Top 5 Lavish AirBnBs

Top 5 Lavish AirBnBs

posted 9 months ago

Top 5 Lavish AirBnBs

For many, traveling doesn't just mean seeing places you've never been to but also being able to see the area through the eyes of a true local. For the most authentic experience, hotels can feel very distant; because of this, Airbnb has risen in popularity over the past few years. As a website, Airbnb allows you to book a visit in an apartment or room directly within a residential area so you can connect with locals and see areas that might be blocked off in a large hotel complex.

However, that doesn't mean AirBnBs are not as high in quality as a good hotel room. No; in fact, many AirBnBs can either match or exceed the best hotel standards in service, amenities, and more.

In this article, we'll be taking a look at our 5 favorite lavish AirBnBs from around the world. Though villas are typically the easiest way to find luxury in an AirBnB choice, we're providing you with a variety of options to give you multiple options for different needs.

Located on the coast of Befotaka Bay in Madagascar, this villa provides a gorgeous landscape for pure relaxation. It comes with a calming atmosphere nestled within creative architecture, filled with amenities for the whole family. Enjoy the hot weather conditions while also having air conditioning, strong wifi, a laptop friendly workspace, and a variety of books. There are also a series of games and toys for your children to ensure that people of all ages will enjoy themselves! Fitting 6 guests, the price can be easily used to justify a large-scale group trip or a smaller crowd.

In the heart of Poggibonsi, Italy rests this mansion fit for the whole extended family. It houses up to 15 guests and provides a true Tuscan experience, complete with scenic views, incredible amounts of space, and even a large, outside pool. There is also an incredible host family that owns the property and can show you around during your visit. There are plenty of rave reviews speaking about their hospitality, specifically in showing visitors their vegetable garden and allowing them to pick their own selections to prepare later in the kitchen. Of course, you don't have to accept the hospitality if you'd prefer to have more time to yourself, but these notions of tradition are what makes a lavish AirBnB experience so special, allowing you to see a side of a place you truly would never see.

Located in the historic city of Athens, Greece, this cozy but luxurious studio apartment gives you a good place to call home while you're taking in the intricate culture of Athens. It is located in the Plaka neighborhood and gives you a close walk to both the Syntagma and Acropolis subway stations! This place also has an elevator, kitchen, wifi, iron, hangers, and a workspace specifically to get some work done in the event that you have to write some e-mails while taking a breather! The host here, Yagos, is well-reputed for giving good recommendations for newcomers to the area, providing nightlife, restaurant, and historic tips and tricks!

Think you would never vacation somewhere in Idaho? Think again; this spacious AirBnB located in the resort town of McCall, Idaho provides everything you could want when staying at a lodge. Enjoy the space as a large group or family with a communal kitchen, family room, and game area. Filled with many kitchen appliances, entertainment options, and even a hot tub, this lodge is perfect for anyone looking to take some serious time off with people they care about!

At the top of our list is in Sydney, Australia. Nestled within the Birchgrove suburb, this modern home combines space with luxury—it fits up to 11 guests with 5 bedrooms, 5 beds, and 4 baths. With a view of the Sydney Harbour and the CBD skyline, it's hard to not picture this as a wonderful place to plan a getaway with a group of friends, family, or just to have a lavish vacation house all to yourself! On top of that, there is wifi, TV, and an elevator.

When planning your next vacation, it can be hard to know where to start when deciding on the place you'll be visiting. Sometimes, though, it's best to start at where you'll be sleeping! Who knows, it could end up becoming the focal point of your vacation plans!

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