Camping And Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir - Complete Travel Guide

Camping And Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir - Complete Travel Guide

posted 12 months ago

Camping And Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir - Complete Travel Guide

Gulmarg in Kashmir is famous for its snowy mountains and greenery. There are two seasons to visit in Gulmarg - Winter Season and Summer Season. In the winter season, you will find snow everywhere from down to the top of the mountains where in summer, you will find the snow on the top of the mountains.

Best Time To Visit Gulmarg, Kashmir for Camping and trekking-

Camping And Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir

If you want to do trekking in Gulmarg, you can come and do anytime in any season but if you want to do camping in Gulmarg or want to gain an experience of staying in a tent in this paradise- Gulmarg, so you have to come on summer time. Because camping in wintertime is not so possible because of heavy snow and snowfall. You can go camping in summer, spring and Autumn. I can’t prefer you to visit Gulmarg in the rainy season for Camping and Trekking.

Which is The Famous Trek Near Gulmarg?

There are not so big trek in Gulmarg like other places but there is one famous trek in Gulmarg which is not so famous in tourists. Only a few trekkers and locals know about this trek. This is - Alapather Lake Trek. This is 2 days trek from the downside of Gulmarg. This is one of the top beautiful lakes of Kashmir. In the time period between November to Mid June, you will find this lake frozen.

Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir

You will reach here after the trekking of 5 hours from the ground or parking area. You can pitch your tent in Gulmarg Phase 1. There are some restaurants also nearby in phase 1, so you don’t need to cook food. You can eat from those budget-friendly restaurants as well if you want. So don’t think that there are no treks in Gulmarg. A very amazing trek - Alapather Lake Trek is waiting for you.

Is It Safe to Trekking or Camping in Gulmarg?

Camping And Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir - Complete Travel Guide

Trekking and Camping in Gulmarg are legal so you don’t need to worry about any police action. Gulmarg is totally safe for tourist. I did this beautiful trek with a local guide and I prefer you also to do these adventure activities with a local guide because it is forest and snow area and you will not find lots of trekkers here who help you if you get in any kind of trouble. This is the totally off-beat area. I went there with a Kashmiri guide - Mr. Mir Fayaz. He is a very nice person and friendly too. He made my trip awesome with shared lots of stories and information. I will give you contact number of Mir Fayaz at the end of this article. You can contact him for any kind of adventure activities in Gulmarg, Kashmir. I am sure, you will love that you trek with him. ‘

Best Place to Pitch a Tent in Gulmarg Kashmir?

Camping And Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir

There are not so many good places to pitch a tent in Gulmarg. You can pitch your tent and sleep in Phase 1 part of Gulmarg. If you want to pitch your tent in daytime for resting sometimes, so it is not a big deal, you can put it anywhere except ground area.

Where Can We Rent a Tent, Sleeping Bag and Other Trekking Equipment in Gulmarg Kashmir?

There are many shops in Gulmarg where you can rent trekking equipment but maybe it will hard to find a tent and sleeping bag in rent. I booked my package Mr. Mir’s company - Gulmarg Riders, so I get all these things (Tent, Sleeping Bag and Other Trekking Equipment like hiking stick, First Aid Kit, rucksack etc.) from them. You can also contact them for this. Really, They made my trip unforgettable.


Mir Fayaz - +919596296714

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