Goa For Solo Traveller – Things to do & Tips to follow

Goa is amazing. It’s the smallest state in India. If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches, Creativity of Sea, Forests, and Greenery, Beach Party, Earn money in Casinos, Clubs and pubs, Visit Churches, Explore an unforgettable place, You Must Visit Goa.

These are no matter that you are in the group of 4 or 5, couple, or with friends. Goa is amazing for all. There are lots of things you can do in Goa while you travel alone. No matters you are a male or a female. Goa is famous for its beaches, seafood, and parties in pub, club, and casinos. Solo Travelling is not boring. It’s interesting to meet new people and make them friends, explore new places, try many kinds of food and much more. I also love traveling alone. In this blog, I am talking about Goa for solo traveling, things to do, some tips to follow, places to visit or enjoy, parties and Casino, Beaches of Goa, about tour cost and much more. Hello friends, I am Jony Jindal, you are reading Go4explore. Let’s Explore-


To Know About Places to Visit in Goa for Solo Traveller, Click Here


Things To Do For Solo Traveler In Goa-

Deltin Royale- Casino in Goa

Enjoy The Nightlife in Casinos and Parties-

The Nightlife of Goa is More Amazing than the day. There are lots of things you can do at Night in Goa. You Can Enjoy Beach Party in Anjuna Beach, You can Go to Casinos (Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk, Casino Pride, Casino Pride 2 are the Popular Casinos in Goa), you can enjoy dance in Club or Pubs and Much more…

Hire a Bike or Scooter in Goa

Rent a Bike or Scooter-

If you want to explore Goa, and you are alone. Don’t worry, just hire a bike or scooter and start your exploring tour with an amazing riding. Hire a bike is less expensive than taxi, cab or other transports. You can hire bike easily in Goa with just 2 documents (Driving License and one any other government approved Photo Identity card like Aadhar card or Passport etc.). The rent or bikes and activa in Goa are-

Royal Enfield Bike-           Rs 800-1000 per day

Activa Scooter-                 Rs 300-400 per day

Couch surfing in Goa-

Many of readers have the same question now in their mind- What is Couch Surfing?

It’s so simple if you want to stay in cheap prices and enjoy more than a hotel room. You can use it. Instead of staying in a hotel room, you can stay at a host’s place. It’s not so expensive. You also get to learn about the host, listen to their stories. In fact, you could help them out, too. Is it like the home away from home? Another plus is that you get to meet fellow travelers and make them friends.

Hitchhiking in Goa for Solo Traveler

Hitchhiking in Goa for Solo Travelers-

Hitchhiking is not so popular in India. Everybody doesn’t know about Hitchhiking. But in Goa, if you are alone you can try it. You get many lifts from outer tourists and you can make them your friends or you can enjoy with them. For Hitchhiking in Goa, Carry a small bag always with you. Big Bag creates the big problem during hitchhiking.

dudhsagar waterfall Goa

Visit Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa for Solo Traveler-

If you visiting Goa, you must visit Dudhsagar Waterfall. It’s approx 50 Km away from Goa. It’s an amazing place to explore and do photography. You can see there the fall of water as like as milk. You can visit Dudhsagar Waterfall with hiring a cab, renting a bike or using public transport.

Water Sports in Goa - Parasailing

Water Sports in Goa-

Water Sports in Goa is one of the awesome activities you can do in Goa. There are many water sports here like jet-ski, parasailing, banana ride, speed boat ride, scuba diving etc.

Beaches of Goa- photography

Explore the Beaches of Goa-

Goa is famous for beaches and water. There are some famous beaches in Goa you have to visit-


Some Tips to follow for a solo traveler in Goa-

Advance Planning for Goa Tour-

If you are a first-time traveler in Goa, a planning is must required. Plan before going there, what to do there, Where to stay, what goods are used to carry with you and much more.

Beware of thieves-

Every tourist places, there are lots of thieves. So don’t carry so much cash. Use debit cards and credit cards or E-wallet than the use of cash. Always wear artificial jewelry while traveling or staying in front of beaches. Don’t put wallet or cash in back pocket, it’s risky.

Never disclose your personal information to any strangers-

Always choose a guide smartly. Check their license or other documents before hiring them. Ask your hotel’s Desk for a perfect guide or any other queries.

Best way to Dressing-

There is always normal temperature there. There is neither so hot nor so cold temperature in Goa. So always wear T-shirts and denim jeans or trouser is the best way to dressing there. It feels you freely and so comfortable.

Carry a Small Bag/ Packing for Goa Trip-

Always try to pack a small bag while you do the solo traveling. It’s the main thing to do before starts your travel. Because If the bag is so heavy, it’s too difficult to carry all day or carry on public transport.

