Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Kashmir to Kanyakumari - Solo Traveling From North to South India

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Kashmir to Kanyakumari - Solo Traveling From North to South India - 48 Days

14th February 2018 The valentine day, when everyone celebrating valentine day with their loved ones and I was thinking about where to go Next? I was lying on my bed and suddenly woke up.

I made a call to my dad and say “I want to explore Complete India, From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Can I go?”. “Are you insane?” My dad answered. I asked again “ I wanna go, it’s my dream, please allow me”. “How you travel?” He answered. And I said that I will travel on the bus, train all public transport, please allow me it’s time to fulfil my dreams. It’s time for learning new things every day from every moment I will watch, Please allow me. And he finally says “Yes”. It was not just a word for me. It is always the blessing for me who gives me the power to travel a lot without getting tired. And I started…

I booked a flight ticket to Srinagar from Delhi on 19th February 2018. Now I had only 5 days to be prepared for a long trip. I started my preparing for collecting money. I started transferring money to one account from other bank accounts, E-wallets, Paypal etc. I also borrowed some money from my dad (Yes, I borrowed because I don’t like to spend my parent's earnings on my passion, I will return the money I start earning). I am a traveller by passion so I had most of the things I need to carry for this trip. So I just purchased one pair of hiking shoes, headlamp, some chocolates etc. I packed all the stuff in two backpacks. One for clothes and accessories and another one for gadgets. I carried the laptop, DSLR Camera, GoPro Hero 5, Power bank, Hard disk etc. I don’t book any other tickets. I started the journey with one side ticket of Kashmir (Srinagar).

I started my trip from Kashmir and end it on Kanyakumari. Kashmir (North) is known as Starting point of India and Kanyakumari (South) is known as ending point of India. I covered more than 10000+ kilometres in between these two destinations. I did lots of adventure like Snow ski, trekking, camping, boat ride, desert safari, camel ride, parasailing, horse riding, scuba diving and much more. I also faced lots of problems like food, health issues, strikes, language problems in south India, I lost my bag in Goa etc. But I completed it. I can’t tell you how amazing I felt when I reached back to my home after 48 days of travel and explored 30% of India. I felt proud of my self by covering 10000+ km at the age of 19. I am thankful to My dad, who allow me to do this epic trip. Now let’s discuss How I completed this trip? And which places I visited while this trip?

Kashmir to Kanyakumari - Solo Traveling From North to South India- 48 Days

Delhi to Dehradun-

19th February, It was my first day of the trip and I started my journey from Delhi. I wished to go Srinagar from Delhi but unfortunately No direct flight available at that time in my budget. So I booked a flight to Dehradun (Uttarakhand) and the Srinagar from Dehradun. It cost me Half of the price of the direct flight and also I experienced a new city Dehradun also. I started my journey at 6:00 Am in the morning from Delhi. I booked the window seat because I want to see Sunrise from the air and as I expected, I watched a beautiful Sunrise from the flight. After 90 minutes journey in the air, I reached Dehradun. My next Flight was at 2 O’clock. I had much time there. I did my breakfast and took rest in the park area of Dehradun Airport.

Dehradun to Srinagar-

Delhi to Srinagar - Jet Airways Flight

The time passed away and it’s time to fly for Srinagar. Other state’s sim card not worked there. So I made a call to my hotel and said that I will reach there within some hours, please ready my room. After flying 2 hours upon the Himalayas and see the beautiful scenic beauty of Kashmir from the air, I reached Srinagar. Some of my friends told me that Kashmir is not safe for tourists. So I was sitting outside the airport and thinking about it. I need to kill that fear so I made a plan to hitchhike towards the city from Airport which is 16 km. I start hitchhiking and I got lift easily. I talked to them (local Kashmiri Citizens), all they are very friendly and they told me that Srinagar is very safe for tourists. Don’t worry about it. Their words give me power and I loved their nature. They dropped me in the city, now I need to go to my hotel from the city bus stand. So I catch the bus moving towards Dal Gate and reached My Hotel. Actually, It was not a hotel, it was a homestay - Blooming Dales Homestay. I booked this one because I want to talk more and more to local citizens and I didn’t find any hostel there. So I stayed in this homestay.

