Wonderla Water & Amusement Park - Kochi- Ticket Cost & How to Reach?

Wonderla Water & Amusement Park - Kochi- Ticket Cost & How to Reach?

posted 12 months ago

Wonderla Water & Amusement Park - Kochi- Ticket Cost & How to Reach?

Are you searching for the water park or amusement park in Kochi, Kerala? Then you can visit Wonderla water & amusement park which is a very famous entertainment spot in Kochi

.Fun Activities to do in Kochi, Kerala

This fun park is also known as Kochi Park. Here you can spend your day with lots of fun and ride on some fantastic rides of this park. At the distance of 16 km from Kochi city center, this is the best spot to visit with your family and friends. Kochi park offers you more than 50 types of rides here. You can also take your lunch in the park view restaurant here, which gives you an ultimate view of Kochi park. There is another restaurant in this park with the name- Wave restaurant from where you can see an incredible view of the Wave Pool below is just the start. Enjoy combo meals with Kebabs and Biryani along with other delectable Chinese combos. Along with these all fun activities, they also care for our safety and security. You can find - Locker, First-aid, lost and found announcement, Wheel Chair/ Pram, etc. facilities even here.

Let’s get know about this water park-

Frequently Asked Questions About Wonderla Water Park - Kochi, Kerala-

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What is the Contact Details of Wonderla Water & Amusement Park, Kochi?

You can contact Wonderla Water & Amusement Park, Kochi by -

Mobile number-

+91-484-2684001 , +91-484-2684007

Email Id-


How to Reach Wonderla Water & Amusement Park, Kochi?

The address of this big amusement park is-

Wonderla Holidays Private Limited,

Pallikara, Kumarapuram P.O, Kochi, Kerala-683565

You can reach here easily from Kochi City. It is located at Pallikara which is around 16 km far away from Kochi. You can reach here by catching a bus from Kochi Bus Stand.

  • The Nearest Railway Station is Kochi Railway Station.

  • The Nearest Airport is Kochi International Airport.

  • The Nearest Bus Stop is Pallikara Bus Stop.

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What is The Ticket Cost of Wonderla Water & Amusement Park, Kochi?

The ticket cost of this amusement park is-

Regular Season (Weekdays)

  • Adult Regular : Rs. 770/- +18% GST

  • Child* Regular : 615/- +18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (60-69 years): 580 + 18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (70 years & above): 385 + 18% GST

  • Defence: Rs. 615/- +18% GST

  • Fastrack Adult : 1155/- + 18% GST

  • Fastrack Child* : 925/- + 18% GST

Regular Season (Weekends/Holidays)

  • Adult Regular: Rs. 990/- + 18% GST

  • Child* Regular: Rs. 790/- +18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (above 60 years): Rs. 745/- + 18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (above 70 years): Rs. 495/- + 18% GST

  • Defence: Rs. 790/- + 18% GST

  • Fastrack Adult: Rs. 1485/- + 18% GST

  • Fastrack Child: Rs. 1185/- + 18% GST

Wonderla Water & Amusement Park - Kochi- Ticket Cost

Peak Season-(Weekdays)

  • Adult Regular: Rs. 870/-+18% GST

  • Child* Regular: Rs. 695/- +18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (above 60 years): Rs. 655/- + 18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (above 70 years): Rs. 435/- + 18% GST

  • Defense: Rs. 695/-+18% GST

  • Fastrack Adult: Rs. 1305/- + 18% GST

  • Fastrack Child: Rs. 1045/- + 18% GST

Peak Season– (Public Holidays and Special Days)

  • Adult Regular: Rs. 1090/-+18% GST

  • Child* Regular: Rs. 870/- +18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (above 60 years): 820 + 18% GST

  • Senior Citizen (above 70 years): 545 + 18% GST

  • Defense: Rs. 870/-+18% GST

  • Fastrack Adult: Rs. 1635/- + 18% GST

  • Fastrack Child: Rs. 1305/- + 18% GST

The peak season of Kochi Park in between 24th August to 2nd September 2018 and in between 22nd December to 30th December 2018. You can pay for your tickets by cash, debit/credit cards and by E-wallets also like Paytm, Mobikwik, Phonepe, etc.

They have another ticket option for those who hate to wait in a queue by name - Fastrack Tickets. This ticket allows you to enjoy the rides with a shorter line. These tickets available in very fewer numbers, so book in advance if you want to use this facility.

Wonderla Water & Amusement Park - Kochi- Ticket Cost & How to Reach?

What is The Timing of Wonderla Water & Amusement Park, Kochi?

You will find it open in the timing-

  • Regular Season Weekdays: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Regular Season Weekends/Holidays: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Peak Season : 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Water Park Timings on Normal Season Weekdays : 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM

  • Water Park Timings on Peak Season and Normal Season Weekends/Holidays : 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Is it Good to Visit Here With Kids?

Yes, It is good to visit here with Kids.

Is It Good For Couples?

Yes, you can visit here and do some fantastic fun in the water park, water disco and take the ride to Amusement Park.

Wonderla Water Park in Kochi Kerala

There are many famous rides in this big fun park-

In The Water Pak-

  • Family Slide

  • Rain Disco

  • Wave Pool (2)

  • Rapid River

  • Boomerang

  • Water Coaster

  • Wavy and Vertical Fall

  • Play Pool

  • Snake Slides

  • Fun Glides

  • Water Pendulum

  • Water Fall

  • Rain Dance

Wonderla Water & Amusement Park - Kochi- Tickets

In The Amusement Park-

  • Recoil

  • Equinox 360

  • Flash Tower

  • Twin Flip Monster

  • Dancing Cars

  • Super Jumper

  • Space Gun

  • WonderLa Bamba

  • Maverick

  • Adventure of Chikku

  • Cater Pillar Village

  • Fire Brigade

  • Rocking Tug

  • Balarama Cave

  • Dashing Cars

  • Music Fountain and Laser Show

  • Sky Wheel

  • Wind Mill

  • Flying Boat

  • Cinemagic Ride

  • Dancing Wheel

  • Wonder Splash

Kids Ride-

  • Jumping Frogs

  • Kids Play

  • Convoy

  • Flying Ammu

  • Happy Kangaroo

  • Jumping Horses

  • Castle jet

  • Pirate Ship

  • Magic Plane

  • Kiddies Wheel

My Experience in this Fun park (Review)-

On my trip of Kashmir to Kanyakumari, when I crossed to Kochi, I visited this fantastic amusement park. I was solo but did lots of fun here. I spent three days in Kochi, and the day I spent in this water park was the best because of their ultimate rides and fun activities. I reached here by taking a bus from Kochi bus stand and got the entry here in the morning 11 Am. I didn’t book my tickets in advance, just went there and purchased it from the ticket counters outside of the park.

Wonderla Water & Amusement Park How to Reach?

They provided me the welcome drink after entry. After taking the entry, I rented the swimming costume for the water park and put my all belongings in the locker room. After enjoying and getting wet at the water park, I took a bath in the shower and changed the clothes. After that, I grabbed lunch in their food court, the food was in budget price, not that expensive as other fun parks. After lunch, I went to the amusement park area and spent my noon and evening by taking every ride of the park. Equinox 360 and Flash Tower, these were the two rides I liked most. I made some good friends there as well. I enjoyed the view of the sunset from the Wonderla Bamba ride. Overall, My experience of spending a day in this fun park was unforgettable.

If you are also planning to spend a day with fun, then you can book your tickets for Wonderla Water & Amusement Park, Kochi by contacting them.

Happy Traveling :)