Best Places To Visit in Nainital Bhimtal-

Nainital is a very beautiful hill station in the state Uttarakhand. It is also called as “The City of Lakes”. There are many lakes in Nainital District. It’s located on approx 8000 feet above from the sea level. There are lots of destinations you can visit while you are in Nainital trip. You can do boating, paragliding, rock climbing and others adventures during your trip. You can go to Mukteshwar Temple (55 km from Nainital city) also. There are 7 lakes called as 7 Tal of Uttarakhand.  So let’s know about places to visit in Nainital-


Naini Lake (The Backbone of Nainital)-

Naini lake Place visit Nainital

The Naini Lake is the heart of the City Nainital- Yes we can say. The truth that Nainital is named after the Naini Lake speaks extremely of its significance. Your trip to Nainital Lake will be unfinished if you do not try out the famous boat rides. It’s count in one of the top beautiful lakes of the country. The activity will give you a charming view of the Lake District and an opportunity to click pretty pictures. If you’re a morning person, we say you go for a walk around this beautiful lake with fresh air and rays of sun pouring through the clouds before you embark upon the daily adventures in Nainital. And if you don’t like mornings, an evening leisurely walk by the lake is equally attractive with all the bright lights across the night sky. You can reach Naini Lake by just walking from every corner of Nainital. It’s 2 miles long lake. You can do boating in the lake from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can book hotels in the front of Naini lake easily. The price starts from Rs 600-6000.

The Price of Boating at Naini Lake is not so much (Rs 100-150 for 60 Minutes).


Naina Peak-

Naini Peak Place Visit in Nainital

Naina Peak in Nainital situated at an altitude of 2615 km. its approx 11 km far away from the Tallital Bus Stand in District Nainital. It is the most suggested place to visit in Nainital by great travelers while tripping. The Entry charges are free and no any time limits to go there. You can also do Horse riding there. It is chargeable. It is a pleasure for individuals who adore strolling. One can go for long strolls, gasp fresh air and appreciate the charming brilliance. Because of high altitude and rich green forest path, Naina Peak is likewise a most loved place in Nainital for trekking. It is also a great location for photography and videography in Nainital. There are no any shops there. So if you want to go there for the picnic so always carry foods and water bottle with you. It was also known as China peak at the old time. Naina Peak is known for its breathtaking bird’s eye views of the town, the Himalayas and furthermore, the gigantic breadths of the Terai areas of Kumaon.


Bhimtal Lake-

Bhimtal Lake places to visit

Bhimtal is one of the famous lakes in Uttarakhand. It is situated in town Bhimtal. It’s almost 21 km away from the city Nainital. The nearest railway station from Bhimtal is Kathgodam. Its approx 19-20 km far away from Bhimtal. The reason why it is so famed is that of the Masonry Dam built in the year 1883 which enabled a good storage facility. Bhimtal Lake is the largest lake in all seven lakes of the lake city Nainital. It has a catchment area of around 17.12 sq km which is quite large. It was named after the well-known Bhima of Maharashtra. Bhimtal offers superb views of nature.


Sattal Lake-

Sattal lake plcaes to Visit nainital

The name of Sattal Lake is given by all the seven lakes of the lake city Nainital. It is the clearest and less rushed lake of Nainital. It’s also situated near the town Bhimtal. There are lots of trees of oak and pines surrounding it which gives you the best experience of natural beauty. You can also get an amazing boating experience in the Sattal Lake. The river of the bodies is located at and height of 1370 meters and it is right below the verdant orchards of the Mehragaon village. An island restaurant is also situated in the middle of the lake that does can be accessible by boat. It’s a great picnic spot for family, friends or couple.


