Jyotsana Gupta
I want to rent a bike for local exploration in Leh town. Where to to take it from and what are the tentative prices?

Keshav Chandra

Here are some places from where you can rent bikes in Leh :-

Leh BIke Rental

Ladakh Wander

Venture Third Pole Bike Rental


Royal Enfield 500cc Classic - 2100 INR (8am - 8pm)

Royal Enfield 500cc Standard - 2000 INR (8am - 8pm)

Royal Enfield 411cc (Himalyan)- 2500 INR (8am - 8pm)

Bajaj Avenger/ Vikrant - 1200 INR (8am - 8pm)

BMW GS/GSR 310cc - 3500 INR (8am - 8pm)


Devendra Bisht

The following are the type of  bikes you can get to rent in Leh  for local exploration:

Classic 500 -500 cc- 2100 INR

Standard 500- 499 cc- 2000 INR

Classic 350 -346 cc -1800 INR

Thunderbird 305- 346 cc -1800 INR

You can find a lot of bike rental options in Leh after reaching there from where you can rent them and it is forbidden to take any rented bike of other state to Leh.

You have to rent a bike of there only.


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