Essel World Mumbai Review and Ticket Cost

Essel World Mumbai Review and Ticket Cost

posted 4 months ago

Do you Searching for an Amusement Park or Water Park in Mumbai, Want to Enjoy Different Kinds of Rides in Theme Park, Spend your Day in an Island, Want to do Ice Skating, Watch 7D Movies, Do Adventure like Rock Climbing and much more? – Visit Essel World Theme Park, Mumbai

Essel World Theme Park Mumbai is one of the largest theme park and Water Park in India. This is located at the north-western part of Mumbai. It’s situated on 64 acres of greens in Gorai Island, Borivali West. There are approx 36-40 rides in it. You can enjoy your complete day here by riding in different rides every time. There are many food courts here. There is also a little cinema here where you can watch 7D Animation adventure short movie, it's paid. There are some photography locations also here, where you can click the awesome photograph and save the memory of it. Today in this Blog, you can read about Essel World Theme Park Mumbai, My Experience and Review, Rating as per My Experience, Some Tips to Follow Before Going Here, Some Question and Answer About it, How to Reach, Rides in Theme Park, Ticket Cost and much more. Hello friends, I am Jony Jindal, you are reading Go4explore blog. Let’s Explore-

Roller Coaster in Essel World Mumbai

I Enjoy Many Types of Ride Here (My Experience and Review)-

I visit Essel World in the last December. I went here by cab. We go to the theme park on the 1st day and water kingdom on the 2nd day. If you want to know about water kingdom, click on it. We enjoy almost all the rides in it. Firstly, we ride Bay Watch Tower; it’s an amazing ride and gives you a view of water and city view of Mumbai when you are on the top of in this tower. Then we try, Roller Coaster. Roller Coaster is the very amazing ride. Its rotate you 360 when you riding it. Top Spin is the best to ride I ride ever. If you visit Essel world, try Top-Spin, It’s amazing. We enjoy Top Spin ride 5 times. We also enjoy water roller coaster in it. It’s a Maze (Bhul Bhulayiya) also in it. Enjoy your time to solve this maze in it. I eat pizza in Domino’s Pizza in the middle of it. There is an Electronic Car Ride also in it. We enjoy it many times. We enjoy Shot and drop, Enterprise rides, Rainbow ride, Slam Bob, Thunder in it.

Rating as Per My Experience-

  • Location-                      4.5 out of 5

  • Food Court-                 4.5 out of 5

  • Entertainment-           5 out of 5

  • Safety-                           4.8 out of 5

  • Value for Money-       5 out of 5

Essel World rides Mumbai

Some Tips to Follow before Going Here-

  • Go in the Morning time to enjoy all the rides of it.

  • Book Tickets online, if you want to book ticket cheaper than counter rates try it online before purchasing from there.

  • Don’t Bring DSLR Cameras in rides.

  • If you want to shoot rides video you can use Go Pro camera or any other action camera.

  • Take care of children while riding in Theme Park.

Essel-World-Mumbai-rainbow ride

How to Reach Essel World Theme Park, Mumbai?

You can reach here easily by car or taxi by following western express highway and reach Kashmira. It takes 45 minutes to reach Kashmira to Essel world. If you want to come here by train, you have to get down at Malad Station and sit on Bus no. 294 from there. This bus drives you Gorai from Malad Railway Station. You can find your destination there.

Address- Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091

top spin in Essel world amusement park mumbai

Some Question Answer About it-

Question- What the best time to visit here?

Answer- The best time to visit here are in between October to March.

Question- Are all rides free after entering the Amusement Park?

Answer- Almost 90% rides are free to ride. Some rides or activities are paid like Ice Skating, Rock Climbing etc.

Question- Am I visit water park and amusement park both in a single day?

Answer- Yes, you can visit both water park and amusement park in a single day. But it’s not so comfortable to visit both in a single day. You may miss some rides, if you visit both in a single day. I suggest to visit water park and amusement park in 2 different days.

Question- What the timing of Essel World Amusement Park, Mumbai?

Answer- The Park is opened in Weekdays from 10 AM to 8 PM.

And for the duration of Weekends Essel World is opened from 10 AM to 9 PM.

thunder ride in essel world theme park mumbai

Ticket Cost of Essel World Theme Park, Mumbai-

For Adults-

Theme Park-                   Rs 949 per person

Water Kingdom-            Rs 999 per person

Combo of both-                             Rs 1299 per person

For Child-

Theme Park-                   Rs 699 per person

Water Kingdom-            Rs 699 per person

Combo of both-                             Rs 899 per person

For Senior Citizen-

Theme Park-                   Rs 399 per person

Water Kingdom-            Rs 399 per person

Combo of both-                             Rs 599 per person

ride caterpillar- children ride in essel world mumbai

Rides in Essel World Theme Park, Mumbai-

Family Rides-

  • Crazy Cups

  • Road Train

  • Riki's Rocking Alley

  • Tilt-a-Whirl

  • Zipper Dipper

  • Highway Cars

  • Hedge Maze

  • Fun Net

  • Haunted Hotel

  • Prabal the Killer.

Children Rides-

  • Junior Go Carting

  • Big Apple

  • Nataraj Caterpillar

  • Play Po

Adult Rides-

  • The Thunder

  • The rainbow

  • Zyclone

  • The Enterprise

  • Hoola Loo

  • Top Spin