Sikara ride Dal Lake Srinagar

Dal Lake, Srinagar-

It was my second day of Kashmir to Kanyakumari trip and it’s the time to explore the heart of Srinagar - Dal Lake. I made a friend in the homestay last day - “Loknath”. So we planned to explore the Dal Lake together. He wants to stay on a houseboat, so I also visited with him but we faced a little tourist scam there. They said that don’t book online, come and pay here and we will give you a discount. But after reaching there, they increased the rates and asked for double money. We rejected our booking and visited another houseboat (Hotel New Pala Palace) which was very nice at a budget price. After Check into the hotel, we started our sikara ride in Dal Lake. Dal lake is very big and it needs minimum one complete day to explore this lake. We visited 8-10 points like Open Dal Lake, Golden Lake, Kabutarkhana, Charchinar, Floten Market, Mina Bazaar etc. After 5-6 hours ride of sikara, we tired and go back to our hotel. He went to their houseboat and I went back to my homestay.

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Sonamarg, Kashmir-

Skiing in Sonamarg kashmir

After Exploring the beauty of Dal lake, We started our journey towards Sonamarg. I said “we” because now we are 6. I made a friend in the homestay and he made another 4 friend in his new houseboat. So this way I made 5 new friends and planned to explore Sonamarg together. We booked a taxi to Sonamarg and back. We started our journey in morning 8:00 AM and reached Sonamarg at 11:00 Am. Sonamarg is approx. 55 km far away from Srinagar. After reaching Sonamarg, we find a lot of snow, the temperature in minus and untouched beauty of the Himalayas. Sonamarg was the coldest place (-20 degree) I visited in my Kashmir to Kanyakumari Trip. I did trekking of 4-5 km in the snow and also learned snow ski there. I fall down more than 25 times while skiing but at the end, I did it well. It was an amazing experience to visit there and did this kind of adventures.

Gulmarg, Kashmir-

Gulmarg Kashmir Solo Traveling in India

It was my 4th day of the trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and I visited Gulmarg today with those same 5 friends I made in Srinagar. Recently, I joined some travel groups on Facebook and I met a person from Gulmarg there. This was an amazing journey from Srinagar to Gulmarg. After Reach Gulmarg, I called him and met him. He is the very nice person- Mr Mir Fiyaz. He helped me a lot in Gulmarg. We all trekked with him. He guided us well and we learned many things about snow mountains from him. He is very good in nature. After trekking, we also did snow ski in Gulmarg. It was also a good experience to do ski in Gulmarg. There was more snow in Gulmarg than Sonamarg. I loved this place. We clicked more than a hundred pictures at this place. We didn’t go use gondola (Cable car) ride for go on the top as, like other tourists, we go there by doing trekking. After this amazing journey and spending some unforgettable moments, we came back to Srinagar.

Srinagar to Jammu-

srinagar to jammu road - solo travel

It’s time to say goodbye to all those new friends and move towards Jammu. After breakfast, I checked out from the hotel and go to bus stand area for the bus to Jammu. I found a shared taxi to Jammu from Srinagar which was costing me Rs 500. It was in my budget so I booked a seat in it and started the journey. The way to Jammu from Kashmir is very beautiful. I saw much scenic beauty on the way, snow-covered mountains, greenery, river, different landscapes after 10-20 km and much more. The roads are not so good and dangerous too. We crossed two big tunnels on the way and ate lunch in a village of Jammu and Kashmir. After the Journey of 6-7 hours, I reached Jammu and move Towards Katra.

