Imagica Snow Park

Imagica Snow Park

posted 4 months ago

Imagica Snow Park, Mumbai - Ticket Cost - My Review

About Imagica Snow Park-

Adlabs Imagica is India's largest Snow Park. Adlabs Imagica is situated in Khopoli in Mumbai- Pune Expressway. Adlabs Imagica Snow Park is a great family holiday destination in Maharashtra. You can feel the Winter in Summer in Adlabs Imagica Snow Park. 100% natural snow here. There is a big hall in Imagica where they stored Snow and there is 0° to -5° temperature here. You can feel like that you are in Manali or Rohtang in this snow park. You can also play snow games here like snow basketball etc. There are lots of snow adventures here like climb the rocky mountains, Ice slides etc. An Igloo is also situated in the middle of this hall in Imagica Snow Park. You can enjoy Snow fighting here. You can enjoy a sip of tea, soup or coffee in cold temperature in this snow park. They give you a jacket, a pair of snowshoes and gloves before entering in this snow park.

My Experience (Review)-

I go to Adlabs Imagica Snow Park in May 2017. It's an amazing experience for me to enjoying my day in Imagica. They give us 45 minutes to stay in this Snow Hall. When I reached Imagica, firstly they give me costume before entering this hall. When I entered in this hall We divided our times into 3 parts, we use first 15 mins to click photos and make videos, middle 15 mins to ride the adventure in this snow park, and last 15 mins to enjoy in snow party and drinking coffee etc. They provide us Artificial Snowfall also which seem to be real. We feel very cold in this Imagica Snow Park. Its an unforgettable Moment for me that I am in Snow in Mumbai.


Value for Money- 4.0

In Entertainment- 4.5

Location- 4.0

How to Reach Adlabs Imagica Snow Park-

To know How to Reach Adlabs Imagica Snow Park Click Here

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Some Tips Before Going to Adlabs Imagica Snow Park-

  • Use Cold Cream before entering in this hall.

  • Always wear socks before entering this hall otherwise you have to purchase it from Imagica shops.

  • Don't wear Shorts before entering in this hall, it's especially for girls who wear shorts or skirts, there is very low temperature inside, wear full clothes as much as possible.

  • There are Rs 50 Charges for 1 Mobile or Camera if you carry mobile or camera inside the hall.

  • Always carry at least 1 Mobile or Camera there, because there are lots of location for pics.

  • Selfie stick is not allowed in any park of Adlabs Imagica

Ticket Cost of Adlabs Imagica Snow Park-

Ticket cost for Adlabs Imagica Snow Paisare Rs 575 per person. It allows us to enjoy in this snow park since 45 minutes.