3 Top Tips For Choosing A Caribbean Island For Your First Visit

3 Top Tips For Choosing A Caribbean Island For Your First Visit

posted one year ago

3 Top Tips For Choosing A Caribbean Island For Your First Visit

When it comes to choosing your next holiday destination, it can be a difficult decision to make these days.

With so many countries now easily accessible and with the growth of tourism across the world, destinations that would have previously been off limits are becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

However, the Caribbean remains one of the most popular holiday destinations and rightly so. With lots to see and do great weather and friendly people, it’s the perfect spot for a vacation. But, with over 7,000 islands across three main island groups, how do you choose the right island for you?

With that in mind, we’ve found three top tips for choosing a Caribbean island for your first visit.

Consider the crowds

With the Caribbean having so much to offer for holidaymakers, it’s little wonder that they visit the region in their millions every year.

However, the islands themselves vary in the number of tourists they attract so considering the crowds is a great step to choosing the right island for you.

If you don’t mind sharing your destination with lots of fellow tourists, then 5.5 million tourists can’t be wrong about the beauty and excitement of the Dominican Republic. However, if you want somewhere a bit quieter, then the smaller islands of St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, and Montserrat could be the ones for you.

For more (largely) undiscovered gems in the Caribbean, check out this post by CN Traveler.

Consider the activities

The Caribbean is also host to a whole range of activities on offer, from water sports and museums to boat cruises and hiking.

However, again, each island varies in what it can offer to tourists and you’ll need to think about what you plan on doing during your holiday to choose the best island for you.

For those of you wanting a purely beach-based holiday to soak up the rays, Aruba and Anguilla are great choices as they offer non-stop relaxation (but not much else!).

However, if you’re wanting an island with a bit more to do, Bonaire or Cuba are the perfect choices, offering water sports, history, nightlife and more, alongside the traditional activity of sunbathing!

For those really wanting something different, then Dominica is the one for you: with very few beaches which have been replaced by rainforests and waterfalls, this island is a world away from your typical Caribbean holiday.

For a more detailed breakdown of the characteristics of each island, this post by Lonely Planet is a great place to start.

Consider the accommodation

Finally, the Caribbean islands vary wildly in the accommodation on offer to holidaymakers during their stay.

For those looking for a luxury stay reminiscent of James Bond’s foray into the Caribbean, then the British Virgin Islands and St Lucia could be the islands for you. The BVI is home to Richard Branson’s most famous resort, Necker Island, whilst St Lucia boasts the award-winning Jade Mountain resort.

However, if you’re looking for a more laid-back island that still has its fair share of luxury, Turks and Caicos is perfect, with boutique resorts such as Beach House situated beside family-friendly complexes like Blue Haven.

We hope this has given you a few pointers for choosing your next holiday to paradise!