How I Planned My Goa Trip, what should I do in advance?


Visiting Goa is still a dream of many travelers. If you planned a trip to Goa first time. There are lots of questions you have in your mind like How I Planned My Goa Trip, what should I do in advance?

Should I book hotel advance for my upcoming Goa Trip? How do I decide my Budget for Goa Trip? And much more. In this blog, I give an answer of all of your questions and give some traveling tips you should follow while making a plan to Goa. Hello, friends, I am Jony Jindal, you are reading Go4explore. Let’s Explore-

All About Goa


Ticket Booking For Goa-

Flight or train for Goa trip 

What should I book, Train Ticket or Flight Ticket for my Goa Trip?

If you are from New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Haryana, Punjab or from other states. You can book flight ticket if you have enough budgets for it or have less time to travel. But if you have time to travel, go on the train. Really the journey of the train is more interesting than the journey of flight. The train pass by Konkan Railway. This is amazing. You can find many beautiful things there. The ticket cost of the flight is approx Rs 5000 from New Delhi and take 2 or 3 hours to reach Goa and the ticket cost of train 3rd tier AC coach from New Delhi to Goa is Approx Rs 2500. Save money and spend it to do more activities in Goa. If you want to book the flight ticket for your upcoming trip to Goa, book it at minimum 45 days ago. Its cost double if you book the ticket at the trip time, so book it in advance. In Train, there is some different case from the flight. Book your ticket 2 months ago for your trip. In the time of trip you can get the ticket at the same price but can’t get the reservation. So reserve your seat and have a safe journey.

book Casino pub disc ticket Goa

Should I Purchase Casino, pub, disco or club Ticket In Advance For My Upcoming Goa Tour?

No, it’s not so necessary to book Casino, pub, disco or club tickets in advance for your upcoming Goa Trip. You can purchase the tickets of casino, pub, disco or club on time at the same cost as you book in advance. Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk, Casino Pride and Casino Pride 2 are the top casinos in Goa. (Click on their name to know more about them or review and ticket cost of them).


should I Book hotel Goa advance

Should I book hotel advance for my upcoming Goa Trip?

Most of the traveler has these questions in their mind, how should I book the hotel in Goa? Where should I book? What the room prices in Goa and much more. Let’s discuss it-


Always book the hotel room online.

Book your room in hotel online because there are many discounts, offers, and coupons online. From these discounts, offers, and coupons you can book 5-star hotel or resorts in the price of 3-star hotel or resort. Online booking is always safer than offline hotel booking. Because in online hotel booking, there is a customer support you have to complain if you get any problem in the hotel or give feedback to them. But in Offline booking, the hotel manager or hotel staffs you get to complain if you have any problem. If you don’t find any services or features they describe, complain it online in that company where are you booked your hotel room.


Book Hotel in Advance-

There are not big problems you get to book the hotel in time you reached there. But in season time (October to February); you may face some problem to book hotel on time. In off-Season time (March to September); hotel booking is so easy and hotel rooms are cheaper than on season time. Yes, book hotel in advance for getting more services and features in Goa. If you plan a trip to Goa in the month of December, book your hotel room in September or October for getting a better hotel room.  If you visit Goa in between March to September, book your hotel room before 15 to 30 days of your journey.

what should I do in advance


Where should I book my hotel room in North Goa or in South Goa?

South Goa is cheaper than North Goa. North Goa is famous for beaches, parties, casino etc. and South Goa is famous for Churches, Temple etc. Book your trip for visit both in your tour. I think 5 days are enough to explore Goa’s Beauty. Stay South Goa (Vasco Da Gama or Margao) for 2 days and other 3 days stay on North Goa (Panjim or Calangute). You can find resorts near beaches also in North Goa for the stay. You can get an amazing experience to stay in Beach Resorts.


Best Place to Visit in Goa

Always Carry Shorts and T-shirts-

Before pack, your bags of your upcoming Goa trip, don’t forget to carry shorts and T-shirts. There is always summer or spring season there. So pack your bag properly as per you required.


Use Sunscreen Lotion There-

Always use Sunscreen Lotion before outing in Goa. There are sunny all day in Goa, harmful sunlight also. I suggested using Lotus Waterproof Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40 or SPF 50 There.

what should I do advance Goa

Goa For Solo Traveller – Things to do & Tips to follow

Hire a Bike, Scooty or Car in Advance-

If you worried about hiring a bike, scooty or car in advance for you Goa trip. Then chill and forget about it. There are lots of bike providers there. You can get a bike, scooter or car in Goa easily with only of 2 Government approved Identity cards (Driving License is Must hire a vehicle in Goa).

I think now you get the perfect answer to your question How I Planned My Goa Trip, what should I do in advance?


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