Strawberry Valley - Gulmarg Kashmir - Travel Guide - All Info

Strawberry Valley - Gulmarg Kashmir - Travel Guide - All Info

posted 12 months ago

Strawberry Valley - Gulmarg Kashmir - Travel Guide - All Info

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In this Article, I will share another unexplored place of Gulmarg, Kashmir.

It's Named- Strawberry Valley.

Strawberry Valley is also known as Gulmarg Meadows.

It is just 10 km far away from the Main Market Area, but very less tourist know about this place. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Gulmarg.  I visited here 2 times, and both are memorable for me…

You can do ATV Ride, Horse riding, hiking, Camping and lots of other activities here.

So Let’s Explore this Untouched Beauty…

What Activities To Do in Strawberry Valley, Gulmarg?

You can do many activities in the strawberry valley-

  • ATV Ride

  • Horse Riding

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Bonfire

  • Snow Biking (in Winters)

  • Snow Skiing (In Winters)

  • Snowboarding (In Winters)

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Strawberry Valley-

How to Reach Strawberry Valley (Gulmarg Meadows) From The Gulmarg?

You can visit Strawberry valley by Horse or ATV in Gulmarg. You can hire it from the parking area of the Gulmarg. You can go by car as well but Maybe the Gulmarg Development Authority doesn’t this. If you go there by horse, it will cost you around Rs 600-800 (Both Side) and if You go there by ATV, it will cost you around Rs 1200-1500 (Both Side).

Is Camping Allowed in Strawberry Valley, Gulmarg?

Yes, pitching the tent is allowed there. Camping is not allowed in the main market area or main ground of Gulmarg but you can pitch your tent in Strawberry Valley (Gulmarg Meadows).

Are Mobile Networks Available in Strawberry Valley, Gulmarg?

No, It is the biggest problem you may face while doing activities in Strawberry Valley, Gulmarg. There are no mobile networks in this area. You will get networks of Airtel sim cards somewhere but not everywhere.

Is it Good Destination for Family?

It is the best destination for the family in Gulmarg, Kashmir. You will find heavy rush in Gulmarg Main Ground Area but if you visit here, you will find very less tourist and a precious view of Uffarwat and Sunshine Peak.

What the Timings of Strawberry Valley?

There is no timing for Strawberry Valley, you can go there any time.

Don’t visit just Gulmarg ground area, visit strawberry valley as well while your Gulmarg, Kashmir Trip. I am sure, you will love it.

Happy Traveling :)