Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon? Places to Explore? Things to do?

posted 12 months ago

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon? Places to Explore? Things to do?

Are you planning to visit Manali for Honeymoon? If yes, so you have a great idea. You are going to one of the Top Honeymoon Destination in India.

About Manali-

Manali is one of the famous tourist places in India. There are lots of places to visit Manali. Manali is one of the developing city of state Himachal Pradesh. Every day, thousands of visitors come Manali to exploring the nature and mountains. It is an excellent summer getaway and serves as a great holiday spot for all kinds of travelers. People love to come to Manali for Adventure, Trekking, Bike Trip, Camping, Snowfall, Honeymoon etc. Its astonishing climate and lovely perspectives of snow-clad pinnacles and lavish green valleys give the most sentimental setting to couples who need to spend some quality time in the midst of nature far from the swarmed urban communities. In this article, I discuss Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon? And Places to explore in Manali when you come for the honeymoon. And Why Manali is the best destination for Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh?

Let’s start with-

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon?

Manali is a place where you can visit in any month of the year and enjoy the weather. But don’t visit Manali in Monsoon time, you will not do much fun in monsoon time in Manali. In summer you can do many activities there like river rafting, rock climbing, river crossing etc. whereas in winter you can do snow activities like snow scooter ride, snow skiing, snow trekking and much more. So you can visit both of the seasons and enjoy the weather of Manali. You will find snowfall also if you come here in the winter time from December to March. In these between, you will find Manali little cheaper also than the season of summer. The average temperature you find at that time is in between 0 to 5-degree. Hence, as per my opinion, December to February is the best time to visit Manali for Honeymoon.

Should I visit Manali at Monsoon Time?

Never, I don’t recommend you to visit Manali in monsoon time because you can’t enjoy much at that time because of raining and all. The months of Monsoon in Manali is July, August, and September. Never visit Manali in this month for Honeymoon.

Best Places to Explore in Manali for Couple-

If you are visiting Manali with your girlfriend, couple or wife, so why you visit those places which are for trekkers, backpacker or adventurers etc. Let’s know about best places to explore in Manali with Girlfriend or couple-

Rohtang Pass-

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon?

70% of tourist love to visit Rohtang Pass while their Manali Trip, no matter they are coming with family, friends or couple. Rohtang Pass is always the best idea to visit while Manali trip. Rohtang Pass is situated on Manali-Leh Highway. You can see the glimpse of Leh-Ladhak and Spiti Valley from here. Rohtang is approx. 50 km far away from Manali city. You can easily come here by book taxi from Manali. You can also visit here by picking the bus of Keylong, Kaza or Leh or you can also visit here by driving your own car. The roads are safe to drive. Don’t go on the bus if you are with your girlfriend or wife because you will face many problems to picking return bus to Manali from Rohtang. Always start your visit of Rohtang pass in the morning time, because you will find the high traffic jam in the daytime. Go Rohtang Pass and enjoy a romantic day with your loved ones.

Solang Valley-

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon? Places to visit

After Rohtang Pass, There is another a famous destination where you can go and enjoy your romantic day while you honeymoon trip to Manali. You can do lots of adventurous activities here like Paragliding, skiing, parachuting, and horse riding. In winter time, it is the best place to do snow scooter ride, Snow skiing, and other snow activities. Solang Valley is approx. 14 km far away from Manali mall road. The timing of sports activities in Solang Valley is from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm and the timing of snow skiing is from 10 am to 2 pm. So reach be on time there to do all activities. Do some adventure activities with your loved one by going Solang Valley during your Manali Honeymoon trip.

Jogini Waterfall-

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon? Things to do?

