How To Plan A Trip With Low Budget?

How To Plan A Trip With Low Budget?

posted 3 years ago

How To Plan A Trip With Low Budget?

Are you a budget traveler? Or you want to make a plan to trip and worry about budget or money? So read this blog and know about how to plan a trip with the low budget. Low budget doesn’t mean that you have to compromise in exploring places or countries. It means how to spend smartly when you traveling in a group or you are a solo traveler. It does not matter that you travel in any country, city, beach, hill station. There are always two ways to spend money on tour. First one is luxurious life or tour where you spend lots of money to live luxurious life there while you are traveling and the second one is spending smartly or travel with the low budget. Hello friends, I am Jony Jindal and you are reading Go4explore. Let’s Explore-

  1. Use Train for short routes-

The train is the best mean of transport. Because it provides you complete traveling environments while you traveling in it. It also cheaper than Bus, Flight or other Transports. Find the best train route for your tour destination and make a booking of train’s ticket. If you compare the train and bus, the journey of the train is always being more enjoyable and comfortable than the bus. It does not matter how luxury is your bus. Train’s journey is best.

How To Plan A Trip With Low Budget

  1. While Booking Flight Ticket-

While booking a ticket of flight, always remember that your journey is for 2-12 hours not for a week or month. So find a cheap ticket or cheap flight then book a ticket in business class or first class. The economy also has mostly same feature of the business class. So avoid business class for short time journey like 2-3 hours to save money while traveling with low budget. Book a ticket in business class when the journey is more than 4-5 hours.

Plan A Trip With less money

  1. Hotel or Home stay-

If you ask me what should I choose hotel or home stay while traveling? It’s depending on your trip’s destination, rent of hotel or home stay, your budget and much more. I prefer home stay more than any 3 star or 5-star hotels. Home stays are cheaper than stay in hotel’s room. It’s all depending on locations or destinations. Somewhere hotels are cheaper than home stays. Always book the Hotel room or home stay online. Because while booking a room online, you may find some trending deals or coupons, from which you get a better room in the low budget or find some more interesting deals.

  1. Always Download local map of your Destination-

Always download the local map on your mobile phone or print it, before reaching the destination of your tour. You can download offline maps of the city or your destination on Google Maps Easily. It’s easy to use and very important for the solo traveler. These also support navigation or route finder. Sometimes you find the weak network or other network problems while you travel in Mountains or beaches area. So download the map before traveling. It makes your travel so easy.

Hitchhiking For Budget Traveler

  1. Try Hitchhiking-

Hitchhiking is best if you travel with the low budget or you are a solo traveler. Hitchhiking is a process, where you go one place to another with help of any unknown person by requesting a lift from them. It’s an interesting activity and it can make your trip unforgettable. You can make new friends while hitchhiking or can get lots of knowledge of your destination by their local citizens. Try it once in your trips.

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Backpacker Trip in Low BUdget

  1. Pack your Bag Carefully-

If you think about how to plan a trip with the low budget? So firstly, pack your bag carefully. Because you packed bag make your trip best or worst. First do the complete study about your trip destination, about locations, about hotels, weather or temperature of that time when will you go there. According to weather of that place on your traveling time, pack clothes, jacket, gloves, t-shirts, trousers etc. in your bag. Carry some glucose or energy drinks also while traveling. If your trip for mountains you must carry trekking bag than any trolley bag.

plan a Trip in Low BUdget

  1. Use Public Transport than Any cab, taxi or auto-

Where you go, when you go, how you go it does not matter. After reaching your destination, live a life of their local citizens, it’s given you an awesome experience and also makes your tour unforgettable. Eat their traditional foods instead of eating that’s food which you eat at your regular schedule. Use their public transport instead of booking a cab or auto. It’s cheap and useful while you traveling in the new city. You can ask the question about the city to their local citizens who are also traveling in that local transport like city buses, local trains, metro or shared Autos and you surely get a perfect answer from them. Because of everybody like tourists in their city.

I think you all get answered to the question- How To Plan A Trip With Low Budget? If you still have any questions? about it anything other about traveling. Please put it into the comment box. I will surely give you a valuable reply of it.