Geetanjali Nayak

Is trekking safe? What are the pros and cons of same?


  • Aayush Raje Choudhary
    3 years ago

    Trekking varies between Mountaineering and Hiking. Trekking is quite difficult as you stay in the mountains for many days and it may be risky, primarily due to Wild animals. Trekking should be pre-planned and you've to set up your camps. It needs proper Types of equipment like Waterproof fleece jackets, trekking shoes, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, etc.

    You need to carry your utensils and other daily essentials.


    •  You get a chance to see stunning views from different angles and with a different perspective, even if you're in a similar valley.
    • Turn strangers into friends if you met on a trail.
    • Reduces heart attack chances.
    • You can feel the cool breeze and breath the fresh & natural air.
    •  You get Contentment (soul satisfaction).


    1. You have to carry a lot of luggage or you need a big/heavier pack to carry all your belongings or essentials.
    2. Risk of getting attacked by Wild animals.
    3. You can fall sick due to High Altitude, also known as "Altitude Sickness".
    4. If you're a solo traveler and you trek alone, so it can increase the risk of no support in case of any emergency while trekking.

     NOTE-: It is advised to hire a local guide for your safety and your convenience.