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Kota is the educational capital of India and also known as the smart city of Rajasthan. Kota is one of the top cities of state Rajasthan. There are many locations in Kota to explore. This historical city is famous for its rich heritage and culture. There are not so many tourists come to Kota for spending their holidays or weekend trips, because it is not a hill station or beachside area. But there are lots of places to visit in Kota. Kota is also famous for the institution on IIT PMT and other completion exams. Lots of students come to Kota every year for their preparation of exams. Many travelers come here for explore Kota. And if you ask me a question about Kota-

Is Kota is worth to explore or is it worth for time and money?

– I strongly say, Yes…


Best time to visit Kota Rajasthan-

  • October to February, because winter is always best to spending time in Rajasthan.

So let’s know about the best places to visit in Kota-


  1. Seven Wonder Park-

Seven Wonder Park, it’s not only a park or garden. This park where you find models of all seven wonders of the world. It’s situated in Ballabh Bari, bordering Sarovar in Kota. The opening time of park is 2 pm in the noon and the entry ticket for this park is Rs 10 for adults and Rs 5 for the child. This Seven Wonder Garden shows us a glimpse of-Best Place to Visit in Kota- Things to do

  • The Statue of Liberty of New York
  • Taj Mahal, Agra India
  • Eiffel Tower of Paris
  • Rome’s Colosseum
  • Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Great Pyramid of Giza.

There is also a replica of the architect of Sydney Harbour Bridge. From where are you can do the boat ride to Jag Mandir. There is so greenery in this park and you find many lights effect and fountain in the evening time. This all makes this park is the best place to visit in Kota.

Best time to visit Seven Wonder Park, Kota- Evening Time, because there are so sunny in the daytime and you cannot find any running fountain or lightning in the park.


  1. Jagmandir Palace in Kishori Lake-

Best Place to Visit in Kota best time to goJagmandir Palace is also one the best place to visit in Kota because of its view and boating ride. Jagmandir Palace is situated in the middle of the Kishori lake. Seven Wonder Park is located near Kishori lake and you can go to Jagmandir by boat from this park. Its save your time and money. This Royal monument was constructed by the Princess of Kota in the year 1740. You can also do water ski adventure (Jet Ski) in this lake. The cost of the boat ride in this location is Rs 100 per person. This location is the most visited place of Kota City. On the top of the place, you can find a 360-degree view of Kota city. It opens 7 Am in the morning to 8 PM in the Evening all the seven days.

Best time to visit Jagmandir Palace and Kishori Lake- At the time of sunset, because as per me, it is the best sunset location of Kota.


  1. Chambal Garden-

Best Place to Visit in Kota best time to goChambal Garden is situated in the bank of river Chambal. Its located in Amar Niwas and it is the best place to explore and spent time with friends and family. If you are alone, don’t worry you will not get bored here. Because this park is too large and gives many view and greenery here. You can be spent a quality time here. It’s park also kid friendly. There are many rides for children in this park. There are restaurants, public toilet etc. in this park also. The entry ticket of this park is Rs 5 (for just cleaning purpose). Yes, this park is neat and clean. As I already said that it is situated on the bank of river Chambal. So its provide a great view of River and Kota Thermal Power Plant. You can find many types of birds here. A toy train also here which gives you a whole round of park. The toy train is chargeable.

Best time to visit Chambal Garden is- All day.


  1. Godavari Dham Temple-

Best Place to Visit in Kota things to doIt’s also situated on the bank of river Chambal and it is within walking distance from Chambal Garden. This is not just a temple. There are lots of cows also in this temple. This famous temple is also known as “Shri Sankat Moachan Hanuman Mandir” and it is located in Derabheri in city Kota. There are many things to do here like Aarti, religious places, food from the stalls outside of the temple. The view of Chambal river is so beautiful from here and this made it is the best place to visit in Kota.

Best Time to Visit- All Day.


