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This summer, take a tri ap to God’s own country from the capital city. Obviously the holidays are a peak time when our country locals and travellers holiday in this beautiful state. Being India’s most popular tourist destination, Kerala is heavily populated during the holiday season. Its clear beaches, backwaters, sanctuaries, culture and vividity acts as the very cynosure of the state, attracting multiple tourists from all across the country and the world. Therefore, it the most difficult place to travel from one end of the country to another. Travellers and holiday goers are usually perplexed at the mode of transportation they should take to this majestic state. There is a whole lot of confusion about the routes and the fares.
But here is a little assistance to help you find the most appropriate mode of transportation to Kerala from the New Delhi. Get all the information regarding the time, distance and mode of transportation and make it a hassle free plan.

Take a Bus- a road trip

How about taking the bus or the car to Kerala from Delhi? You can not only visit the state but enjoy the attractions and scenic beauty on your way. Stop by local places, enjoy the domesticity of India by viewing farms, and relish food from the local joints / dhabas. Travelling by road is a 40 hour journey (approximately) and it is a distance of 2,626 km that you need to cover to reach the destination. Road is a good option if you have time in hand. You can take the bus from Delhi to Mumbai then to Cochin which is the most preferred bus route option or you can take the bus from Delhi to Bengaluru then ahead to Cochin. Further, take the local travel buses available to travel all across the state to explore.
Fares by road are cheaper compared to the train or flight fares. Air conditioned buses and Volvos cost higher than the non AC buses. It is all the matter of one’s choice and pocket to make a selection. But the journey is usually undertaken according to the states and city stops.

Fly to the tropical paradise

Sit back, fasten your seat belts and take the air route. Kerala can be reached directly in the duration of 3 hours 10 minutes straight with a direct flight. Connecting flights are also available but the duration changes according to the stops. There are three airports one can take a flight to, depending on the destination one wants to visit first. Options are Cochin International Airport, Kozhikode international Airport and Thiruvananthapuram international airport. Timings are solely one’s choice. One has to choose the airline according to the timings and the prices that suit them best. Air India, spice jet, IndiGo, Go Air, Vistara have flights scheduled on very regular intervals during the day. To avail some discounts, one can use the AirAsia coupons and save some bucks.
Flight prices cost the most in terms of comparison with other means of transportation but it is the fastest way of reaching Kerala. It saves a lot of time if your itinerary doesn’t span over a lot of days and you can utilize the time in sight seeing or resting after your travel journey.

Take the tracks

Railway journeys are the most exciting ones as you get to enjoy some precious family time with long hours of travel. You can travel comfortably in AC 2 or 3 compartments. You can take the train to either Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station/ Ernakulum state junction. The connection from Delhi is the best to these stations. One can also take other railway stations depending on the timings and availability. Railway journeys are cumbersome as it takes 2 long days to reach Kerala. It is time consuming, tedious and a less preferred option.
You can book your railway tickets online or offline or a day before via Tatkal ticket facilities if one has an emergency. Ticket fares are lesser as compared to flight rates.
The best and most advisable way to travel to Kerala from Delhi is definitely by air. The rates are higher but it is smarter to plan a few months ahead of your visit and book the tickets beforehand to get cheaper fares. It is faster, easier and better. Flights are also a very comfortable option so one doesn’t need to worry about that. Saving on time lets you travel and explore the cities more and it almost saves an entire day to enjoy or rest.
Don’t let travel planning play wreak havoc with your trip. With all these details, one will definitely get a clear idea as to which mode of transport suits them the best. Kerala is one of the Indian states which are frequented by a lot of travellers and the state is India’s pride in the tourism industry. So it is totally must visit destination.
Don’t wait! Make your plan to experience the beauty and devour the charm of the heavenly state!

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