Katra, Jammu-

mata vaishno devi katra - solo travel

For Those who don’t know about Katra. Katra is famous for Mata Vaishno Devi Temple which is situated in the top of a mountain in Katra. You have to do walking 14 km for reaching there. You can also book a seat in shared Helicopter for this but I chose walking. I started my walk towards temple at midnight and reach Katra back on 9:00 Am in the next day morning. It was a rainy day in Katra, so I thought to leave from there instead of taking rest. I book a ticket to Pathankot, Punjab and started my journey by train.

Pathankot - Kangra - Hamirpur-

There are not so many places to visit in Pathankot, so I just move towards Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh. I didn’t find any direct bus to Hamirpur, so I visited Kangra first and then catch the bus of Hamirpur. It was the rainy day and I enjoyed this journey from Katra to Hamirpur. I made a friend on my last trek to triund who is from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, I called him and he picked me from bus stand. I stayed with him in his home which is situated 15 km away from Hamirpur City and enjoy the experience of staying in a village of Himachal Pradesh.

Hamirpur to Palampur-

Saurav Van Vihar Palampur - Solo Travel in India

It was the month of February and there was cold and very awesome weather in Himachal Pradesh. We (me and my friend Subhash) to visit Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. Palampur is famous for its park and scenic beauty. It was 3 hours drive from Hamirpur to Palampur. The roads were good and with lots of scenic beauty. I enjoyed this journey a lot. The park was good. There are some points of interest in the park like a fish aquarium, a small lake for boating, an artificial waterfall and much more. I spent my complete day there and moved back to Hamirpur at night.

Rewalsar Lake, Mandi-

Rewalsar Lake, Mandi - Solo Travel in India

It was another day of my trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and I started my journey from Hamirpur to Rewalsar Lake and then Mandi. It takes 4-5 hours to reach Rewalsar Lake from Hamirpur city. I reached Rewalsar city at 2:00 O’clock in the noon and explored the complete city till 6:00 o’clock in the evening. This is a small town of the state Himachal Pradesh where you will find a complete Bhudhist culture and lots of monasteries and one Gurudwara also. There is a holy lake also in this town name Rewalsar lake. This is a must visit the place of Mandi. I took my lunch in Gurudwara and took rest for some time there. At 6:00 O’clock in the evening, I went to Mandi City. There are not any hotel in Mandi, so I stayed in a temple which charge me Rs 200 per night. I spent one night in the Mandi City.

Prashar Lake, Mandi-

Prashar Lake, Mandi - Solo Travel in India

Next Morning, I woke up early and check out from that temple and catch the bus of Baggi. After reach Baggi, I started the trek to Prashar Lake. Prashar Lake is one of the best lakes of Himachal Pradesh. This is also a holy lake, so there is temple also the of god Prashar. It took 3-4 hours to reach Prashar lake from Baggi by trekking. This was the month of February so I found little snow also over there but not so much. There were not so many tourists there. I spent 3-4 hours there and enjoyed the untouched view of Nature. I love that place. After spending some time, I went back to Mandi City from there on the same day.

Delhi for 1 day-

After reaching Mandi back from Prashar Lake, I came back to Delhi by bus via Chandigarh. I catch the overnight bus from Mandi to Delhi of HRTC. I reached home back at 7 o’clock in the morning and did many works like cloth washing, change the clothes (from warm dresses to T-shirts). I took rest also and ate homemade food after a long time. It will also give you an amazing feel to eat homemade food after a long time.

Holi In Mathura- Vrindavan-

Holi in Vrindavan - Solo Travel in India

After taking rest of 1 day in Delhi, I started my journey by visiting Mathura- Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. There was an Indian Festival on that day - Holi. And the Mathura Vrindavan is famous for this festival. I have a friend in Vrindavan (met me in a train to Nagpur last year). So I called him after reaching there, he picked me up and I also stayed with him in his home. I spent two days in Mathura Vrinda and celebrate this big festival. It is a festival of colors. After celebrating this festival, I got tired and took rest. Vrindavan is famous for the temple of Lord Krishna. There are hundreds of temples in Mathura Vrindavan. I visited many temples and also enjoy my sunrise at the bank of holy river Yamuna.

