7 Ways to take Great Photos While Traveling Solo

While traveling, the most ideal situation to be in is one where you have a friend who takes excellent photos. But does that mean that you should give up on the idea of great photos when you are traveling alone? Of course not. Even if you cannot take professional level photos on your own, you can most certainly improve your photography skills to make sure that your days spent traveling are captured perfectly. Here are some of our best tips for taking excellent photos:

Consider the Focus of Each Picture

Make sure each picture you ta2ke has a focal point where the eye can rest on. For example, if you are at the beach if you take a plain photo of the sea and the horizon and nothing else, it seems far too simple to even if it is great quality. But if you include a person or an animal in the frame, or capture the sunset with the sun in the frame, it will improve your photo tenfold easily.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is something most photographers use to make their photos appear more attractive. It basically divides the whole frame into nine equal squares in a grid form. You have to make sure that some part of the subject of your photo lies in the central most square. This simple tip works wonders for your photography skills.

Skip the Flash

The flash involves a new, unnecessary light source in your photograph. Only very professional photographers can use the flash to its best potential but us amateurs should use it as sparingly as possible.

Use a Dash Cam

Use a dash cam for taking photos while driving. There is always amazing scenery you see outside while you’re on the road, and sometimes you cannot stop to view it all. This is where the dash cam works its wonders and helps you capture the amazing beauty your hard drive would otherwise miss out on.

The Sun and the Moon Elevate Every Picture

Capture the sunrise and the sunset wherever you go. These two phenomena make for amazing photographs and you will store them in your heart forever. Another great thing about photos of sunrises and sunsets is that it is very difficult to take a bad picture!

Make Sure the Lens is Clean

Keep Windex or any other glass-cleaning solution with you at all times so you can clean the lens of your camera often. When we are busy taking pictures, we sometimes fail to realize that the lens of our camera is accumulating a lot of dirt and muck as well. If not cleaned properly, it can absolutely ruin your pictures.

Include Human Elements

Capturing the daily lives of the people that reside in the place you are visiting also make for amazing photographs. It shows that you have really seen everything that lies beyond a surface. And the simpler it is, the more profound it seems; for example, a woman hanging her washing or a couple of children playing in a park.

Author Bio:

Robert is a student of business administration. He has a great passion for cars and devices that improve the driving experience. He loves photography as well and has his own little studio in California.


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