Best Travelling Tips In Malvan

Malvan is a town of District Sindhudurg. It’s also known as Malwan. It’s approx 510 km’s away from Mumbai, 140 km’s away from Ratnagiri and approx 50 km’s away from Goa. The Nearest railway station is Kudal and the nearest airport is Goa International Airport. Malvan is Famous for beaches, forts, water sports, temple, seafood and much more.

Place to Visit-

Malvan is a city of State Maharashtra. There are many places to visit in Malvan. Malvan is famous for its beaches, forts, water sports and much more… It’s a perfect holiday place for family, kids, and couples. The sunset in Malvan gives you an amazing view when The Sun meets the sea. Parasailing and Scuba Diving is most popular water sports to do in Malvan. The Seafood of Malvan is very famous. Let’s talk about best places to visit in Malvan. Let’s Explore-\


Beaches in Malvan-

Tarkarli Beach in Malvan Maharashtra

Tarkarli Beach-

Tarkarli Beach is an amazing place to visit in Malvan. It’s approx 7 Km away from Malvan in District Sindhudurg. It’s a less crowd beach than beaches of Goa. This beach has silky sand and clean water, which attract tourists here. This Beach is famous for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. Further the beach, the place is quite well-known for the grand event held at the Mahapurush temple for the duration of the Ramnavami every year. The festivities is full of music, dance and moreover, the dramas enacted re-telling the story of Ramayana.

Malvan-Beach in Sindhudurg Maharashtra


Malvan Beach-

Malvan is also an awesome place to visit in Malvan. There are lots of fishes here. So there are also lots of fish boats here. The sunset of Malvan beach gives you an amazing view and it provides a great photography location itself. It’s a colorful beach, its water is also clean. Coconut trees cover this beach makes this beach green. In the evening this place is full of people, who arrive to see the sunset in the water, boys playing volleyball on the beach and the local fishermen pulling their boats out of the water after a hard day’s work.

There are Devbagh beach and Chiviea Beach also to visit in Malvan.

rock garden in Malvan Maharashtra

Rock Garden-

Rock Garden is also an interesting place to visit in Malvan. There are lots of Rocks there, so it’s named Rock Garden. It’s near tehsildar office in Malvan. There is a toy train also here for children but nowadays it’s under maintenance. People used to come here for viewing sunset and Photography.

Sindhudurg Fort in Malvan, Maharastra


Sindhudurg Fort-

The meaning of Sindhudurg is Sea-fort (Sindhu= Sea Durg= Fort). It’s a historical spot located in the sea of Arabic Ocean. The best time to visit there is between October to March. The Timing of Fort is 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM. It takes approx 3 hours to visit Sindhudurg Fort completely. You can reach the fort by taking ferry boats from the Malvan Beach. It’s may charge Rs 27 per person. The fort is also a must to visit the place during some festival celebrations like Shivaji Jayanti, Mahashivratri Ram Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmashtami.

Jay Ganesh Temple in Malvan


Jai Ganesh Mandir, Malvan-

If you visit Malvan, Must visit- Jai Ganesh Mandir. The temple is built by Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar, an astrologer of status and creator of very popular almanac ‘Kalnirnay’. A yearly festival called ‘Ganesh Jayanti’ is celebrated for five days on the 4th day of the month of Magh according to Hindu Calendar. You can see the hall that has eight idols of Ganesh carved in the ceiling. You will be blessed with a very comfortable feeling of Lord Ganesh looking benevolently from all the eight directions at his disciple. The interior of the temple is very rich and has used soothing colors.


Malvan Beach- Best Place to visit in Malvan

My Experience in Malvan, Maharastra-

I went Malvan on 29th may 2017. It’s an amazing experience to visit there and spend the time to beaches of Malvan. I went from Mumbai by Train. Firstly, I went Mumbai to Kudal by Train and then I go Kudal to Malvan by Bus. I stay in Morya Beach Resort in Malvan. It’s an amazing experience to stay in a room in front of the sea. There are lots of places to visit in Malvan. I think Malvan is much better than Goa for Family and watersports. I do all Water Sports there like Jet-ski, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride, Speed Boat, Parasailing, Scuba Diving etc.

Scuba Diving in Malvan, best water sports in Malvan

Water Sports in Malvan-

Water Sports in Malvan & Goa is same, but in prices, Malvan is cheaper than Goa. For know more about Water Sports in Malvan. Click here-


Parasailing, Water Sports in Malvan, Goa

The difference between Water Sports in Malvan & Goa?

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sunset in malvan

Some Tips-

Sunscreen Lotion-

There is a high temperature in Malvan its season. Use Lotus SPF 50 Waterproof Sunscreen Lotion to avoid harmful sunlight on your skin while the day-outing or doing sports activities in the sea.

Hotel or Resort

Choose a hotel or resort that’s located near the beach for a wonderful morning. Because it’s an amazing experience to the morning walk or doing sports activities like volleyball, shooting ball, football etc.

Beware from thief

Beware from Thief while you bathing in the sea. Submit your clothes, mobiles, money etc. to the locker of any restaurant that’s located on the beach.


Tour Cost of malvan, Maharastra-

Malvan is not so expensive. It’s cheaper than Goa and less rush area. I think the tour cost of malvan is approx 10,000 to 15,000 per person with transportation.


I think all these are The Best Travelling Tips to Follow in Malvan. If you have any other question or query about Malvan. Write down in Comment below. Please give us a feedback in the comment section for finding us better next time.



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