  1. Kota Zoo-

Best Place to Visit in Kota best time to goThere is a zoo also to explore in Kota. This zoo is nearby from the seven Wonders Park and jag mandir palace in Kishori Sagar lake. You can also come here by walking or by shared auto. This zoo has an entry ticket of Rs 20 per adult and Rs 10 per child. There are many types of animals in this zoo as like others zoo. You can find the tiger, different types of deer, monkeys, tortoise, birds, snakes and much more here. Yes, it is worth for Money but I can’t tell you that it is worth for time. You can enjoy your free time here with your family, friends or loved ones or if you are a solo traveler, you can also visit and enjoy here alone.

Best time to visit Kota zoo- All day.


  1. Garadiya Mahadev Temple-Best Place to Visit in Kota things to do

Garadiya Mahadev Temple is the very famous temple in Kota. This temple is mainly famous for its view. It provides us a very beautiful view of nature. Actually, it is not located inside the Kota. It is approx. 25-30 km away from Kota city center. But if you are visiting Kota for exploring holiday or weekend trip, I suggest to must go Garadiya Mahadev temple. There are not any public transports to go this beautiful destination, but you can go by booking private cab or auto. Rajasthan Tourism marked this place as must visited place in Rajasthan. The view from this temple is priceless and gives you some unforgettable memories. There are many types of birds and animals you may find here. This is also one of the best locations in Kota for photography. You can do portrait shoot, travel photography or wildlife photography here. There is an entry ticket also for this awesome location of Rs 70 per person or Rs 250 per car. If you are 4 people or more so buy the ticket of the car and get the entry. This is the best place and must be visited place In Kota, Rajasthan for solo travelers, backpackers, with friends or family.

Best Time to Visit in Garadiya Mahadev Temple Morning or Evening. You can also go there on daytime but it is so sunny during daytime and you cannot enjoy this at that time.


  1. Khade Ganesh Ji Temple, Kota-

Khade Ganesh Ji Temple is one of the famous religious places of Kota, Rajasthan. People Says that it is more than 600 years old. This temple is also situated near Chambal River. There is a lake also nearby this temple where you can find lots of peacocks. The specialty of this temple is here you find the idol of Lord Ganesha in standing position. This is the only temple where you find the idol of Lord Ganesha in standing pose. This makes this temple unique and best place to visit in Kota. You can find city bus for this temple by railway station or bus stand anytime.

Best time to visit- all day.


  1. Kota Garh City Palace, Kota-

Best Place to Visit in Kota best time to goKota Garh City Palace in Kota is a confabulation of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture and art. It is the monument of the rich history of Rajasthan. This palace is also known as Kotah Garg and simply Garh. There are many things in this palace attract lots of tourists like wall painting, mirror walls, mirror ceiling and much more… There is a garden also around the palace which makes it more beautiful. There is a museum also inside City Palace, which exhibits a unique assortment of weapons, apparels, artifacts, handicrafts, and outfits of the medieval times used by Rajput kings and queens. There is an entry ticket of Rs 40 for the museum and Rs 100 for the whole palace with the museum. You have to pay more Rs 50-100 for use cameras inside this fort. If you are a student or have an identity card of any government school or college, you can explore the whole fort by paying just Rs 20.

Best time to visit- Morning or afternoon.


  1. Kota Barrage-

Best places to visit in Kota- things to doKota Barrage is also one of the best places in Kota where all traveler and local visits. This barrage is one of the top barrages of state Rajasthan. It’s constructed over the river Chambal. The flowing of water forcefully from many gates makes its special attraction for tourist of Kota. There is a temple of Lord Shiva also near this destination. The local citizens of Kota also love to spend time there.

Best time to visit Kota Barrage- All Day.


  1. Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve, Kota-

Best places to visit in Kota- things to doMukundara Hills Tiger Reserve is third biggest tiger reserve on Rajasthan after Ranthambhore and Sariska. This tiger reserve is located approx. 50 km away from Kota city center. The Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve will be spread across four districts-Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh, and Jhalawar-covering an area of 759 sq km. It will boast of a core area of 417 sq km and a buffer zone covering 342.82 sq km. There are lots of animals you can find in this sanctuary. It is the best location for wildlife photographers. And all these make it the best place to visit in Kota Rajasthan.

Best time to visit- morning.


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