Garadiya Mahadev Temple – Best Time to Visit & How to Reach?-

Garadiya Mahadev Temple is the main attraction of Kota which is situated 30 km away from Kota. This temple is famous for its awesome view of valleys and water as you can see in the picture. Garadiya Mahadev Temple is located on the bank of Chambal river and it’s providing an ultimate view of nature to us. It is located near to highway number 76 that’s lead to Dabi and Chittorgarh. There are lots of places in Kota to visit and explore. But it is best.The view of this place like a painting made by God himself. Nature lovers can spend many hours here by experiencing the revitalizing cool breeze and the touch of unspoiled nature. Photography and videography are allowed here. There are many kinds of animals, bird, and insects here. Its all make it a photographer- friendly destination. This place is liked by travel, portrait and wildlife photographer. The largest tributary of Yamuna, river Chambal is known for being the abode of many water species. Sitting on the cliff you may catch a glimpse of the crocodiles, turtles etc. This is best place near Kota for the picnic or hangs out with friends. These all things make this view- Priceless.

Garadiya Mahadev Temple - Best time to vist- how to reach

Best time to Visit Garadiya Mahadev Temple-

You can visit anytime here. But according to me, the morning time and evening time or you can say sunrise time and sunset time is the best time for the visit here. Because this is Rajasthan, there is so sunny weather you found on daytime. This can ruin your photography experience or you may leave this destination after some time because of sunny weather. So always visit here at the time of sunrise or sunset.

How to Reach Garadiya Mahadev Temple-

Garadiya Mahadev Temple - Best time to vist- how to reach

There are not so much option to reach here from Kota or Bundi. There are not any public transport to go Garadiya Mahadev Temple from Kota city. So you have to hire a taxi or auto to go there. They will charge you in between Rs 700-1200 for round journey.

Entry Charge of Garadiya Mahadev Temple-

There are entry charges of Rs 75 per person and Rs 250 per car. There are not any charges for Auto or taxi driver who is with you. If you are 3 or more people in a group. Bought a car ticket of Rs 250 and go inside and enjoy this precious view.

My Journey of Garadiya Mahadev Temple-

Garadiya Mahadev Temple - How to Reach - Best Time to VisitIts a Temple of Lord Shiva with a very beautiful and priceless View of Nature. Yes, Its all about this amazing view of this temple. The Valley around the Chambal River. This is a backpacking trip and I was a solo traveler, so I faced many problems to reach there. You will get shocked when you find nobody knows about this amazing view in Kota. Yes, this is an unexplored place of Kota, Rajasthan. I started asking about this location from the local citizens of city Kota. I asked too many people like the security guard, city bus conductor, restaurant’s waiter etc. and I finally found an auto driver who knows about this location. But he didn’t know the proper way to go there. But I told him that I will tell you all way by google map and he agrees.

Garadiya Mahadev Temple - How to Reach - Best Time to VisitThe journey of Garadiya Mahadev Temple started now. This is an awesome journey and I spent 4 hours for this priceless view. This Temple is approx. 30 km away from the city center of Kota, located 4-5 km away from Kota – Chittorgarh Highway. In the way, I crossed a bridge which is also very awesome and with a very beautiful architecture. This bridge is known as Kota Bridge. This bridge is made upon the Chambal River and has no pillar in it. After 40-50 minutes of journey, I finally reached – Garadiya Mahadev Temple.

Garadiya Mahadev Temple - How to Reach - Best Time to Visit

As I already told, Its an awesome and precious view of nature I found there. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to stand there. I dreamt about this location from past many months and I was finally there. It’s really priceless to me. I click lots of photos of this view and I also shoot many videos of this view. This is little dangerous also. There are many animals and insects, snakes there. So be aware of these. I enjoyed this view 30-40 minutes and then I went to the temple which is the downside from there. This is also a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. I found many types of bird there. This is a very beautiful location for Travel and Wildlife Photographers. There are no any shop or canteen there. And also there are not so huge people there. So keep planning and carry some food and first aid before going there. There is a ticket also for entry to this temple by Rajasthan Tourism of Rs 75 per person or Rs 250 per Car and you also get a slip for this.

I want to spend time there as much as possible. But I have to leave because I have only one day to explore whole Kota. So I went to my next destination.


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