Things To Know About Goa

Seemingly with each passing year, Goa becomes a more popular destination within India. Known essentially as the country’s main beach destination, it’s a hub for international and domestic tourists alike, and with good reason. Beyond expecting a little bit of time lounging on beaches and exploring pleasant towns though, it’s a good idea to get a better feel for what to expect at the destination. So without further ado, we’re going to look at five things people might want to know about Goa.

1. You Can Try Watersports

If you’ve really started to explore what a trip to Goa might entail, this probably won’t come as much of a surprise. However, if you just think of the area as a beachside getaway, watersports might be somewhat more exhilarating than what you have in mind. As it so happens, the area is famous for watersports, and there are all kinds of things you can try. You can kayak through the backwaters, try kiteboarding or wakeboarding, learn to surf, go whitewater rafting, or even snorkel and scuba dive in some of the beautiful waters. There’s a lot of water activity in the area, which can balance out the more relaxing aspects of your trip nicely.

2. You Can Meet Elephants

No one should make the mistake of thinking that just because Goa is known for its beaches it doesn’t also include some of India’s more famous or traditional charms. Case in point, you can actually get the chance to interact with elephants if you tour through the spice plantations just inland. You’ll learn about the spices of the region, and then meet elephants (and potentially even help to give them baths!).

3. You Can Indulge In Casino Cruises

In-person casinos can almost seem obsolete. Online game providers, many of which hail from the U.K., have virtually perfected the games, even to the point of introducing live dealers and real-time competitions. Then these games went mobile, effectively making them available to much of the world – and making visits to most casual brick-and-mortar casinos unnecessary. In Goa, however, you can rediscover the appeal of the real thing. That’s because there just aren’t many activities cooler than taking one of the casino cruises just off the shore of the region’s beautiful beaches. We’ve highlighted the best of these cruises before, but the truth is there are several of them that are worth tourists’ attention.

4. You Can Explore A Canyon

This isn’t exactly a part of the world in which you expect to find dramatic rock formations or canyons – but you certainly can if you’d like. Specifically, Devil’s Canyon is in Goa and makes for a fun, different sort of sightseeing. It’s actually associated with something of a spooky legend, as there was supposedly a demon who once controlled it. Today, however, it is peaceful (if a little bit unsettling) and quite striking to see and walk through. Plus, you might see a rare sighting of a black panther in the surrounding jungles!

5. You Can Enjoy Incredible Food

We mentioned regarding elephants that Goa is home to some more traditional Indian attractions as well as beautiful beaches, and that includes excellent food. No matter where you go in the region the local cuisine will be delicious, as is true pretty much all over India.



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