Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do - Places to Visit - Stays & Budget

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do - Places to Visit - Stays & Budget

posted 4 months ago

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do - Places to Visit - Stays & Budget

Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a heaven for the nature lovers. It is also known as Kodagu.

It is easily the most beautiful hill station of Karnataka known for its coffee plantation, its friendly people, the Tibetan monastery and the stunning views from many of its peaks. The cozy weather will make you fall in love with this place, and you will want to come back again. Here is all you need to know to plan your much-awaited trip to Coorg:

Getting There-

Coorg Karnataka - Things to do

It is an overnight journey away from Bangalore by bus with frequent buses easily available, and the nearest airport is in Mangalore. Coorg’s main center Madikeri and its other equally beautiful towns like Virajpet, Kushalnagar are a must visit while in Coorg.

How Long To Stay: As Coorg offers a variety of unique experiences a minimum of two nights and three days is recommended to be able to enjoy everything in a stress-free manner.


Coorg has the friendliest of people who have homestays all around Coorg. Many of these homestays offer beautiful views and amenities. Some places like adventure clubs provide a full package including activities and meals. You can save around 2000-3000 rupees for accommodation for two nights in Coorg depending on the homestay of your choice. Homestays usually offer delicious authentic local meals and experiencing a domestic life with the homeowners.

Things to Do While In Coorg-

1. Trekking

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do- trekking

Coorg is famous among trekkers thanks to its various peaks. The trek varies from easy to advanced level depending on one’s stamina.

2. Watersports

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do- watersports

Coorg offers a variety of water sports activities like white river rafting and kayaking among others. Some of the activities may remain closed during the monsoon during June- July, so it is best to visit after September and all the way to March- April.

3. Coffee and Spice Plantations

Coorg is famous for its coffee. You will see numerous coffee plantations as you drive through Coorg and many of these coffee plantations are mixed with other spices like pepper, cashew and other fruits like chiku. A visit to these plantations while in Coorg is a must!

4. Tibetian Golden Temple

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do- tibetian golden monastery

The beautiful Tibetian golden temple in Kushalnagar is a symbol of rich culture. There are many Tibetan settlements around Coorg, and a visit to this temple will reflect their peaceful culture, lifestyle, and wisdom. The Namdroling monastery in Coorg is the second biggest in India.

5. Abbey Falls

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do - Places to Visit Budget

This waterfall is a natural, recreational retreat. A small trek leads you there, and you can simply enjoy the clean waters and have a swim.

6. Raja’s seat park

This is another beautiful park in Madikeri which you should not miss. It has lovely flowers and plants with surrounding fountains making for a scenic view.

7. Nagarhole National Park

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do - Places to Visit - Stays & Budget

This beautiful national park in Karnataka lies in Coorg and is home to a variety of species of birds, various animals, and elephants. A wildlife lover would enjoy it very much.

8. Dubbare Elephant Camp

The elephants for the Mysore festivals are trained here, and it is a beautiful place to visit for elephant lovers. You get a chance to see them and how they are trained and cared for and bathe them and feed them.

Other activities-

Depending on your homestay or hotel, some places offer zip lining, rock climbing experiences inside or nearby the homestay so look out for those.

Bonfire and camping are also famous while in Coorg. Look forward to chatting, music and a lively night at homestays especially if you manage to make friends or travel in groups.

Coorg is also known to have various homemade fruit wines, and you can get these easily at the local stores to try and purchase to carry back home for souvenirs. Home-made chocolates

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do

Budget Planning For Coorg-

Depending on where you start from, Coorg can cost you anywhere from 4000 and above. Transport cost to getting to Madikeri and then to Virajpet or other towns like Kushalnagar by bus, your accommodation, food, adventure activities and sightseeing will be around 3000 rupees minimum. Transport cost around Coorg to see the plantation, waterfall or national park should be well planned for thinking about the budget. Try to get a package deal if you are traveling with a group.

Coorg, Karnataka - Things To Do - Places to Visit - Stays & Budget

What To Pack For Coorg Trip?

As Coorg is a hilly area, some warm clothes are necessary as it gets cold and windy. Sports shoes or sneakers will be your companion in muddy roads while trekking!

Coorg is a beautiful travel destination, offering something for everybody from temples, to the plantation to adventure and much more, It is one of the most sought out destinations in Karnataka and south India and for all the right reasons. With a little planning, the right accommodation and activities, Coorg are going to give you a lifetime worth of memories and leave you with a memorable experience. Is Coorg on your bucket list? If yes then what is the place you are most excited to visit? Let us know in the comments below! And share this article with your friends or family with who you are planning a trip.