A Solo Traveler Must do These Things in Mumbai

About Mumbai-

Mumbai is the capital city of state Maharashtra. It’s Called “Bombay” and “City of Dreams” also. Mumbai is the entertainment as well as the commercial hub of India. There are lots of places, you can explore in Mumbai or Near Mumbai. The Streets Food of Mumbai is Famous Worldwide. There are lots of Beaches in Mumbai to explore. You must visit Mumbai’s local trains, Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Haji Ali Dargah, Siddhi Vinayak Mandir, Juhu Beach when you are exploring Mumbai. But when you are a solo traveler or backpacker, there are some problems you may face while visiting Mumbai. Let’s know about it.

Accommodation/Hotels for Solo Traveler or Backpacker in Mumbai-

Hotels for Solo Traveler in Mumbai

There are lots of hotels, hostels, homestays in Mumbai. You can get experience to stay in the front of the beach in the hotels of Juhu Beach or Marine Drive. If you are a Backpacker or Budget Traveler, so you can stay at hostels, or shared rooms etc. The accommodation in Mumbai is expensive than Delhi or other metro cities. You can find the shared room at Rs 400 per bed per day. There are some safety issues you may face while staying in hostels or shared rooms because you don’t know about your room partners here. Always remember, never tells your secrets or your money or gadget details to any unknowns.

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Transportation for Solo Traveler or Backpacker in Mumbai-

Public Transport in Mumbai For solo

The Auto/taxi fares of all autos and cabs in Mumbai are fixed as per shown in meters. The Fares shown in meter are always shown as per the average of distance you travel and timed you taken to complete your journey. You can use public transport also to cover long distance journey in Mumbai. You can use Mumbai’s Local Train, Mumbai Metro, Monorails, City Bus etc. for a better or journey at cheap prices. You can travel in Mumbai Double Decker city buses also to get a better experience. If you are a solo traveler, always use public transport for transportation because you can find Local Public there. Talk to them and you can ask them for the best things to do in Mumbai. You might get a better answer from them than any others.

Things to Do in Mumbai as a Solo Traveler or backpackers-

Jetty to Elephanta Caves

  1. Elephanta Island Caves by a local jetty-

Elephanta Island Caves is a point where almost 90% of tourist comes and enjoy their day here. The Journey of Elephant caves gives more enjoy than the destination. The journey starts at Gateway of India and ends at Elephanta Island. It takes approx 45 to 60 Minutes to reach there and its cost around Rs 180 to 200 of the two-way journey. You can enjoy a perfect local jetty ride while going to Elephanta Island.  You can enjoy your complete day thereby doing journey at the local jetty, shopping at island’s market, eating Mumbai street food, watching the perfect sunset in the middle of the sea, spending your evening at Gateway of India and much more…

Morning Walk at Marine Drive

  1. A Morning Walk at Marine Drive-

Marine Drive is the heart of Mumbai. It’s a 3.6-kilometer long boulevard and it’s situated in South Mumbai. You can easily reach there by any public transport. The nearest local train railway station to marine drive is Churchgate and Marine Lines. There are lots of points of attraction near Marine Drive. You can enjoy a perfect morning and evening walk here. There are many hotels, commercial buildings and billionaire’s homes around the Marine Drive. There are thousands of Mumbai’s local people come to marine drive at morning time for the morning walk, yoga, enjoy the fresh air near the beach, enjoy high tides of the sea and much more. There is a beach also there called the marine beach. The road around the marine drive called “Neta Ji Subhash Chander Road” You can enjoy your night also there.

  1. Taste the Street Foods of Mumbai-

As I already said, the street foods of Mumbai famous worldwide. It’s famous because of its unique taste. Taste the street foods of Mumbai, whenever you visit Mumbai. You can different types of choices in it like Vada-Pav, Samosa-Pav, Ragda Pettis, Dahi-Puri, PaniPuri (Gol-Gappa), Bhelpuri Shivpuri etc. You can find it anywhere in Mumbai. No matters you are in any railway Station or Beach or commercial lines or anywhere else. All foods cost under Rs 50. You can take a proper breakfast by eating street foods in Mumbai. It’s available in all restaurants also.

streets food of Mumbai


  1. Cycling at Sanjay Gandhi National Park-

Cycling through the Sanjay National Gandhi Park at the break of dawn. Esteem the miracles of nature, then walk into the Kanheri Caves or take a safari. If you’re exceptionally lucky, you might as well spot a lion. The sentiment of being in the middle of green trees will not only help you breathe superior but will also invigorate you. There is a term made with efficiently performance bicycles which can be borrowed for Rs 20 by the hour and a fully refundable advance deposit of Rs 200.

