Best Travelling Tips Nagpur

Best Travelling Tips Nagpur

posted 12 months ago

Best Travelling Tips Nagpur-

About Nagpur-

Nagpur is the 3rd largest city of the state Maharashtra. It’s also called as the orange city because it’s famous for Orange. It’s the largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. It is also the state’s winter capital. There are lots of Places in Nagpur to visit. It is the one of the top green city in India and it’s the 3rd smart city of state Maharashtra. The language spoken by the people of Nagpur (Nagpurian/nagpurkar) is Marathi, Hindi or English. The metro is in under construction now in Nagpur. In this article, you can find all about Nagpur, place to visit in Nagpur, Some tips to follow before going there or when you are in Nagpur, Some general question and answer about it, why Nagpur is famous for? Amusement parks in Nagpur, Cab, and taxi Services there, Place to Stay in Nagpur, entertainment point in Nagpur and much more. Hello everyone, I am Jony Jindal and you are reading Go4explore. So let’s explore-

Best Traveling Tips Nagpur Maharashtra

Best Place to Visit in Nagpur-

Some Travelling Tips to Follow in Nagpur-

  • Use Ola cabs for transportation in Nagpur than any auto or another taxi. Because it’s cheaper than autos and easy to book.

  • Beware of the thief. As like other cities, Nagpur has also lots of thieves in it.

  • Enjoy your shopping at Sitaburdi Market. It’s a big market of Nagpur where you can get clothes or other fashion accessories at budget prices.

  • Enjoy electronic taxi in Nagpur. Nagpur is the first city in India where you can find Electric rickshaw and Taxi. So enjoy it, if you are going Nagpur.

Amusement Park In Nagpur

Amusement Parks in Nagpur-

You can find many amusement parks, Water Park or theme park here. Where you can spend your whole day with fun and enjoy. The Amusement park and Water Park in city Nagpur are described below-

  • Fun-N-Food Village Water Park

  • Krazy Castle Aqua Park

  • Dwarka Water Park

  • Highland Park

Cab and Taxi Services in Nagpur-

There are lots of cabs services in Nagpur. You can find electronic taxies also in Nagpur by Ola Cabs. Nagpur becomes India’s first city which has electronics taxies in it. It’s an honorable moment for India get the first city which has electronic cabs services. You can find Ola cabs And Uber Taxis services here. The Prices of hiring a cab in Nagpur are approx Rs 8 to 12 per Km. Where the base prices are in between Rs 25 to 50. You can book cab and taxis in Nagpur by using Ola Cab or Uber Taxi’s mobile application.

Best Traveling Tips in Nagpur

Place to Stay in Nagpur-

There are lots of hotels in Nagpur. You can find all types of the hotel there. You can book a room in budget hotels in between Rs. 500 to 2500 and you can also book the luxury hotel.

It’s the Best Travelling Tips Nagpur If you have any question about Nagpur? Comment below-