Trek to Snowline- A Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree Winter

Trek to Snowline- A Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree Winter

posted 4 months ago

Trek to Snowline- A Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree Winter - Best Time to Visit-

Trekking Mode-

Medium (Moderate for Beginners)

Best Month for Snow-line Trek?

November to March (For finding Heavy Snow)

April to June (if you want to find snow in summers)

Best Time for Trek?

- 11 Am to 5 pm


1 hour from Triund Trek (2 hours for Beginners)


  • There are not any shop in the way of Snow-line, so always carry some food and water from Triund.

  • Wear the proper warm jacket to protect yourself from winter.

  • Use a hiking stick makes you trek easy.

  • Always Trek with you Hiking or Trekking Shoes.


Carry own Tent with Sleeping bag and Mattress or Rent a tent from there (Snowline Cafe) at the rate of Rs 300-500 per person per night.

About Snow-line Trek-

Trek to Snowline- A Trek Above The Triund -16 degree Winter

Every trekker of Triund Trek wants to Trek upper than Triund, because he doesn’t find enough snow at Triund. So they trek to Snowline. It is a Trek upper from the Triund, you can do if you are going to Triund for 2 Days. Snowline is situated at the altitude of 3300 meters and the Trek to Snow-line is little difficult from Triund Trek, That’s why people usually do Triund Trek and come back. There is a cafe there named- Snowline Cafe. This is not so big cafe, it is a small tea shop or you can say “Dhaba”. You can eat food or take a cup of tea there. You can also rent a tent also from there.

Things to Carry For Snowline Trek:

Trek to Snowline- A Trek Above The Triund -16 degree Winter Best Time

• Trekking Bag/ Rucksack (20L to 60L)

• Best Quality Hiking Shoes (for Snow Trekking)

• Sleeping Bag (If you don’t book any tent there)

• Thermals - Top and Bottom (Important)

• UV Protected Sun Glasses are a must because of Harmful Sunlights in Snow.

• Good jacket to protect from cold

• One Raincoat (if you are going to time of snowfall or rain)

• Lightweight Towel

• Toilet Paper (Useful)

• 3-4 Pair of warm socks

• Dry Fruits and Chocolates (for some instant energy)

  • Water and some energy drinks like RedBull.

  • Torch (Always Carry)

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My Experience of Snowline Trek-

Snowline A Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree WinterTrekking gives you always fun… I started my Journey of Snowline from Delhi. After reaching Mcleodganj, I started my Trek to Triund firstly. I started trekking from Galu Temple at Mcleodganj and reached Triund within 3-4 hours. I took 4 times short break of 5-5 minutes and a long break of 15 minutes where I ate Maggie (Noodles). After trekking for 3-4 hours, I reached Triund. I found an ultimate view from there. This is the sunset time and I fully enjoyed a sunset from the top. This is the day of 31st December and many people are there who did this trek for enjoying their New Year. There are some shops also there and a guest house also, but there are very few rooms in this guest house. Tents are available for rent in Triund. You can easily take a tent for rent from any shop at Triund. The rent of Tent is Rs 300-500 per person including sleeping bag, mattress etc. I enjoyed the sunset and spent a lot of time there. I also ate bread omelet in Triund. After these, I started my trek to Snowline.

Its evening time and the sun was set, some people told me that cancel your plan of snowline trek because night trekking not so easy and not for a beginner trekker. But I already booked my tent at snowline, So I started my journey.Trek to Snowline , Best time to visit

I have to trek at Snowline in the night time. The ways are not so visible and there is not a separate way of trekking to Snowline. You have to follow the footprints of past trekkers who did this trek within 12 hours before. I started my trekking but after some darkness, I remember that I don’t have two major things for this trek. I didn’t have Hiking stick and any Torch with me. But I got an Idea and make a Jugaad (an Indian Word in which you can use anything to solve your problem). I used my selfie stick as a hiking stick and Mobile Flash as a torch and move towards my destination. The trek of Snowline is more dangerous than Triund trek. The ways are too narrow. Even in some ways, you can’t take you both feet together in the same place. Firstly, I got scared as any beginner trekker. The temperature is falling down as the time passing. I didn’t know about the distance of my camps from where I started this trek. There are many trekkers who did the trek to Triund, but so little who did Snowline Trek.

Trek to Snowline- A Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree night

After the difficult trekking of 2 hours, I reached Snowline. There are not so crowded at snowline as compare to Triund Trek. There are very few trekkers who did this trek. Its 9 PM in the night, when I saw my camp the first time. There are 4-5 people there who sat outside the camp in front of the fire, Yes, you can say this is the bonfire. After saw my camps I ran towards it. It's like thirsty got water in the empty desert for me when I see my camps. I went towards the main camp and sat in-front of Bonfire and its time to say hello to fellow trekkers. It is like heaven when you sit in front of the fire at - 16-degree temperature. I ate my dinner there.

There are 2 shops in the whole snow-line-

  1. Snow-line Camps and Cafe

  1. Himalayan Camps and Cafe

Trek to Snowline- Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree WinterI booked my tents in Snow-line Camps, where the lunch, dinner, and breakfast included. Its all booked under Rs 1200. I ate Dal - Rice for Dinner and go to tent. Its the new year night and all are celebrating there. There are total 20-25 trekkers in snow-line on that night and all are very friendly. I got my sleeping bag from the main camp and go to my tent in the night. The temperature is approx. -16 to -20 degree and I felt too cold there. I also use a light blanket with my sleeping bag to stay warm. This is really a cold night. After a beautiful sleep in this much cold temperature, I woke up at 7 Am in the morning. Its 1st January and there is snow everywhere. The locals say that this is 3 feet snow from the ground. I felt that I am in between clouds and sky.

camping Snowline- Trek Above The Triund in -16 degree WinterIn the morning time, a member of snow-line camps ask me for tea, and I say- Yeah, of course. In this cold winter who says no to heat tea. After taking a cup of tea, I am ready to enjoy the nature’s view. I clicked hundreds of photos and make many time-lapse videos there. After that, I took breakfast in the camp. Ate Bread Omelette in breakfast and took rest before trek downside. After rest, I drunk a can of Red Bull (Energy Drink) and started my trekking to the downside.

Trek to the downside is much different from the trek the o upside. Because its the day time and snow is softer than night. The trekking in day time is much easier than night trekking. I saw lots of different landscape view on this way. I reached Triund Trek after 45-50 minutes of trekking. I enjoyed a lot in this amazing adventurous journey.

Don't restrict yourself to Triund.. Go up to Snow Line…