Canvas Travel Bag by Eco Right

Canvas Travel Bag by Eco Right

posted 3 years ago

Canvas Travel Bag by Eco Right – Review

Are you planning to buy travel bags? If yes, then in this article, I will give the review of 2 canvas travel bags by Eco Right. I am using these bags from last 1 month on my short trip to India and it works well on my all trips.

Canvas Messenger Bag-

Canvas Travel Bag by Eco Right – My Review

The canvas messenger bag is an eco-friendly cross-body bag. It has 2 compartments to carry your laptop, iPad, books, and stationery.   This is also a perfect bag for you if you are a college student. The waterproof lining makes sure that all your electronics are protected and the water-resistant canvas means your bag will repel water, dirt making it a perfect everyday bag.

Canvas Travel Bag by Eco Right –

I am using this bag for carrying my MacBook on my 2-3 days trips or meetings. This is a nice quality bag with lightweight and easy to carry. These EcoRight bags come with bio-degradable material packaging which made from corn, wheat, and potato starch. All packaging is compostable.

Canvas Travel Bag by Eco Right –

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Canvas Travel Pouch Bag-

This bag is durable, roomy and leakproof. I am using this bag for carrying my emergency first aid kit on my treks and road trips. It is perfect for travel, vacation, bathroom, storage, and can be used as a handbag, toiletry bag, travel bag, pencil case, organizer and travel accessory. This is good for carrying grooming kit, first-aid kit, accessories, small gadgets etc. on your backpacking trips. This bag is lightweight made with fabrics kind to the environment. The heavy canvas material on the outside makes this the most durable pouch you can find.

These are some travel bags you can buy for your upcoming trips. Hope you like this article. If yes, then please share your valuable thoughts on the comment section.