Jaipur- Rajasthan-

Amer Fort, Jaipur - Solo Travel in India

It was 6 hours journey from Mathura to Jaipur. Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is famous for its rich history, forts, Palaces, heritage homes etc. I reached there at night so I just visited my hotel, took dinner and slept. I stayed in a heritage palace named- Rawla Mirgnyani Palace which was a palace of a king a long time ago. It was an awesome stay there. Next day, I woke up early and start my Jaipur sightseeing by visiting Jal Mahal First. You can see Jal Mahal from Outside or road corner. It’s closed for inside. After Jal Mahal, I visited Amer Fort. Amber fort is a very famous fort of Jaipur. There are mirror palace, old weapons and some heritage buildings inside the Amer Fort. You have to walk 600-700 meters from the parking area to reach Amer Fort but you can hire an elephant for that at RS 1100. But I visited there by walk. The entry charges of Amer fort is Rs 100 for Indians and Rs 500 for foreigners. If you are a student, so you can get the entry in just rs 10. At night I visited Hawa Mahal which is the very famous place in Jaipur- Pink city.

Next Day, I woke up late and took a rest until lunch time. In evening I visited Nahargarh Fort for sunset. You can see the most beautiful sunset of Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort. After spending time in Nahargarh fort, I came back to the hotel in a shortcut way. It was undiscovered for me. This was the best part of my day.

Ajmer - Pushkar-

After Spending 3 days at Jaipur, I went Ajmer for visiting Ajmer Dargah. After reaching Ajmer, firstly I visited the Ajmer Dargah and the move towards Pushkar. Pushkar in Rajasthan is very quiet and beautiful place. I stayed in a tent in Pushkar (Royal Pushkar Camp). It was an amazing experience of camping in Pushkar city. Next day I woke up and visit some temples of Pushkar, Bharama mandir of Pushkar (World Famous), Pushkar lake (holy lake), did the little bit shopping in the market of Pushkar. After that all, I came back to my camping site and check out. Now it’s time to move towards Bikaner.

Deshnok - Bikaner, Rajasthan-

Deshnok Temple bikaner - Solo Travel in India

On the way to Bikaner, I find a very famous temple. So I planned to explore that temple first, then go Bikaner. This temple name Karni Mata Mandir in village Deshnok. I visited this temple before visiting Bikaner. Karni Mata Temple is famous for rats. There are thousands of rats in this temple. I enjoyed my evening there and did hitchhike towards Bikaner. After reaching Bikaner, I booked a room in the hotel and slept. Next Day, after breakfast I visited Junagarh Fort, Havelis of Bikaner and old market of Bikaner. After visiting these places I moved towards Jaisalmer.

Kashmir TO Kanyakumari - Solo Travel in India

Jaisalmer- The Golden City-

On my solo trip to Kashmir to Kanyakumari, I visited the golden city Jaisalmer also. Its take 7-8 hours to reach Jaisalmer from Bikaner. So I reached Jaisalmer on the night and slept. Next Day I woke up and went to the market for breakfast. There I met a person from US Mr. Cristopher Ryaan. He is also exploring Rajasthan and he is a great photographer( visited India for some Photography project). We made a decision to explore Jaisalmer Together. We visited Jaisalmer Fort, Temple and Bada Bagh in Jaisalmer. Next Day I woke up late. I did my breakfast (on lunch Time) and catch a bus to Sam.

Sam Sand Dunes, Thar Desert-

Sam desert in Jaisalmer Solo Travel

Sam is the main village of Thar desert. I reached sam by bus and after reaching Sam, I need to book a desert safari for exploring the desert. I was solo and it was so expensive for me to book the desert safari. So I started searching for another solo traveller to book together (Contribution based). After half an hour, I found a boy who is also a solo traveller. He is also a photographer (Portrait and street photographer), so we both found it relevant to book it together. This is how my journey started of Thar desert. We visited many local villages and explore the culture, how people surviving without water or very less water. I also learned portrait photography from him.

