Perched on the southern tip of Northeast India, Mizoram is a nature lover's paradise. Tucked between Myanmar and Bangladesh, 

Mizoram offers you a calm, tranquil atmosphere with exciting outdoor activities in the beautiful lush green surroundings which keep you close to nature. The state houses 21 hill ranges that extend throughout the state. 

Mizoram is famous for its lakes, the two most famous among them being the Tam Dil and Palak Dil. Exploring the Wildlife is another tourist attraction in Mizoram. Two famous parks in the state are Dampa Tiger Reserve, the largest wildlife sanctuary in the state, and Murlen National Park. Dampa Tiger Reserve is dominated by tropical forests.

Exploring the wildlife is another tourist attraction in Mizoram. Two of the popular parks located here are Dampa Tiger Reserve and Murlen National Park. The state is a part of Project Tiger and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. If you are a Paragliding fan and want to try your hands on it, then you should visit the district of Serchhip. Situated in the central part of the state, it also attracts trekking enthusiasts in large numbers. Don't forget to visit tribal artisans and get astonished by their unique talent and pick a shawl for yourself as a souvenir. For the non-vegetarian people, the state offers mouth-watering dishes while the vegetarian ones have to choose their food carefully. 

Mizoram is a treasure trove for travelers with an amazing array of festivals, cultures, dances, handicrafts, and rich flora and fauna. The beautiful land of the blue mountains is decorated with wooden forests, steep hills, verdant valleys, pristine lakes, gushing waterfalls that offer unmatched serenity and tranquility. 

Languages Spoken -

Mizo, Lushai, English










Reiek Tlang.

Hmuifang Tlang.

Things to do

Go Paragliding in Serchhip

Trekking in Blue Mountain National Park

Shop the local exotics at Barra Bazar

Tiger Watching at Dampa Tiger Reserve

Go Boating in Tam Dil

Heritage Walk around Reiek

Best time to Visit

The best months to visit Mizoram are November to March because these months are ideal as the weather is pleasant and touring around can be fun. 

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