vicky Narayan

can you help me with bike rentals for spiti


  • Mitanshi Jain
    6 months ago

     Many of us have a dream of a bike ride to Spiti Valley, So today I m here to help you with this. So according to your Itinerary, you can rent a bike from Shimla or Manali. So when you reach your destination first, ask around for some good bike rentals then take a look at a few bikes,check the condition of the bike, take a test ride then only book your bike. Depending upon which Motorcycle you rent, you'll have to pay a daily rental of Rs.1k to 2k per day.

    If you want to rent a bike for Spiti you can also rent a bike from Kaza as well. There are several players offering bike rental services in Kaza.

    Here are some bike rentals companies :

    - MANALI 

    The Bike Rental Manali

    Ish Tour & Travel 

    - SHIMLA

    Shimla Rider  

    Shimla bike rental agency 

    - KAZA

    Bike the hills 

    Planet Spiti bike rentals

  • Keshav Chandra
    6 months ago

    Here are some Bike rental service available for Spiti trip -

    Two Wheel Himalayas

    EPIC MOTO TOURS : motorbike rental, ladakh spiti tours

    Planet Spiti Bike Rentals

    RenTrip Bike Rentals - Manali

    6 months ago

    Sir , it depends from which place  you want to rent a bike. Anyway here is the list of some  bike rentals  company in Himachal Pradesh.

    Planet Spiti Bike Rentals

    B D Tour & travel BIKE RENTAL


    Ish Tour & Travel - Bike Rentals in Manali