Devendra Bisht

The following can be the best trek options for you as a beginner in Dharamshala:

1.Triund Trek: If you want to go on a serene and an easy to moderate trek then Triund is ideal for you. The scenic route gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beautiful valley and not just that, you can enjoy a range of other activities like mountain biking and camping out in the wild in good company. 

2.Kangra Valley: The magical Kangra Valley has everything to offer, from beautiful architecture to mystical streams & lakes which makes the experience all the more magical. The ardent trekker can enjoy all the awe-inspiring views of the range and also enjoy camping.

3.Hike to Bhagsu: The hike to Bhagsu Waterfall will make you admire the lush green valleys and the cascading waterfall that will make it all the more worth it. The place is known for its Shiv Temple, Shiva Cafe and the exhilarating views. 

4.Kareri Village Trek:The serene and alluring trekking destination is home to the beautiful Kareri Lake and in most places, the lake bed can be seen and hikers can even carry their own tents and camp besides the lake as well. The beautiful Pir Panjal Range on the top makes for a spellbinding sight.


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    Keshav Chandra
    2 years ago

    1. Pack according to weather 

    2. Go for lighter alternatives

    3. Seek for dry fit clothes as they are lighter than cotton ones

    3. Limit your emergency items 

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