Manali for Solo Traveler - Tips to Follow - Things to Do

Manali for Solo Traveler Tips to Follow Things to Do

posted 2 years ago

Manali for Solo Traveler - Tips to Follow - Things to Do

Are you a solo traveler? and making a plan to visit and explore Manali. So let’s read this article and know about Manali for Solo Traveler - Tips to Follow - Things to Do

About Manali-

Manali is one of the best destination in Himachal Pradesh for Adventures, trekking, camping, mountain biking, Solo traveling, and honeymoon. There are lots of places to visit in Manali and many things to do. There are many beautiful destinations near Manali like-

  • Rohtang Pass

  • Solang Valley

  • Kullu

  • Waterfall

  • Brigu Lake

  • Pin Valley

Manali for Solo Traveler - Tips to Follow - Things to Do

Best Season to Visit Manali?

Manali is always good for the visit to expect monsoon. You will find snow in winter (maybe snowfall also) and a cool weather in the summer season. You can do many activities in both of the seasons. You can do snow scooter ride, snow trekking, snow skiing in winter where you can do river rafting, river crossing etc. in the summer season.

How To Reach Manali?

By Bus-

You can reach Manali from Delhi or Chandigarh Easily. There are lots of bus services in between Delhi to Manali. You can catch a Volvo Bus From Majnu ka Tila in Delhi and ordinary buses from Kashmiri Gate Bus Terminal in New Delhi

By Flight-

If you are coming to Manali by Flight, you have to come to Bhuntar Airport first then Manali by taxi from Bhunter Airport.

By Train-

By Train, Come to Jogindernagar Railway Station first, then Manali by taxi or Bus.

Is Manali Good Destination For Solo Traveler?

Yes, it is a good destination for the solo traveler. You can do many activities in Manali, no matter you are alone or with a group. There are many things to do in Manali.

Best Traveling Tips For Solo Traveler-

  • Always Carry a Valid Identity Proof Because you have no one to help if you in any law or serious health trouble.

  • Be Aware of Thieves.

  • Make your bag as light as possible.

  • Always Carry the bottle of water with you. No matters its a summer season or Winter season.

  • Talk to Locals for know more about the destination.

  • Book your ticket advance if possible.

  • Always click the picture of the bike after renting. Because in tourist places, sometime dealer says that you broke the indicator etc. and you don’t have any witness at that time to prove yourself right. So always click the picture and take an avid-dance of any kind of misbehave.

Things To Do If You Are A Solo Traveler in Manali-

Spend your day by going Rohtang Pass-

Manali for Solo Traveler Things to Do Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is always the first choice for tourist no matter you are with the friends, family or alone. Rohtang Pass is located on Manali-Leh Highway and its 50 km far away from Manali. You can see snow in Rohtang pass in summer and winter both. Its a worth visit to Rohtang pass for every tourist. You find Rohtang Pass closed in Monsoon time and hard winter time. The roads of Rohtang pass in not so dangerous. You can easily drive to Rohtang Pass if you have enough experience of driving on mountains. Always try to go there as early as possible in morning. You may find a big traffic jam in daytime on the way to Rohtang. You can go Rohtang Pass by catching the bus of Manali- Leh, and Manali- Kaza. You will face some trouble to come back Manali from Rohtang Pass by Bus. But don’t worry, you are a solo traveler, do hitch-hike.

Snow Activities in Solang Valley-

Manali for Solo Traveler Things to Do - Solang Valley

Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh is mainly famous for its adventurous activities. It is approx. 14 km far away from Manali. You can do many activities here like Paragliding etc. and snow activities like snow skiing, snow scooter ride, snow trekking and much more…

River Rafting in Manali-

Manali for Solo Traveler - Rafting Things to Do

River Rafting is a must do activities for the traveler of Manali no matter he is on group or solo traveler. You will find many shops in old Manali and mall road where you book your slot of River Rafting. The river rafting in Beas River gives you an ultimate feel.

River Crossing in Manali-

As like River Rafting, you can also do the river crossing. There are many points you find in Old Manali where you can do the river crossing. This adventure is one of the top adventures of Manali. This is safe and anyone can do this. If you are a solo traveler, must try this. The charges of the river crossing in Manali is in between Rs 100 to 200 (depends on On-Season and Off-Season).

Mountain Biking-

Manali for Solo Traveler Cycling Things to Do

If you love to cycling and want to run a cycle on mountains. Then Manali is the perfect destination for you. You can do mountain biking on the roads of Manali. It is safe and very interesting to do cycling in the valleys of Manali. You can easily rent a cycle (mountain bike) in Manali. There are many shops in old Manali and mall road who provide bikes and cycles on rent. The rent of a cycle per day is in between Rs 300-600 (depends on Offseason or peak season).

Rent a Bike in Manali-

Manali for Solo Traveler biker Things to Do

You can easily rent a bike in Manali. Royal Enfield Bullet is the main bike you find in Manali to hire. There are many shops in Manali where you can go and rent a bike in Manali. The rent of bike in Manali is in Between Rs 800-1200 per day of Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc Bike with Helmet. You have to deposit an identity proof (ie. Aadhar Card, Passport etc.) to the shop as a security for renting a bike in Manali. If you are a solo Traveler, why spend on auto and taxis? Rent a bike and explore the city without any tension. There are no any theft issues in Manali for the bike. So park tension free where you want.

You can also go Rohtang Pass or Solang Valley by bike from Manali. The roads are safe and ride friendly. So rent a bike and ride on Manali- Leh Highway till Rohtang Pass.

Trek to Brigu Lake-

Manali for Solo Traveler Brigu Lake Things to Do

There is a very beautiful lake also near the Manali where you can go and do camping, bonfire etc. There is a trek you have to do for reaching there. You find this lake frozen in the winter time. This makes this must-do activity in Manali. This is approx. 20 km far away from Manali. You can go solo or with a group here. You can also join a group by booking packages from travel agent’s shops of Manali. There are many packages of Brigu Lake trek, you can find on the Travel shops of Manali.

You can also visit Pin Valley, Kullu, Waterfall, Keylong, Humpta Pass also if you are going there for many days.