in the cave is the darbar hall of the Devil King living deep inside while the northern hall is the royal bedroom, according to another local folklore.

Longpi Village-

Longpi Village - Things to do Ukhrul Manipur

Longpi village is a small village of district Ukhrul which is located approx. 25 km far away from the Ukhrul city. This village is famous for Longpi pottery which is the stone pottery. An isolated town of 400 houses in the locale Ukhrul North – East Manipur, with maybe only 200 craftsmen employing the specialty, is the operational hub of Longpi pottery. The vacationer can have the chance to visit the town and witness the ceramics – making process.

Things to Do in Ukhrul, Manipur-

Try Food at 25 Degree North Restaurant-

25 Degree North is the famous restaurant of district Ukhrul. Taste the local food here is one of the best things you can do in Ukhrul. This looks like a cafe but the prices are reasonable, and the food is also so tasty.

Taste The Homemade Rice Beer-

Rice beer is famous and readily available on every mountain area of India, but in Ukhrul, you can taste a very good rice beer in a bamboo glass. You can easily find it at markets of Ukhrul.

Enjoy the Shirui Lily Festival-

Shirui Lily Festival, Ukhrul Manipur

Shirui Lily festival is one of the top festivals of North - East India organizing by Chiko Adventure and Manipur tourism board. You will find the cultural program, music festival, local food and adventure activities in this festival. I went there last year and enjoyed a lot. I say the MTB Downhill race, Imphal to Ukhrul cycle race and lots of other adventures here.

Best Time to Visit Ukhrul, Manipur-

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The best time to visit Ukhrul is in between the month of April to June. In these months you may find the Shiroi lily flowers blooms. You will find little bit hot at daytime but the cold temperature at night time. This is also a perfect time if you want to come here for watching greenery and excellent weather, you may find rainy some day. These months are also good because of Shirui lily festival organized every year in Ukhrul by Chiko Adventure and Manipur Tourism Board. In this festival, you can enjoy the local food and music band concerts, etc.

Ukhrul, Manipur - Places to Visit - Things to Do Best Time

How to Reach Ukhrul, Manipur?

By Bus-

You can easily reach Ukhrul by taking the bus from Imphal bus stand. It will take 2 hours to reach Ukhrul from Imphal by bus.

By Train-

The nearest railway station to Ukhrul is Dimapur Railway Station in the state Nagaland. From Dimapur, You have to come to Imphal first for reaching Ukhrul. You can come to Imphal from Dimapur by shared Cabs. It will charge you around Rs 600. Then you can reach Ukhrul from Imphal by taking a bus or cab from Imphal interstate bus terminal.

By Flight-

The nearest airport to Ukhrul is Imphal Airport. From Imphal airport, you can reach Ukhrul by catching the bus or cab from Imphal interstate bus terminal.

Tourists Emergency Contacts Details-

Ukhrul Police Station - 03870 - 265035

Ukhrul Fire Station- 03870 - 265337

Ukhrul, Manipur - Places to Visit - Things to Do - Best Time

Traveling Tips for Ukhrul, Manipur-

Always Carry A Jacket-

You will find the cold temperature, in summer also in Ukhrul, Manipur. Especially at night time. So always carry a jacket with you whenever coming to Ukhrul in Manipur.

Carry A Rain Coat-

This is a very common thing that if you are coming to North - East India, you should carry a raincoat with you. Nobody knows about rains in Ukhrul. It can happen suddenly any time, so be ready for it.

Be Active for Trekking-

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As I already said that Ukhrul is a destination of mountains, so you need to do trekking anytime. Maybe you need to hike for the hotel to the restaurant. So be prepared for it.

Be Ready for Spicy Food-

Things to do in Ukhrul manipur

If you are coming to Ukhrul, you will get spicy food everywhere. If you don’t like the spicy food, so carry your food or some energy chocolates like snickers.

So this is the travel guide for Ukhrul, Manipur. I tried to highlight the major points like the best places to visit in Ukhrul, Things to do in Ukhrul, the Best time to visit Ukhrul, Tourist helpline number, travel tips and how to reach Ukhrul? Hope you like the information I shared. If yes, then please share your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Happy Traveling :)