Could you suggest me some offbeat places near Manali to explore in summer?


  • Devendra Bisht
    6 months ago

    Offbeat Tourist Places And Destinations Near Manali to explore in summers.

    Here are some  recommendations:

    1. Old Manali
    2. Hamta Valley
    3. Hallan Valley
    4. Solang Valley
    5. Fojal Valley
    6.  Gulaba
    7. Manikaran

  • Yashi Srivastava
    6 months ago


    While nearly every traveller is familiar with Manali, there are a few sites nearby that are equally lovely. In reality, they are significantly less busy than Manali and thus far more pristine. Here are five such hidden treasures:

    1. Patilkuhl

    The song Ao Sunai Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani from the film Krrish is well-known. But have you ever thought where the fairytale-like location in the song is? Everything in the song looks so out of this planet, don't you think? The lush green hills, the snowy ranges, the flower-dotted stretches, and the gushing streams. The location is Patilkuhl, which is about a 27-minute drive from Manali. It is a truly hidden gem and one of the most eccentric spots in Himachal Pradesh.

    2. Malana

    Malana, a charming Himalayan village hidden in the Parvati Valley, is about two and a half hours from Manali. Malana is an excellent trekking destination and home to two stunning stone and wood carved temples, the Jamdagni and Renuka Devi shrines.

    3. Thanedar

    Thanedar is around 196 kilometres from Manali. The driving duration between the two locations is around 3 hours 40 minutes. Thanedar, an apple exporter, has some stunning apple and cherry orchards with the tranquil mountains in the background.

    4. Soyal

    Soyal is only 37 minutes away from Manali. This is a camper's paradise, and locals claim that a stream of milk formerly ran through the settlement. To get to Soyal from Manali, drive only up to a certain point, beyond which the destination must be reached on foot by a pebble-flanked road. This village's streams, big trees, and pure skies will cleanse your soul of all your worries.

    5. Sajla

    Sajla town, 28 minutes from Manali, is noted for its cascading waterfall and the Vishnu temple. Trekking to Sajla from Manali is an experience in and of itself, and finding the trail is simple with indications written on the rocks. It's like strolling through a dark forest and becoming lost in nature.