  1. Some Other Places You Can Go If You Are Alone In Mumbai-

There are some other places where you can go and enjoy your day if you are alone in Mumbai.

  • Juhu Beach
  • Colaba Causeway
  • Girgaum Chowpatty
  • Worli Seaface
  • Shivaji Park
  • Dadar Chowpatty
  • Bandra Fort
  • Versova Beach

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Beaches of Mumbai you can explore alone

Some Tips for Solo Traveling in Mumbai-

  • Beware of Thieves
  • Take care of your clothes while bathing in the seas. Deposit it to the shops near the beach.
  • Always Use public transport for local transportation in Mumbai.
  • Speak to Unknowns. Speak to Mumbai’s Local people. They will give you a perfect guidance for your trip.
  • Book Hotels, cabs online. You can find a better option in online booking than traditional or offline booking.

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Some Answer of Questions about Mumbai for Solo Traveler-


Question- What the main Problem I faced when traveling solo in Mumbai?

Answer- There is not so huge problem you faced while traveling solo in Mumbai. But you may be faced with some problems like-


There are lots of thieves in Mumbai, so be careful while you traveling alone in Mumbai, Especially First Time. Take care of your Wallet, jewelry, Mobile phone or any other important products you have. There are many thieves in all public places or transport in Mumbai.


There is Huge Crowd in every public places or transport in Mumbai. If you haven’t habited of it, then use Cabs or autos for transportation in Mumbai.

Traffic Jam-

You Faced Traffic Jam many times when you visiting Mumbai. Use Mumbai Local Trains, Metro, and Monorails for saving your time from the Traffic jam.

Elephanta Caves Island Photo

Question- Is Mumbai worth for solo traveling?

Answer- Yes, Mumbai is the good city for visiting, no matter you are alone, with family or you are in the group. Mumbai have lots of unique things itself. You can enjoy alone here. So many places you can visit in Mumbai to enjoy if you are alone as we discussed above.

Question- How many days enough to explore Mumbai?

Answer- You can visit Mumbai completely in 3-4 days easily.

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My Experience of Solo Traveling in Mumbai-

Exploring Mumbai Alone by Backpacker Jony

I traveled Mumbai many times, but last time I enjoyed the beauty of Mumbai solo. I go to Mumbai for a meeting. It’s monsoon time in Mumbai and I enjoyed a lot there. I stay at a hotel in Asalpha. I start my tour by doing morning walk on the marine drive at 4:00 AM. I went asalpha to Andheri East by Metro then Andheri East to Churchgate by Mumbai Local Train. Marine Drive is within walking distance from Churchgate Local Railway Station. It’s an awesome morning I spend at the bank of the sea. I enjoyed morning fresh air, high tides of the sea, and a morning walks with the thousands of local people of Mumbai.

A Solo Traveler Must do These Things in Mumbai

Then I went to Shidhivinayak Temple from there and enjoy morning pooja in the temple of Lord Ganesha. I went by a local train. The nearest Local Train railway station to Shidhi-Vinayak temple is Dadar railway station. You can take the shared taxi from Dadar for going to the temple. There are so crowd in the temple. They submit my laptop and camera bag before entering the temple. Photography and video-grapy are not allowed in the temple. I purchase the Prashad of Lord Ganesha it’s called “Modak” (Laddu), from the sweets shops outside the temple. It’s so tasty. Then I went to Haji Ali Dargah from there by taxi. It took approx 35 minutes to reach there from Shidhi-Vinayak Temple. The nearest metro station from Hazi Ali Dargah is Mumbai CST. It’s also a crowded area. But I really enjoyed it spending my noon in the Haji Ali Dargah. In the evening time, I went to Juhu Beach and enjoy my evening and sunset at the Juhu beach.

A View From Haji Ali Dargah Mumbai

On the 2nd day, I went to Gateway of India from my hotel and enjoy a sunrise with an amazing view at the Gateway of India and the hotel Taj Mahal. Then I go to Elephanta Caves Island by a Mumbai’s local jetty. It’s an unforgettable journey for me. It takes approx 60 minutes reaching there. After reached to Elephanta Island, we go on the way of caves by a toy train. I spend my complete day here. In the evening time, I go back from there by the same jetty. I enjoyed my sunset in the middle of the sea. When I go to my hotel back and go to Delhi by flight at night by Go-air Airline.


Happy Traveling 🙂




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