Best Places To Explore In Spiti Valley

Best Places To Explore In Spiti Valley

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Best Places To Explore In Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is like God made a Heaven on Earth. You can find real colors of nature in Spiti. Spiti and Lahaul are one of the least populated Districts in India. Because of high altitude, these are not also a tourist spot or hill station. People go there to enjoy nature, doing adventure, enjoying their night under the Moonlight. It gives us too much fun to watch Moon in Complete Moon night and watch Stars in No Moon night. It’s Well-known for its royal and untouched natural beauty, its monasteries and cultural influences of the Tibetan refugees; Spiti Valley is a terminus for those who love to trek and hike. It is one of the most unexplored destinations in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti or Spiti Valley is located at a high altitude in the eastern part of Himachal. Spiti is also known as “Twin of Ladhak”. Because it’s almost same to Leh-Ladhak. There are lots of Monasteries, Lakes, Rivers, Villages to explore in Spiti and Lahaul. Let’s know about them-

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Key Monastery Spiti Valley

Key Monastery-

Key Monastery which is also called as Ki or Key Gompa. It is the most popular Monastery in Kaza or Spiti Valley. Its Located on an edge of a hill in village Ki near district Kaza. It’s situated at the height of 4112 Meters (13,252 Feet) and it’s a very old Monastery in Spiti and Lahaul. Key Monastery was constructed in the 14th century and its construction is influenced by Chinese style. When you reach Key Monastery, you can find most beautiful part or view of Spiti River or Valley. The monastery also has a library that has a number of ancient murals and manuscripts.

Key Monastery was destroyed by attackers and reconstructed several times. In 1840 it caught fire and in 1975, it suffered broad damage due to an earthquake. Having been rebuilt several times, temples and other buildings appear to have been stacked haphazardly. The monastery appears like a fortress.

If we discuss accommodation or hotels/ homestays in key Monastery. So I want to inform you that there are no hotels in Key Monastery. I strongly prefer you to stay in Hotels in District Kaza which is not much far from Ki. There are also problems of Restaurants you face in Key Monastery so I also prefer to carry food and water with you while visiting there.

Komic-places to visit spiti valley

Komic- World Highest Villages-

Komic is the highest village in Asia, which is situated in Spiti Valley. It's approx. 22 km far away from district Kaza. It is the world highest village connects with a Motorable Road. It’s situated in the Altitude of 4582 Meters and the population of this village is only 114 people. The place was thus called Komic – ‘Ko’ stands for Snow Cock and ‘Mic’ means eye. There is a Monastery also in village Komic which is called Komic Monastery. It’s also a big Monastery but not bigger than Key. It’s also known as Lundup Tsemo Gompa Buddhist Monastery. When you reach there, firstly you find a board with words- “World’s Highest Village Connect with Motor-able Road” There are some homestays in the village. You can stay here and have a great experience of spending your night in the highest village in Asia. There are no any big restaurants or hotels in the Komic to accommodations or food. You have to stay in the home of any Local citizen of Spiti. The clear skies offer a fabulous view of the sky and star gawking is quite popular in the region. Carrying a telescope can be quite thrilling.

Kunzum Pass- Spiti Valley

Kunzum Pass- The Gateway of Spiti-

Kunzum Pass or Kunzum La is situated in height of 4587 meters from sea level. It is one of the gateways to Spiti Valley. It’s also one of India’s Highest Motorable Passes. Its located approx. 125 km away from Manali. Its connect Lahaul valleys to Spiti Valleys. A temple on the top of the pass dedicated to Goddess Kunzum (Durga) is said to guard the pass and ward off the evil. Kunzum La Pass is open around the month of June- July. You can get the best experience if you riding the bike and pass from here. It’s one of the best places to visit in Spiti or Lahaul valley. It is lies in the ways of Chandrataal from Kaza. Chandrataal Lake is approx. 16 km far away from the Kunzum pass. It’s situated in high altitude so there are not any hotels or home stays for accommodation and not any situated restaurant for food. Carry food and water while going there. Every local driver of Spiti and Manali always cross around the pass while crossing there. Because it’s like the blessing for them.

