A Trek Can Change Your Life

BY : Muskaan

3 years ago

How does it feel when you're on a great height and all you can see around you is snow. Pure white sheet of snow as far as your eyes can see. It feels beautiful, believe me. That too for a girl whose crazy for mountains and snow (crazy enough to have a tattoo of mountains on her forearm). It was her dream come true as she was there in one of the most soothingly beautiful places in Himachal, at the time time of the most chilliest weather with her favv bunch of people, just nothing could go wrong (or maybe at least she though that way).

It was 26th December 2019 at around 3pm the weather starts to turn ugly. Winds starts to blow like hell. Things just start to freeze. And by things i not only mean you legs that were in a deep 6ft snow covering but also your patience and all the motivation that you had gathered to reach that level of height. It was my first trek (yes you can call me stupid enough to choose a snow trek even when i was a beginer but so be it) That just wasn't enough when we realized that the kind of shoes we were wearing were not meant for snow and they failed to protect our feet from freezing.

It was almost 4pm we were 8 people left with 1 guide (more than a guide he was indeed my life saviour that day- Piyush) as we lost track of our group because we were too slow and were hence left behind. While the rest of out team was lead by Aayush.  I had lost all hopes of being able to complete that trek and was crying like a baby, pleading all my fellow mates to leave me there and save their lives (sound melodramatic but it was one hell of a reality there). 

As i was trying to crawl through that 6ft deep snow, to be really honest i was not crawling myself back then, it was my friends and Piyush who were literally picking me up, pulling me, pushing me, motivating me and doing all that they could to bring me down. After some time i figured that my feet were freezing like anything and that was when i realized that i was walking without shoes ( yes i had lost that only pair of shoes that i had to survive that snow and obviously we couldn't have stopped to look for them)  We kept moving though all of us were in a very bad condition as it was freezingly cold but we were still moving in a way fighting for our lives ad it was almost starting to turn dark and one can obviously not stay in that place without any basic stuff required.

In no time I literally gave up and they had to call the rescuer for me. But what could even the rescuer do in that kinda weather where a person is unable to walk on his own leave alone carrying a 70kg person on his back but that man still did all that he could for me. While we were coming down the hill two of my other friends also had to get rid of their shoes as their feet were so freezing that the shoes came out but couldn't fit back again. Imagine a group of "first time trekkers" trekking without their shoes. But it was then when we somehow came down and saw one of our friends waiting for us right there, all tensed and praying.

It was around 5:30 pm when we got down. Thanked god in every way we could, huged each other like crazy and finally got into the cars as fast as we could and headed back to our homestays where the rest of the group was waiting for us.

It was an amazinglllyyy breathtaking but satisfying trip.

Special Mention

Piyush and Aayush from go4explore for savingg our lives they both were the heroes for me.