Why 75% People Love To Go Mukteshwar During Their Nainital Trip?

About Mukteshwar-

Mukteshwar is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva. It is situated in the high altitude of 7500 feet (2285 meters) and 52 Km away from Nainital, 75 km from Haldwani and 400 km from New Delhi. The town’s name derives from two Sanskrit word. ‘Mukti’ means eternal life and ‘ishwar’ another term for God, and refers to an ancient legend in which a demon battle with Shiva, though the demon is defeated, he attains immortality. All tourists of Nainital love to visit Mukteshwar after exploring the Nainital and Bhimtal. The Temple of Lord Shiva is approx. 350 years old. You can see the ultimate view of Himalayas from the top of the Mukteshwar Temple. It is also famous for their Apple Garden, Tea Garden and some other amazing views on the way to Mukteshwar.

Why Visit Mukteshwar After Exploring the Nainital?

Mukteshwar is situated in the higher altitude than Nainital. Nainital is famous for its lakes and Mukteshwar is famous for its temple and the view of the Himalayas. You can see an ultimate 180-degree view of Himalayas in Mukteshwar. The Unspoiled beauty of Mukteshwar has a lot to offer.

Where to Stay In Mukteshwar?

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There are Many Things to do in Mukeshwar-

  • You can buy and eat fresh apples from the apple gardens of Mukteshwar,
  • You can buy the natural and fresh tea from tea gardens held by Uttarakhand Government,
  • You can visit Lord Shiva Temple which is very famous,
  • You can enjoy a perfect road trip in between the green mountains,
  • You can enjoy your bath at the waterfall lies between Mukteshwar and Bhimtal.
  • You can do Trekking/hiking in Mukteshwar.
  • You can spend your night in a tent and do camping, bonfire etc. in Mukteshwar.

Mukteshwar is also famous for its adventure activities like rock climbing and rappelling. The overhanging cliffs situated near Mukteshwar, known as ‘Chauli-ki-Jali’ is a popular spot for rock climbing. You can also do Paragliding here, but it is seasonal.

So why are you just visiting the Nainital? Explore Mukteshwar also for some Ultimate Fun.

Luxury Cottages in Mukteshwar - Club Ten Pine Lodge

How far is the Mukteshwar from Nainital?

Mukteshwar is approx. 47-50 km far away from the city Nainital. The Way of Mukteshwar from Nainital is By Bhowali – Ramgarh.

How to reach Mukteshwar From Nainital?

You can easily reach Mukteshwar from Nainital by bus or by hiring a taxi. You can also come here by own vehicle, the roads are clean and safe. The bus fare between Nainital and Mukteshwar is in between Rs 70-100.

Luxury Cottages in Mukteshwar - Club Ten Pine Lodge

How to Reach Mukteshwar from New Delhi?

You can Easily reach here by Bus, by flight, by train, and by road.

By bus-

Reach Haldwani from New Delhi by taking the bus from Anand Vihar Bus Terminal in Delhi and then Mukteshwar by taking the bus from Haldwani Bus Stand

By Train-

Reach Kathgodam from New Delhi by taking the train from old Delhi railway station, and then Mukteshwar by taking the bus from Kathgodam.

By Flight-

As like Nainital, Mukteshwar also hasn’t any direct airport. So you have to come Pantnagar airport from Delhi to reach Mukteshwar. You can easily come to Mukteshwar by flight from New Delhi to Pantnagar and then by bus from Pantnagar to Mukteshwar.

By Road-

It is approx. 400 km far away from Delhi, you can easily come here by own vehicle from the way of Haldwani – Mukteshwar.

You can also reach here from Nainital, let’s read about- How to reach Nainital from Delhi?

Is Mukteshwar is Safe to Travel?

Yes, Mukteshwar is safe to travel. All roads of Mukteshwar is Clean and safe to drive.

Is there an ATM facility available in Mukteshwar?

Yes, There are many ATM Machines in Mukteshwar, It is a popular hill station with all banking facilities in it. The State Bank of India is the nearest bank to Mukteshwar.


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