After this, we visited the Thar desert and did a camel ride there. I also did Parasailing there. This was an interesting activities in my budget price. It cost Indian Rs 600 for Parasailing and Rs 100 for Camel ride. We enjoyed our day there before sunset. After sunset, it’s time to move back to Jaisalmer.

But Unfortunately, there was not any bus there to Jaisalmer from Sam village. So we start hitchhiking. We didn’t get any lift till 1 hour. After 1 Hour we got the lift from a school van who visited sam for a picnic trip and we reached back to Jaisalmer.

Jodhpur - The Blue City-

Jodhpur Rajasthan - Solo Travel in India

Jodhpur is famous for its rich history and culture. I visited Jodhpur with the same guy I met in Sam Desert. He is a good street photographer, so he was visiting there for some street and portrait shots. I also visited with him to learn those great photography skills. And as I expected I learned a lot. We visited Old Jodhpur or you can say old part of Jodhpur city. We clicked hundreds of amazing photographs there. At night, I move towards Udaipur and he moved to his hometown back.

Udaipur- The city of Lakes-

Udaipur, Rajasthan - Solo Travel in India

Udaipur is famous for its beautiful lakes. I reached Udaipur at early morning and I need to spend time for check into the hotel (check In Time was 12 PM). I visited Pichola Lake in Udaipur. This is a very big and beautiful lake. I booked a room in a budget hotel near Pichola lake. I stayed in Udaipur for two days. First days I visited Jagdish Temple, City Palace, Pichola Lake and Karni Mata Mandir. City Palace is one of the most visited places in Udaipur. The entry ticket of City palace was little expensive of I can say - Out of my budget but luckily I got the student ticket which is very cheaper than tourist ticket. I enjoyed my noon there and know about the royal culture of Udaipur in that palace. After this, I went to Karni Mata Mandir for enjoying the sunset. You can see an awesome sunset from this temple. There are two options for visit this temple. First one is cable car and another one is by trekking. And as you know, I love trekking so I did a trek to this temple and enjoyed an amazing sunset from the top of the city Udaipur. After sunset, I came back to the hotel and slept after taking dinner.

Next day I woke up with a surprise, I found Mr Cristopher Ryaan again in Udaipur. He also stayed in the same hotel. We met and took our breakfast together and did lots of gossips. After this, I visited another famous lake in Udaipur. This is Fateh Sagar Lake. I enjoyed my rest of the day there. I enjoyed the high waves in the lake and captured hundreds of pictures there. After sunset, I moved towards Ahmedabad by overnight sleeper bus.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat-

Ahmedabad, Gujarat - Solo Travel in India

As always, I reached Ahmedabad by early morning and took rest in a hotel. I met Mr Brijesh there. He is my Facebook friend and we were talking about this trip for a long time. So he came to my hotel for meet me and he shows me famous tourist places of Ahmedabad. He also has shown me some hidden gems of Ahmedabad. I visited Sabarmati Ashram, River Side Park.etc. I visited some non - tourist places also like Dada Hari ki Wao and some Masjid.

Mumbai, Maharastra-

Mumbai, Maharastra - Solo Travel in India

After Ahmedabad, I moved to Mumbai by train. I reached Mumbai early morning and my hotel check-in time was 12 O’clock in the noon. So I visited Marine drive in Mumbai. There are lots of people come to marine drive in morning daily for morning walk and exercises. I enjoyed my morning and sunrise there. After this, I visited back to my hotel which is located in Andheri West. After Check in the hotel, I drop my bag there and come back to south Mumbai. I visited “Gateway of India” and “Elephanta Caves Island”. After the 2 hours ferry journey to Elephanta Caves Island and back, I felt tired. So I came back to the hotel and took rest.