Chandertaal Lake Trek Spiti Kaza

Chandrataal lake- The Moon Lake of Spiti-

Chandrataal Lake is the most popular destination in Spiti Valley. You find very beautiful view when you reach there. You have to do short distance Trek to reach there. The ways of Chandrataal Lake from Kunzum Pass is very bad. The Roads are very narrow and it’s dangerous too. You can it’s a Camper or Trekker’s Paradise. The Temperature at Chandrataal Lake is averagely low than Kaza, Komic or other places of Spiti and Lahaul valleys. It’s Located at the high altitude of 4350 Meters. Spiti Valley trip is incomplete without doing trekking and camping at Chandrataal Lake. It’s also known as “The lake of Moon”. The name has been derived from its crescent moon-like shape. This Sweet Water Lake is around 2.3 km wide. The lake can be visited only during the summer months. For the rest of the season, the lake remains cut off and frozen. The Color of the lake is Mostly Blue, but its change according to the color of the sky.

Best place to explore spiti

You have to do approx. 0.7 km trekking to reach Chandrataal Lake. Before it, you can go by your personal Vehicle or other transports. There is no mobiles network there, Be careful about contacts. There are many camps there before 2 to 2.5 km to the lake. You can stay there and eat breakfast lunch dinner there. There are not any hotel, homestays, and restaurant in the lake or near the lake. Always carry foods, water or dry fruits before going there. You always find very low temperature there, so always carry warm clothes or blankets also with you while you are going to trek at Chandrataal Lake.

Langza Village Explore in Spiti

Langza Village-

Langza Village is considered as the only accessible high altitude village in the world. Langza is identified for two things—fossils and the giant Buddha statue that overlooks the valley as if keeping an eye on it and protecting it from evil forces. When you reached Buddha Statue, You find an amazing view of the valleys of Himalayas. I just want to sit there and enjoy the fresh air of nature, when I was here. There are 3-4 homestays in the village. As like most of part of Lahaul and Spiti Valley, this place also doesn’t have any big hotel or restaurants for accommodation and foods. The Langza village situates at the height of 4460 meters and it has the highest monastery at 4560m respectively.

World Highest post office- Hikkim

Hikkim- World Highest Post Office-

Send a postcard to your friends, family, partners or your loved ones from the World’s Highest Post Office. Yes, World’s highest post office is situated in Hikkim in Spiti Valley. It is also one of the Famous places to visit in Spiti Valley. You can easily buy postcards from there at Rs 20 per postcard and send it to anywhere with the ticket of RS 5. The Pin code of Hikkim is 172114. It’s located at the altitude of 4440 Meters (14567 feet). It’s a very small Village. So you can find rarely 1-2 homestays in this village.

Pin Valley Explore Spiti

Pin Valley National Park-

Pin Valley National Park is situated in the coldest desert of Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. Pin Valley National Park is home for more than 20 species of animals and birds, including the endangered Snow leopard. With the picture-perfect backdrop of snow-covered mountain ranges, a trek to Pin Valley National park is a delight for all its visitors. With the backdrop of stunning Himalayas, this Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve is ideal for adventure lovers, photographers, nature enthusiasts, and bird watchers.

Kibber Village Explore in Spiti valley

Kibber Village-

Kibber is a small Village situated near Ki (Key Monastery). Kibber is the take-off point for the popular trek to Tso Moriri in Ladhak. It's approx. 4-5 km away from Key Monastery. Mostly Tourists, who visited Ki are stayed here and take their lunch dinner there. It’s also known as Kyibar. It’s situated at the height of 4205 meters. Kibber is 18 km away from Kaza. This village is easily accessible by a smooth road; you will be amazed to know that the village has its own polling station during elections.

dhankar-lake Explore Spiti valley

Dhankar Lakes-

It’s approx. the distance of 5-6 km from Dhankar Monastery. It’s a beautiful lake after Chandrataal Lake in Spiti Valley. The entire drive takes you through the serene and picturesque beauty of the place along with calm and peaceful surroundings. As soon as you trek up the hill from the monastery, you would be mesmerized by the marvelous views of the village at the bottom which is fenced by the snow-covered mountains and the lake has quite a number of fishes that create waves in the pouring water.

losar village explore spiti

Losar Village-

Losar is one of the beautiful villages of Lahaul and Spiti valley. It is situated at near Indo-Chinese Border. Similar to the lock bridge in Paris, there is a practice of carving the Buddhist chant of 'Om Mani Padme Hum' along the roadsides and rivers as an offering to the spirits. It is the untouched location of Spiti by tourist. So there is no much option to stay here and foods. But you can stay here in local homestays. Yes, Losar village is worth place to visit in Lahaul and Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh.