Nagpur is famous for – Some Amazing Facts & Hacks-

Nagpur is famous for – Some Amazing Facts Hacks-

posted 12 months ago

Nagpur is famous for – Some Amazing Facts & Hacks-

Nagpur is the 3rd largest city and the winter capital of state Maharashtra. It’s famous for many things. It’s another name is “Orange City”. Because it’s famous for fruit orange mostly. Nagpur is adjudged as second greenest and cleanest city in India. In this blog, I am talking about what is Nagpur Famous For? Why Nagpur is known as “Orange City”? Why is Nagpur called as Zero Mile Centre? –

Nagpur is famous for orange

  • Why Nagpur is Known as “Orange City”?

Nagpur is known as Orange City because it’s famous for Orange. There is lots of Orange Garden in Nagpur. Orange gardening has been growing and it is the largest marketplace for oranges in the nation. Over 70 % of the oranges in India come from Nagpur. The season of Orange in Nagpur is in Between months of November to February. We can also find “Orange- sweets” from the sweet shop of Nagpur like Haldiram etc. The Oranges also attract the railway passengers to come and eat oranges when you are in or passing through Nagpur. You can also buy oranges at Nagpur Junction Railway Station or the market of Oranges is also nearby Railway Station of Nagpur. You have to buy oranges by dozens in Nagpur. You can also find many things make by oranges here like Orange juices, orange candy, orange sweets, orange cream biscuits and much more. If you are in Nagpur or making a plan to go Nagpur, Must try delicious oranges of Nagpur. Because Nagpur is famous for Orange.

Zero-Mile Nagpur is famous for

  • Zero Mile Marker Stone in Nagpur (Nagpur is The Middle of India)-

The Zero Mile Stone at Nagpur is considered as India’s geographical center.  The Zero Mile Stone is a monument locating the geographical center of royally India in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra. The distances of various major cities which are calculated from here are imprinted on the pillar erected at this zero mile site. The Nagpur considered as the center of India by British Rules, hence they identified and constructed this Zero Mile Stone. The Zero Mile Stone consists of four horses and a pillar made up of sandstone. The Nagpur is also called as the capital of Vidarbha.

mro Some Amazing Facts & Hacks Nagpur

  • The MRO Facility of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur-

MRO means- Maintenance Repair and Overhaul. Did You Know?-

“The MRO facility constructed at Nagpur by Boeing is only the second such facility in the world, after Shanghai (China)”.  The Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is constructed by Boeing and handed over to Air India Airlines. The fully owned auxiliary of Air India, Air India Engineering Services Ltd. has been given responsibility to run the MRO. This MRO will cater to both wide body and narrow body aircraft. It will be targeting business in India as well as in foreign countries within reach of 5 hours air distance from Nagpur. The facility, spread over 50 acres, will have two hangars. It has been considered to offer maintenance and overhauling services to 300 aircraft a year. The hangars can house three B-787s or one B-777 at a time.

Nagpur is famous Amazing Facts Hacks

  • Ajni Railway Station at Nagpur-

The distance between Nagpur Central Railway Station and Ajni Station is the shortest distance between two scheduled stops at railway stations in India. The distance between The Nagpur Railway Station and The Ajni Railway Station is 2.8 km only. It’s lying in Nagpur-Hyderabad Line and Delhi-Chennai Line. There are plans to develop it as a terminus alternative to Nagpur. Almost all trains have 2 minutes stop at this railway station. There are 3 platforms in this station and it’s situated at Hump yard Road, Ajni (Nagpur). It’s an amazing fact about Nagpur.

Nagpur is famous for- Diamond Crossing

  • Railway Diamond Crossing In Nagpur-

What is Diamond Crossing in Railway?

“A Diamond Crossing in railway terminology is the spot where two railway lines cross not necessarily at right angles, forming the shape of diamonds at the crossing point.”

Nagpur has Double Diamond Railway crossing formed by two double lines crossing each other. Nagpur is the particular point where the track from North to South and east to west India cross. Another very attractive fact is that the north to south track is the main line which connects Udhampur, geographically one end of Northern India, to Kanyakumari, the terminating point of India at South. Similarly, the east to west line track is the main line which connects Howrah station, east of India, to Mumbai, which is the extreme end of West.

nagpur-international-airport Nagpur is famous for

  • The Airport Of Nagpur-

Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport has the busiest Air traffic control room in India. Nagpur’s airport became the first airport in the country to receive an ISO 27000 certificate. In fact, Nagpur is not only the first in India but also the first in the world to be certified by the Air navigation service provider (ANSP). There are seven airports in the world which have ISO 27000, but none of them have it for ANSP. Nagpur is also Famous for it Airport.

Nagpur is famous Amazing Facts & Hacks-

  • Electric Taxi and E-Vehicle in Nagpur-

Nagpur has become the 1st city in India which has Electric Taxi and E-Vehicle in it and Nagpur is Famous for its large number of electric Cars. “Electric mass mobility ecosystem in Nagpur will bring about a transformational change in the automotive and transportation landscape in the country,” Nitin Gadkari (Road Transport and Highway Minister of India) said after the launching it. The Electric Taxi Fleet in Nagpur had launched on 26th May 2017.

It’s all Why Nagpur is famous for? If you have any other question or query about Nagpur, comment below-