Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

posted 12 months ago

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

Myanmar’s wealth of culture encompasses gilded pagodas, faded colonial architect, vibrant markets and appetizing street foods. It is always difficult to define what is the best to experience in this fascinating country. The list of top things to do in Myanmar seems endless but there are things you should not miss when planning your trip :

Ride the Balloon in Bagan

Unlike the balloon in Turkey, the flight in Bagan allows you to soak up the bird-eye view over some 2,500 pagodas built from the 11th century. This precious experience operates from 5.00 am with an abundance of photogenic opportunities when the balloon slides over Ayeyarwaddy River, small villages and temple`s spires.

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

Balloon operates more during the dry season from November to April. Though there are still flights in the summertime which offers greener landscapes it is not frequent. It is advisable to book the flight in advance.

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Go Motorcycling in Mandalay

Mandalay itself is a bustling city. It has the largest number of motorbikes in the country and seems to be the best place to start a motorcycle trip thanks to its beautiful surroundings.

Go Motorcycling in Mandalay

Take time to meet Zach, a dedicated American expat who is also a big motorhead to get his insightful knowledge of trails, bike selection and you can also rent a bike from him.

Some of the most rewarding trips are to explore Pyin Oo Win, Hsipaw as well the ancient capitals like Inwa.

Feel something different in Hpa An

The laid-back area of Hpa An surprise its visitors by the authenticity it boasts. From Sadan cave to Zwegabin mountain, there is no better chance to experience the slow pace of life, understanding the local life without tourist crowd.

Some dedicated travel agencies now start creating kayaking trip so brings travelers closer to nature, being active during the sightseeing to verdant rice fields, friendly villages.

Attend Taunggyi Balloon Festival

Amongst the highlights of Shan State, Taunggyi Balloon is the most desirable events you should enjoy. It takes place in a remote town of Taunggyi which is more famous for elephant camps.

The festival shows how people use their imagination to craft a big balloon in different shapes like animals, odd objects. Taungyi is not only about the chances to behold the balloon, you will get funs with people and live in their festive spirit. Do stay late for an amazing firework!

Photograph Inthar Fisherman

It is said that your Myanmar Tour is incomplete without seeing Inle Lake and its native fishermen.

The very first reason is Inle`s landscape. It attracts the camera

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

lens thanks to the unique floating garden, stilt villages reflecting on its water. On the other side, Inthar fishermen have a very different technique to control their wooden boat: using only 1 leg. Inle Lake is really a place where your photos can tell a story of Myanmar.

Sail the Mergui Archipelago

If you find it difficult to find one beach or one island for your holiday then the Mergui Archipelago with its 800 islands may make your choice easier. By taking a cabin on a set departure cruise or charter a private yacht, you will have a chance to delve into this hidden gem of Myanmar before it becomes touristics.

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

As many of the islands are uninhabited, every sailing day you can opt various activities: kayaking on azure waters, meeting hospitable Gypsy people, diving in Shark Cave, exploring Horse Shore islands with its ocean-in-island formation.

Cruise the mighty Irrawaddy

Known as the bloodline of Burma, Irrawaddy is the longest river in the country. Along with its banks, there are so many things to explore. Whether you are seeking for the best way to appreciate Pyu, the only Unesco World Heritage site in the country; watching the awe-inspiring Bagan from the different perspective, spotting the rare freshwater dolphin, the Irrawaddy Cruise has something to lure you.

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

You will always find something that matches your budget since there are so many options for cruises varying from the 1-day budget trip to luxurious journey lasting for more than 10 days.

Trek in Hsipaw

Hsipaw is really out of the tourist map. This hidden charm of Shan State has both natural and cultural charm.

Top Must-do Activities In Myanmar

For cultural enthusiasm, Shan state and its secret is a big attraction, not mentioning about the exotic markets and ethnic minority`s life.

The magnificence of Hsipaw also comes from its pristine river, dense jungle and sliding waterfalls surrounded by green rice field.

By taking a breathtaking trek in Hsipaw, you will add all these values to your trip to Myanmar.