Everyone likes to enjoy the sound of flowing water from a waterfall. Yes, There is a waterfall also in Manali where you can visit and enjoy your romantic day with your girlfriend or wife. Jogini Falls is a waterfall with the free-flowing stream running down from an altitude of 8956 feet. The place is sacrosanct to the town goddess Jogini and is also called a shakti peeth – a position of female power. The disconnected environs of Jogini waterfalls make it an ideal isolates space for the couples. This waterfall is approx. 2 km far away from Manali city and you can go enjoy your day here while your honeymoon trip to Manali.

Brigu Lake Trek-

Best Time to Visit Manali for Honeymoon. Things to do?

Brigu Lake is situated in the altitude of 14000 feet and it is approx. 23 km away from Manali City Centre or mall road. This is one of the famous lakes of Himachal Pradesh. You have to do the trek for reaching this lake. Trekking and camping in the snow with your loved one is also a romantic adventure. If you visited here before the month of June, you will find this lake frozen. Bhrigu lake offers an all-encompassing perspective of the mountains and valleys from the best. Ideal for bold and brave couples, it is direct that takes 2-3 days to achieve the best. Camp at 10,000 feet in the mountains and keep in mind to eat wild strawberries on the way.

So these are famous places to explore near Manali, let’s know about-

Best Things to do in Manali-

Shopping on Mall Road, Manali-

As like other tourist spots or hill station, there is a mall road in Manali also where you can go and do shopping. Shopping is the first choice for girls, no matter she is your girlfriend or sister. She always says yes, when you ask for shopping. Mall Road is located near Volvo Bus Stand Manali.

Yak Ride at Manali-

Manali for Honeymoon Things to do?

If you going Manali for honeymoon and do some memorable things in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Go for a Yak Ride in Manali. It is more interesting than its sound. Sit on the back of the beast, and enjoy the ride with your partner riding on the side.

Enjoy Dinner at The Cafe of Old Manali-

Always visit Old Manali also while you honeymoon trip to Manali. There are many cafes at Old Manali. Go there and take your dinner there. This cafe is not so much expensive. Enjoy dinner in the cafe of Old Manali is also the best things to do Manali when you come for Honeymoon.

Stay in Tree House in Kullu Manali-

things to do in manali honeymoon time

Everyone like greenery and environment. Do you Know? You can stay in a tree house in Manali also. There are not so much option in tree houses in Manali, but you can book in these few option. Its unforgettable moments to staying in a tree house while your honeymoon trip to Manali.

Enjoy Sunrise and Sunrise between Mountains-

Sunrise and sunset, both time is always the best time of day. Enjoy this amazing moment with your life partner. You can see the sunrise from the mountain side and sunset to the mountainside in Manali.

Enjoy the Bike Ride in Mountains-

things to do in manali honeymoon time

You can easily rent a bike in Manali from the shops at Old Manali and Mall Road. Bike ride in mountains with your girlfriend or the loved ones make your journey more precious. The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 cc bikes are mainly used for biking in Manali and whole Himachal Pradesh. You can easily rent a bike by deposit an identity card as security. The rent of royal Enfield bike in Manali is in between Rs 800-1200 per day (Depends on the season) without fuel.

How to Reach Manali?

By Flight-

The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar airport. Bhuntar is approx. 50 km away from Manali. You can reach Manali from Bhuntar by hiring a taxi.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Manali is Jogindernagar. You can also reach Manali by Chandigarh Railway Station.

By Bus-

You can easily find Volvo or ordinary buses from Delhi or Chandigarh. This is one night journey to Manali from Delhi or Chandigarh. You can find Volvo buses to Manali from Majnu ka Tilla in Delhi and sector 17 in Chandigarh and you can catch an ordinary bus to Manali from Kashmiri Gate Bus Terminal in Delhi and Sector 17 Bus Stand in Chandigarh.

By Road-

Manali is approx. 550 km from New Delhi and 300 km from Chandigarh. You can easily reach there by driving your own car or by riding the bike. It takes approx. 8 to 10 hours to reach Manali from Delhi.

These all are the reasons for why visit Manali, Himachal Pradesh for Honeymoon…