Radhika Gupta
I want to visit Kasar Devi in Uttarakhand. Recommend me some good budget stays over there and how can I reach there from Haldwani via public transport?

Devendra Bisht

You can find a lot of homestays, hotels and  resorts in a very good budget nearby Kasar devi. It depends on the time you are visiting that place and the number of days you want to spent over there. During the months(May-July mid) there is a lot of crowd so the prices over there remain quite high.

You can visit that place during winters(February-March) and in monsoon as well (August-September mid)if your budget is low and the weather of that place during that period of time is very pleasant.

So, now coming how to reach there by public transport so you can get a lot of share taxis as well as buses from Haldwani taxi stand and bus station going towards Almora and from Almora taxi stand you can find a lot of share taxis for Kasar Devi.

You can also hire a direct cab from Haldwani to Kasardevi which will cost you around 2k-3k.