Next Morning, I woke up late, so I just ate breakfast after getting ready and check out the hotel. There are lots of places in Mumbai to visit in 2 days. I went Borivali for some work and come back to central Mumbai. I visited Mumbai already many times. So I moved towards Pune.

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Pune, Maharashtra-

The journey from Mumbai to Pune is very beautiful. I liked it a lot. I did couch-surfing in Pune. So that night I went to my host home and slept. Next Day, I booked a seat in Pune Darshan Bus. It was a city sightseeing bus. I visited most all tourist place of Pune like fort, temples, park, Zoo etc. it charged me Rs 500 for one-day sightseeing in the Air-conditioned bus. I Enjoyed my day in Pune, ate local Marathi food, stayed with the local person. I also washed my all clothes there. Next Day, After my breakfast, I went to Pune main bus station and catch a bus to Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharastra-

mahabaleshwar - Solo Travel in INdia

Mahabaleshwar is very popular hill station of state Maharashtra. There are many places to visit in and near Mahabaleshwar. I reached there at evening time, so I booked a room in a budget hotel and visit the Mahabaleshwar Lake. You will get some problems with booking a room in Mahabaleshwar if you are also a solo traveller like me. So I prefer to book the hotel online and carry your valid Identity card.

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Next Day, I visited a very famous place of Mahabaleshwar - Elephant head point. It is a hill located approx. 4-5 km from the Main city which looks like a head of the elephant if you see it from the side. This was a good place, Here I did hitchhike also. It was my first experience of Hitchhiking in Maharastra and it was good. After this viewpoint, I moved towards Panchgani. Panchgani is a village near Mahabaleshwar (16 km far away). In Panchgani, I visited The Table Land. It is a very good place to visit in Panchgani. It is a shooting place where many shooting of Bollywood movies done. There are 2 small caves also in this tableland area.


Goa - Solo Travel in INdia

After Mahabaleshwar, I moved towards Goa via Satara. I came to Goa by Bus which cost me around Rs 500 from Satara (Maharastra). Goa is a very famous destination of India for Parties, Casinos, Honeymoon etc. I catch an overnight bus from Satara to Goa and reached Goa at Morning Time. This time I found a good hotel which allows early morning check-in. So I check in to my hotel and took rest. It was a rest day because I was travelling from last 30 days and more. So I took rest for a day at that hotel in Madgaon (South Goa).

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Next Day, I woke up, got ready, took breakfast and move towards North Goa. This was the worst day of my trip because I lost my bag on the bus in Goa while going to North Goa from the south. This was my clothes and accessories bag, so I managed and didn’t stop my trip, Because someone said that If you fix any problem with money you have in your pocket, so this is not a problem. So I forgot that bag and purchased a new bag and some clothes from the roadside market of Goa. I visited many beaches in Goa like Aswem beach, Arambol Beach, Calangute Beach, Morjim Beach, Madrim Beach etc. and slept in my new room in the hotel near Arambol Beach.

Next Day, I woke up early because it was my Scuba Diving Day. Yes, I did Scuba Diving in Goa. It was an amazing experience to do scuba diving in Goa. It cost me Rs 4000 for it but it totally worth because they provide proper training, good breakfast, and lunch etc. Really, It was an unforgettable experience.

Kannur, Kerala-

Kannur, Kerala - Solo Travel in India

After Goa, I planned to enter Kerala from an offbeat destination, so I planned to go Kannur. Kannur is a city in Kerala. There are very few tourists comes here but it was totally worth to visit Kannur. In Kannur, I did Couch-surfing and stayed with a local Malayalam family. I also enjoyed local Kerala’s food here. I found a good host. They show me many clean beaches of Kannur and other touristic places. I visited temples of Kerala and also a driving beach of Kerala. After spending a day in Kannur, I visited Ooty in Tamil Nadu.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu-

Ooty, Tamilnadu - Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Ooty is very famous hill station of state of Tamil Nadu. There was very cold weather in Ooty when I visited. This kind of weather was unexpected for me. I visited many places in Ooty like thread garden, Ooty Lake, Conoor Tea Gardens, Telescope View Point and many more. I purchased green tea and chocolate tea from Ooty. Ooty is one of the best places I found in this Kashmir to Kanyakumari Trip. I enjoyed my day in the between the greenery of Ooty and came back to my hotel and Slept.

