Jyotsana Gupta

I want to rent a bike for local exploration in Leh town. Where to to take it from and what are the tentative prices?


  • Keshav Chandra
    6 months ago

    Here are some places from where you can rent bikes in Leh :-

    Leh BIke Rental

    Ladakh Wander

    Venture Third Pole Bike Rental


    Royal Enfield 500cc Classic - 2100 INR (8am - 8pm)

    Royal Enfield 500cc Standard - 2000 INR (8am - 8pm)

    Royal Enfield 411cc (Himalyan)- 2500 INR (8am - 8pm)

    Bajaj Avenger/ Vikrant - 1200 INR (8am - 8pm)

    BMW GS/GSR 310cc - 3500 INR (8am - 8pm)