In the Midst of Nature Jibhi & Jalori Pass

BY : Meenakshi Vaishnav

2 years ago

I was at one of the lowest points of my life when the idea of a trip to Jibhi came to my mind.

What was uniquely different about this trip was - for the first time I planned to join some random camping group and instead of my friends or family I am to be accompanied by few totally stranger travel fellows. Camping was all new to me. It was only in my imaginations before this. So this trip is going to be somewhat a dream come true. I was feeling thrilled.

The main reason for choosing Jibhi was that it is an offbeat destination. And totally suitable for the one who is in need of some quality blissful time in the midst of nature. My chaotic mind and life too was asking for peace, serenity and some “me” time. So that I could come to those much needed clear conclusions which my life was screaming for.

And thankfully things went on smoothly. Family allowed me without much arguments to go for this outing. I was a bit nervous and excited too as before this I have never gone for such a trip ever.

It was the mid of June 2019. Delhi reeled under scorching heat. And I was gasping for some cold winds. 

On Saturday evening I reached the departure point with thoughts in my mind that do such travel agencies really exist? And yes at the meeting point, one authoritative person of that agency attended me and my fellow travellers waiting there, to let us board on their tempo traveller. I was full of enthusiasm.

Clear and peaceful night sky, soothing music – it was truly refreshing. I was heading to the destination with positivity. Soon the calmness sent me into the joyful sleep.

When the sun rose, I woke up with beautiful scenery all around. Though the uphill roads are challenging but nothing can beat the enchantments of them at the same time. After a long and a bit tiresome journey, we finally reached our campsite located deep inside the Tirthan Valley.

The alpine camps were set up on the riverside and all around was lush greenery. The site was the best place to experience nature. It was beyond my imagination and expectations. Nature was already soothing my soul. 

After cherishing the view at the campsite, we all group members had a delicious lunch together. And then we decided to start the exploration of the beautiful hamlet. First place on the list was Jibhi waterfall. The waterfall is covered inside the thick forest. From the main road we walked to reach there. While crossing the path, the panorama full of colourful fauna is breathtakingly beautiful. There are small bridges of wood over the streams flowing below from the falls making the place more admiring. The spot where the main waterfall is situated, one can literally feel the music of nature there. It’s natural setup is not less than a paradise. This waterfall is a must visit place for nature lovers. After spending hours in that magical forest, we reached back to the campsite in the evening. At night, a bonfire was set up. The bonfire experience amidst hills with music is ecstatic in itself. After a dance session and tempting dinner, we went to our respective camps for a good night's sleep. Being in alpine tents under the millions of dazzling stars is something that should be experienced at least once in a life.

Next morning, waking up with the musical notes of the flowing river and chirping of birds refreshed me already. Then, I went to meditate on the riverside. It was a very relaxing experience, making me feel peaceful and calm. We all group members enjoyed the picturesque view of that beautiful morning along with having delicious breakfast under the mountains lush with pine and cedar forests. 

Now, it was time to head towards Jalori pass. The pass is very high altitude one. Road to Jalori pass is too colourful in a mix of tangerine and vibrant green. The journey to Jalori pass is as beautiful as the destination. After reaching there we started the trek to Serolsar Lake. The trek is through the dark deep forests of Deodars and conifers. The lake is beautiful and surrounded by Alpine trees. Silver oak trees encompass the lake. Water of the lake is crystal clear with beautiful shine. The best fact I came to know about the lake was that you will not find fallen leaves on lake whichever season you visit there as birds around the lake pick up the leaves as soon as they fall in it. On one side of the lake, is a temple of goddess BUDHI NAGIN.