Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi – No Society Homestay and Cafe

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi – No Society Homestay and Cafe

posted 3 years ago

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi – No Society Homestay and Cafe

Few Days Back, I visited again in Tirthan Valley with my friend Vansh. This time, I selected another route and explored the Jibhi, Shoja and Jalori Pass. In November, I experienced live snowfall in the Jalori Pass and enjoyed the colours of Autumn in Banjar, Shoja and Jibhi.

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

Have you ever stayed in Local’s Homestay of Himachal Pradesh?

If not, try it today... I am sure; you would love to do it. whenever I used to travel, usually I stayed in hotels and resorts but after i have experienced the  home stays.I do not find it amazing to stay in hotels and resorts anymore. We lived a local life with Himachali people. I am attracted towards the helpful nature of the people who live mountains.

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

On this trip of Tirthan Valley, We stayed in a homestay named – “No Society Homestay & Café”. They provided me the excellent services; also, the hosts were very friendly. So today, in this article I am going to tell you about my experience of staying in the "No Society Homestay and Café" and give you a little review about this property.

About Shoja-

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

Shoja is a village of Tirthan Valley located in between Jibhi and Jalori Pass. From here, we can enjoy the scenic panoromic view of Dhauladhar Range. You can easily reach here by catching bus moving towards Rampur from Banjar. If you really want to explore the traditional culture, this is the perfect destination.

How I Reached Here?

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

If you are following me on my blog or Instagram, you may already know that how much I love to travel by public transport. So I reached this place from Delhi by bus. I changed the bus thrice. Firstly, I took the bus to Aut (Moving towards Manali) from Delhi and then from Aut I came to Banjar by another bus. Banjar is the main town of Tirthan Valley. You can get bus easily to Banjar from Mandi, Aut or Kullu. From Banjar, I changed the bus and took the bus to Shoja ( You can also reach here by catching bus to Rampur from Banjar). This homestay is located at 3 km before the village Shoja, I went down on the way. I found the location of homestay on google maps and reached there easily after the journey of 14 hours from Delhi.


Delhi to Aut – Rs 1200 in Volvo Bus

Aut to Banjar- Rs 40

Banjar to Shoja – Rs 20

Places to Visit Near the Homestay-

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

  • Jalori Pass

  • Serolsar Lake

  • 360 degree view point (Where Ye Jawani Hai Deewani shooted)

  • Jibhi Waterfall

Let's Talk About the No Society Homestay-

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

No Society Homestay is located in a very scenic location near Shoja. They give us the budget stay in front of the mesmerizing view of Snow-capped mountains of Dhauladhar Range. The rooms were comfortable with attached washroom. I enjoyed the bonfire party at night time under the star trails in the lawn area of this homestay.



Rooms in this homestay are fantastic. The beds are very comfortable. The rooms can easily accommodate 3 people. The view from the room is amazing. I came here in the month of November, and the temperature was little low in the night.


As I already said that they have attached washrooms. They provide 24*7 hot and cold water services in the restroom. I enjoyed my bath under the hot water shower in that freezing cold of Shoja. There were some basic toiletries as well in the washroom.


After the location ,Food is the secondary thing; we liked most in this homestay. They provided me the organic food. We tasted the traditional dish as well . I tasted here the famous dish of district Kullu – Siddu, which is stuffed with poppy seeds. The homemade food was superbly delicious.

View From The Room-

The view of the lush greenery and snow-capped Mountains from the room or balcony is mesmerizing. It was a rainy day and I took a supper and had an amazing sleep, but the next day, when I wake up, I felt like I am in heaven. The view was more fantastic than I expected.

Activities To Do Nearby-

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

  • Local Village Walk

  • Trek to Serolsar Lake

  • Visit Jalori Pass

  • Visit Organic Farms

  • Forest Hiking

  • Do Mountain Biking


The rooms in this homestay is starting from Rs 800.

My Final Verdict-

If you ever planning to Visit Jibhi, Shoja or nearby the famous place Jalori Pass, I strongly prefer you to try your stay at “No Society Café and Homestay”. Here you get the fantastic experience of staying with locals, tasting the Himachali traditional food, and learn new things about the mountains and wildlife. I am sure this stay going to make your trip memorable.

Budget Stay in Shoja & Jibhi

For Booking Contact-

Mr. Piyush - +91 8683821277

Follow Them on Instagram – Instagram.com/nosocietycafe

Happy Traveling :)