Trek to Bagsu Nag WaterFall – Best Time to Visit – How to Reach?

Trek Mode-


Best Month to Visit?

December to August

Best Time to Visit Bagsu Nag Waterfall?

Morning 7 Am to Evening 6 pm

Trek to Bagsu Nag WaterFall view

About Bagsu Nag WaterFall-

Bagsu Nag Waterfall is situated at Bagsu Nag Village of Mcleodganj at the Altitude of 2176 meters (7115 Feet). It is approx. 3 km far away from Mcleodganj city and approx. 12 km from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. The name of the waterfall has been derived from that of the vanquished King Bhagsu. The folklore that makes it round in the place is that about 5000 years ago. This waterfall is one of the top 25 waterfalls of India. This is one of the best places to visit in Mcleodganj. Tourist love this places because of this 30 feet waterfall and the old Lord Shiva Temple.

Frequently Asked Question about Bagsu Nag Waterfall-

How to Reach Bagsu Nag Waterfall?

You can easily reach here by doing the trek of 1 km from Bagsu Nag Temple. Book a taxi or auto to Bagsu Nag Village from Mcleodganj city and start trek to Bagsu Nag Waterfall after visiting this holy temple. Hindu temple dedicated to Bhagsu Nag the Snake God, and to Lord Shiva, has a freshwater spring and has great historical significance.

Is there any entry charges of Bagsu Nag Waterfall?

No, There are not any entry charges for this Waterfall.

Are there shops Near the Bagsu Nag Waterfall?

Yes, there are many shops in the way and near the waterfall.

Is it safe to trek Bagsu nag Waterfall?

Trek to Bagsu Nag WaterFall dharamsala

Yes, it is safe to trek. Anyone can easily do this trek. You can trek here with your family, friends, grandfather or child.

Is there the room available near Bagsu Nag Waterfall?

Yes, But you haven’t much option there. You can stay in guest houses in the way of Waterfall.

My Experience-

Trek to Bagsu Nag WaterFallIts third day of my trip to Mcleodganj and Dharamsala. I missed my bus and stay in a hotel room in Dharamsala Last Night. I make a plan to do the trek to Bagsu Nag Waterfall this day. I started my journey of Bagsu Nag by reaching Mcleodganj from Dharamsala. I went Mcleodganj by city bus of Himachal Pradesh. Now I had two option to choose- the first one is to go Bagsu Nag Village by booking a taxi or auto and the second option is to go Bagsu Nag by walking. Bagsu Nag is approx. 2 km far away from Mcleodganj and I was fit that time. So I choose the second option and went Bagsu Nag by walking.

After reaching Bagsu Nag village, I found there many shops and stalls of food, clothes, home products etc. There is a temple also there which named Bagsu Nag Temple. I went to the temple before starting my trekking of Bagsu Nag Waterfall. After these, I started my trekking…

Trek to Bagsu Nag WaterFall mcleodganjBagsu Nag Trek is not so big trek or hard trek. This is approx. 1 km long and easy to go. If you are fit and have a good stamina, so you can complete this trek within 15-20 minutes. Don’t do this trek if you are physically handicap or pregnant or you have a baby with you less than the 7-8 year. There are 2-3 shops also in between this short trekking. You can take food and drinks from here if you want.

I reached Bagsu Nag Waterfall after the trekking of 20 minutes. This is a very beautiful waterfall. It is not so big but the view is much pretty. The water of this waterfall is so clear and cold. There are 3-4 shops also near the waterfall, where you can eat snacks. I clicked lots of photos there and make some videos also. After that, I move towards upside of this waterfall.

This is a little way of 5-10 minutes to upside the waterfall. In the upper side of this waterfall, there is a famous cafe named- Shiva Cafe. This Cafe is very famous in Bagsu Nag village. People come here to enjoy there day in between nature.

This is How I completed my trek to Bagsu Nag Waterfall.


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