Next Day, I woke up and enjoy my bath under a hot shower. I checked out my hotel and went to Ooty railway station. Ooty - Conoor Toy train journey is one of the best things to do in Ooty. There was a big queue for a ticket for this train and I get the ticket after standing for 1 hour in the line. It was an amazing train journey to Coonoor from Ooty in a toy train. The complete way was covered by green grass, plants, and flowers.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-

Adiyogi Big Shiva Statue - Solo Travel in india

After Ooty, I went to Coimbatore. There are not so many places to explore in Coimbatore. I visited the Adiyogi Big Shiva Statue there which is 30 km far away from the city centre. This is a big statue of Hindu’s Lord Shiva. There is a Yoga Centre also which is kind of an ashram. I visited there also. In this ashram, there is a holy pond, Shiva temple and much more. After spending my day there, I came back to Coimbatore city and booked a bed in the dormitory. It was quite cheaper than booking room. I got a deal of Rs. 400 per bed per night in an Air Conditioned Room which have total 4 bed. Stay in a hostel and dormitory is also a good option for the solo traveller.

Kochi, Kerala-

kochi, kerala - solo travel in India

Kochi is also known as Cochin. It is the big city of Kerala. I stayed in a homestay in Kochi. I faced problems in finding Veg. Food in Kochi. I visited many beaches, Fort Kochi, Old Kochi and malls of Kochi. On my 3 days stay at Kochi, I face a strike also. In this kind of strike in Kerala, you will face the problem of finding food as I faced. So be prepared or carry some snickers. I enjoyed a ride of the big ferry at just Rs 3 (From one bank to another). After Kochi, I moved to Varkala.

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Varkala, Kerala - Solo Travel in IndiaVarkala, Kerala-

On my trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, I found the best beaches in Varkala, Kerala. There is two cliff in Varkala which are must visit the place of Varkala - North Cliff and South Cliff. I booked a hotel near the north cliff. I rent a bike (Honda Navi Gear-less Bike) in Varkala at Rs 350. I visited all tourist points of Varkala after renting a bike. I also tried “Lungi” there (South Indian Dress). This was a very beautiful view I found from North Cliff. I also saw a point where the green river met the sea. It was really a precious view. I just sit there and enjoyed this view till half an hour. I also visited Angellona Fort and Light House. After exploring Varkala, next day I moved towards Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu-

Kanyakumari - SOlo Traveling in India

Finally, It’s time to Kanyakumari, It was really an emotional moment when I reach Kanyakumari. After 45 days of wandering, finally, I reached Kanyakumari. It was like a mission and I completed It. After Reach Kanyakumari, I drop my bag in the hotel and visited Sunset beach and enjoy an awesome sunset from the last part of India. I was really tired. So after sunset, I came back to my hotel and slept.

Next Day, I visited Vivekanand Memorial Rock and some other tourist places of Kanyakumari. In the evening, I catch a train back to Delhi.

Kashmir to Kanyakumari - SOlo Traveling in IndiaIt was not just a trip, in my thoughts, it was a degree I completed. I learned thousands of new things, Met hundreds of new friends, learned how to face problems and much more. If life gives me another chance to do this trip again, I will go Definitely. I love to do this solo traveling From North to South India

After reaching Delhi back, Many friends come to meet me and welcome back to me. We also do a little party at my place.

Really, These 48 days are Unforgettable…