Tiffin Top-

Tiffin Top Places to Visit Nainital

It’s also a picnic spot in Nainital. Tiffin Top is also well-known as Dorothy Seat which is a stonework perch on the Tiffin Top built in a memory of painter Dorothy Kellet. The Tiffin Top is placed where you can get pleasure from the spectacular scenery of Nainital from its highest point. It is situated on the Ayarpatta Hills, contribution a stunning 360-degree view of the Lake District Nainital. It was named Dorothy’s Seat by a British Army Officer in the memory of her wife Dorothy Kellet who died from septicemia. The entry is free here. It is almost 4-5 km away from the city center. You can come and spend a whole day here with your family and friends by doing fun and joy. You can do lots of activities there like Horse Riding, Rappelling, Rock Climbing and much more. You can visit here anytime 24*7. The cost of Horse riding in Tiffin Top is approx Rs 500-700. You can say it is the best place to visit in Nainital Bhimtal.


High Altitude Zoo-

best places to visit in Nainital

High Altitude Zoo is also a main attraction of Nainital. It is located on the Sher Ka Danda hills at a height of 2150 meters; it is one of the high elevation zoos in India. Others highest altitude zoos are located at Darjeeling and Sikkim. It attracts all the tourist of Nainital. The entry charges of the zoo are RS 50 for Adults and Rs 20 for Childs. The entry charges of disabled people and the senior citizen are free. Photography and Videography is paid inside the zoo. You have to purchase a camera ticket for entering your camera with you. The days of the zoo are from Tuesday to Sunday and the timings are 10:30 AM to 04:30 PM. The zoo will be closed on Tuesday. It’s approx 2 km far away from the Tattital Bus stand in Nainital District.


Mukteshwar Temple-

Mukteshwar Places to visit Nainital

Almost 70% of the visitors always prefer to go, Mukteshwar Temple, when traveling to Nainital. It’s a famous temple of Lord Shiva which makes it a famous destination in Uttarakhand. It’s approx 350 years old. The Mukteshwar Temple is Located at Kumaon Hills which is approx 55 KM far away from city Nainital. Usually, tourists prefer to go there by car. You can also visit there by flight and trains also. It’s one of best places to visit in Nainital Bhimtal. The nearest Airport to Mukteshwar Temple is Patnagar Airport and the nearest railway station to Mukteshwar temple is Kathgodam railway station which is approx 66-67 Km far away from there. This place has heavy rain in the rainy season to take care of it.


Snow View Point-

Snow View Point Nainital Bhimtal

Snow View Point is a most preferred place by the old travelers of Nainital. All people who come there always loved it. Because of lovely scenery, you can see from there. There is a temple also here. You can see a great view of Nainital Lake from this point. There are many shops or canteen there, so you don’t have to worry about tea, snacks, water or breakfast etc. The stay is chargeable for each hour that you spend here and the point can be visited only between 10 am to 5 pm. This snow point is approx 3-4 km away from the city Nainital. You can reach available here by taxi or personal cars.


Eco Caves Garden-

eco caves places visit in Nainital

Eco Caves Garden in Nainital is a tourist spot where you can go if you want to spend time into dark and unknown places. It’s not so far from Mall Road of Nainital. It is approx 1 km away from Nainital City Centre. It’s the best place to visit in Nainital and Bhimtal for Children. There are lots of activities you can do there. The timing of Eco Caves garden is from morning 10:30 AM to 5:00 Pm. The entry fees here are Rs 20 for adults and Rs 10 for children. If you want to carry the camera with you, you have to pay Rs 25 for it also.


Lovers Point and Suicide Point (Place to Visit in Nainital)-

Sucide Point Places to Visit

Lovers Point and Suicide Point are two points in Nainital which are famous for their scenic views The Lovers Point authentically loves and enormously loved by couples in love. It is however unlucky that few people have killed themselves by jumping off Suicide Point. Nevertheless, the view from Suicide Point is no less exciting than the one from Lovers Point. You can do Horse Riding also there. These are not so much far away from Nainital City Centre. You can visit here easily by car or bike.

lovers point places visit Nainital



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