My Experience of Solo Traveling in Goa India-

I traveled Goa many times. But I travel Solo in Goa at last February. I went Goa because of doing water sports and enjoying beach parties. I traveled Goa by train as I did before. When the train passes away from Konkan railway tracks, it gives me an amazing feeling. I left my solo journey of Goa at Margaon Railway Station. I went Vasco da Gama from Margaon by Local Bus of Goa. I stay in Vasco da Gama first day. It is in South Goa. The hotel prices in south Goa is Cheaper than North Goa and Panjim. So I choose south Goa for my first-day accommodation. It’s an amazing night I spent in South Goa. At morning I went Panjim from Vasco da Gama local bus stand. Then, Panjim to Calangute beach by bus. I spent my half of day at Calangute beach. I do jet-ski and speedboat ride at Calangute beach at morning time. Then, I took rest after taking lunch and went to Baga beach at evening time. At Baga beach, I do parasailing, speed ride, banana ride and other rides at evening time. I enjoyed a beautiful sunset at Baga beach. Then I went Anjuna beach market at night time and do some shopping for the night. Then I went to Anjuna beach at night time for beach parties and dinner. First I took dinner and then I went to beach parties. It’s an amazing experience I get to attend a beach party at Anjuna beach of North Goa. I do much fun there like drinking and dancing at the party. I spent my half of night at this party. Then I went to my hotel which I booked in north Goa now (near Anjuna beach). And my first day is over here.

The second Day, I woke up at 11 AM because I am in the party last night and slept at 3 AM. After a beautiful sleep in North Goa’s Hotel room, I started the journey of next day with taking breakfast at Anjuna Beach’s Restaurant. It’s a cloudy day and the temperature is almost above 30 degrees. I did scuba diving in that day. So I got ready for it. I go for Scuba diving at Anjuna beach. It’s a fantastic experience I got to do scuba diving in Goa. I make underwater videos also by my GoPro Hero 5. It’s a sports action camera which I usually most while traveling. Because it’s small, lightweight and easy to carry.  I do scuba diving in the sea. Its cost approx 3500-4000 for one time. You can do scuba diving at almost all beaches of North Goa with the help of government-approved water sports team. I love to do all water sports.  I came back to the hotel at the evening time from Anjuna beach. Now I took a nap of 30-45 minutes and bath again. Now I am getting ready for Casino parties. So I wear formal dress and go to Panjim from My hotel room. Its approx 18 km distance between Panjim and Anjuna beach. There are lots of casinos in Panjim (the capital of Goa). But I chose Deltin Jaqk for enjoying my Night at Casino. Its Rs 3000 ticket price of Deltin Jaqk Including Unlimited Foods and Drink. Deltin Jaqk Casino is in a big cruise in the city Panjim. I went to Deltin Jaqk by small jetty by Deltin group. It will give you an amazing experience to spend your whole night on a big cruise in the middle of the river. After entered in Deltin Jaqk, firstly I took breakfast and drink 2 bottles of beer. I played many gambling games there. I eat yummy foods there and tasted many types of drinks, beer, and wines. I win approx 65000 at this night at Deltin Jaqk Casino in North Goa. After playing and winning the games, I go back to hotel room and sleep. My tour’s cost almost covered by playing gambling games in Deltin’s casino. But I recommended you to don’t take so much risk while playing gambling games in the casinos in Goa. I spend my luckiest day at  Goa in that day. After going hotel I felt so tired, so I slept until next day noon.

Next day, my flight was on the evening of that day and I slept until noon. So after waking up, I took lunch and go for a city tour. I went old churches, Panjim market and other places in Goa. Be a backpacker, I had just a backpack bag with me at that time. So I checked out from the hotel and go to old church with carrying my bag. I spent totally a amazing noon at the old church and go to Panjim at the time of 4 O’clock. I did some shopping at the market of Panjim and go to Vasco Da Gama by local bus from Panjim. From Vasco da Gama, I went Goa International Airport by taxi. Goa International Airport is not so far from Vasco Da Gama. Now I am ready to go for next tour of Mumbai from Goa. I caught my flight of Air India and fly to Mumbai from Goa. It’s an amazing tour of Goa. I am alone and so much fun than last time I came with the group of my friend. I do almost all things what I want. I do hitchhike also in Goa. So, it’s my Goa’s experience as a solo traveler and I do more much fun than I expected.

Don’t Worry if you are alone or solo male or female traveler, Visit Goa without any tension. Goa’s people always welcome tourists.



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