Srinagar, Kashmir- Is It Safe For Tourists or Not? Avoid Fake News-

Srinagar, Kashmir- Is It Safe For Tourists or Not? Avoid Fake News-

posted 2 years ago

Srinagar, Kashmir- Is It Safe For Tourists or Not? Avoid Fake News-

When anyone makes a plan to visit Kashmir, the first question comes in their mind is- Is Kashmir safe for tourists? Kashmir is called as heaven on Earth but people usually don’t visit there because of some rumors and media news. In this article, Kashmir means Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam all. After my 5 days of the trip to Kashmir and talked with lots of tourists, Now I am giving my suggestion about safety issues of Kashmir and local people of Kashmir.

Kashmir- Is It Safe For Tourists or Not

What The Real Issue of Kashmir Safety?

There are some bad people in Kashmir who makes it little unsafe but they don’t harm to tourists or any kind of traveler. They only harm army men. There is nothing to worry if you are a traveler in Kashmir.

Local People of Kashmir-

All citizens of Kashmir are so friendly in nature. On my trip, I stay at one Home stay- Blooming Dales and one House Boat- Hotel Pala Palace Houseboat. I find the best hospitality in Kashmir in all over India and other places I visited yet. They respect their guest as the god. All people are so helpful and very nice in nature. If anyone asks me for the best place to visit in India, I always say- Kashmir without thinking anything in my mind. If you are going to Kashmir, Talk with local people as much as you can. I bet you will feel amazing.

Kashmir Is It Safe For Tourists or Not

Transportation in Srinagar, Kashmir-

There are many ways of transportation in Srinagar Kashmir. You can easily go anywhere by using public transport or by booking cab. I went to my hotel near Dal Lake from airport by Srinagar city bus. They charge me only Rs 20 for this 16 km journey. You can easily find shared taxi for long routes like Srinagar to Jammu, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Leh- Ladhak. Use city bus and talk with locals. Know about their culture. You can also travel by booking a personal taxi from anywhere in Kashmir. The rates are same as other parts of India.

What’s Other Tourist Told About Safety of Kashmir?

On my 5 days trip to Srinagar Kashmir, I met many tourists and backpackers. As a travel blogger, I want to their suggestion also about Kashmir safety, so I asked them some questions about the safety issue in Kashmir for tourist. The tourists are from Kolkata, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and Australia. I got the same answer from all those tourists is- Of course, Srinagar Kashmir is safe for tourist and all people are good in nature and all are tourist friendly. All say that they also expected Kashmir is unsafe before visiting here, but after this trip, they all are satisfied with the safety of Kashmir for travelers.

jammu & Kashmir Is It Safe For Tourists or Not

What Are Local People Told About Kashmir Safety?

I talked a lot to local people because I like. So I get many responses from the local citizen of Kashmir about the safety issues. They all are told same things and I also agree with them that media are making rumors and fake news about Kashmir safety. Not all parts are unsafe. They told that some of part of Kashmir is little unsafe because of bad people, but not all. All the tourist places like Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Pahalgam are safe to visit. They said that no one attacks to any tourist in Kashmir and they respect tourist as the god.

Kashmir Is It Safe For Tourists or Not

What My Opinion About Srinagar Kashmir Safety Issues?

After my 5 days trip to Kashmir and talked with lots of tourist and Local citizens, now I can say proudly that you must visit the heaven on earth. The Kashmir is safe for tourist. There are some places or villages which are not so safe for tourists because of the border. But other places are safe and good for the visit. When somebody got attack in any little village of Jammu and Kashmir, media shows that there are high alerts in Jammu and Kashmir and they named complete state instead of particular area or village because of their news popularity. But it is not good. I requested to all the media people who will read this post, Please stop these rumors about Jammu and Kashmir, we have a heaven in our country, promote it instead of making fake news about them. I know it’s little unsafe sometimes and I can’t say that it’s completely safe as like Himachal Pradesh and some other state of India. But it is safe for tourist.

If Kashmir is in your bucket list or if you making a plan to visit Srinagar Kashmir then don’t worry about safety issues there is thousands of army men in the state Jammu and Kashmir, all people are very friendly, visit there without any tension. Just book your ticket and go and explore the beauty of Kashmir.

Heaven is waiting for you, let’s go 4 explore.