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Prashar lake trek is outstanding amongst other family experience end of the week escapes close Delhi, in the Kullu valley of Himachal amid the long and wonderful Dauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur Mountain range furthermore the quick streaming waterway Beas. It is a little yet one of the most astonishing treks to love for long-lasting. The Lake Prashar in the middle of the lavish green glades further strengthens the excellence of the trek in Himachal and the picturesque magnificence of delightful scenes will catch your psyche until the end of time. 

One of the most astounding actualities about the Prashar lake is that its profundity is obscure. Folklore says that the Pandavas shaped the lake when they were returning after Mahabharata with their master Kamrunag. He cherished the serenity of the spot so much that he chose to remain there until the end of time. It is said that Bheem formed the lake by pushing his elbow and lower arm on the pinnacle of the mountain. Consistently, a huge number of individuals come to observe the magnificence and investigate the shrouded privileged insights. Individuals accept the lake to be enchanted and toss cash, silver coins, and gold as contributions to satisfy their religious conviction. The Prashar trek additionally has a Pagoda like a sanctuary celebrated for its plan and old carvings on the divider. 

Prashar Lake is found 60 km north of Mandi and lies by a three-storeyed pagoda-like sanctuary. Arranged at an elevation of around 2730 m, Prashar Lake is encompassed by the hypnotizing Dhauladhar ranges. You get a 180-degree perspective on the Dhauladhar, Kinnaur, and Pir Pinjal mountain ranges from here. 

The pagoda-like sanctuary by the lake utilizes the conventional Himachali design and is devoted to sage Prashar. As per local people, the sanctuary was worked in the thirteenth century by an infant utilizing a solitary tree. It is likewise said this is where sage Prashar used to reflect which is the reason this lake is considered very hallowed by local people. In any case, these are only a couple of the numerous tales about this spot which makes this lake so secretive to the voyager. 

There is additionally a little drifting island situated in the lake which moves around the lake. Comprised of plant matter in various decay organizes the island drifts because of the oxygen discharged by the plants' foundations. A most intriguing aspect regarding this spot is that nobody knows the careful profundity of this lake.

- >Overview of Prashar Lake Trek 

Area: Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

Term: 2 Days 

Most noteworthy Height: 8,500 ft roughly 

Best time to visit: May-July, Whenever aside from winters 

Beginning stage: Baggi 

Temperature Range: Winters: - 20 to 0°C 

Summers: 0 to 20°C 

Trekking DISTANCE: 16 km

- >Why Would it be a good idea for you to Go to Prashar Lake? 

One of the simpler treks, Prashar Lake trek is the most ideal approach to enter the universe of mountains. What's more, since there is a motorable street associating Baggi Town to Prashar, you can likewise take the path of least resistance. However, truly, the trek is very straightforward and can be endeavored with kids also. Presently, you may inquire as to why you ought to go to Prashar Lake out of all the places in Himachal. All things considered, there are two or three reasons why a trek to this spot is an absolute necessity. 

Right off the bat, it is a wonderful spot where you are encompassed by beautiful mountain ranges. On the whole trek, you will be given some unimaginable perspectives which will make this 3-4 hour trek totally justified, despite all the trouble. Also, since very few individuals still result in these present circumstances spot, you can appreciate some harmony too. 

Another motivation behind why you should visit this spot is that the night sky is totally mysterious here. On a starry evening, you can see the stars and the moon sparkle brilliantly in the sky. Along these lines, if you are keen on astrophotography or simply respecting the night sky, at that point this is a decent spot to visit. 

Additionally, you can appreciate the most astounding dusks and dawns from the ridge here. You can watch the sun go down behind the slope, radiating a warm brilliant sparkle to the lake and the sanctuary. What's more, on the off chance that you are a timely riser, at that point you can even catch entrancing dawn from the ridge here. 

Toward the beginning of the day, the first beams of the sun look out from behind the mists and wash away the entire spot in an otherworldly brilliant shade. 

The trek to the Prashar lake is in itself an astounding background. It isn't excessively applying or hard like different treks. In any case, it is a bit of testing as you have to move up the lofty slope for 3-4 hours to achieve the lake. What's more, the glade in transit is an unquestionable requirement stop spot to observe the magnificence of the encompassing mountain ranges. 

At long last, visit this spot to hear anecdotes about the puzzling lake from local people. Likewise, on the off chance that you see, the little island in the lake changes positions.

- >Prashar Lake Trek Distinction: 

Prashar Lake is 10 km from Bagi through the street and 5-6 km utilizing the woodland course. Ensure that you begin early on the off chance that you need to achieve the lake on schedule. It is a 3-4 hour trek one side and you will cross a couple of forested regions and glades in transit as well. 

On the off chance that you might want to take the transport to Prashar, at that point you would need to reach Mandi by 9-9.30 a.m. In any case, if you intend to trek, at that point you have to begin around 1 p.m. at the most from Bagi. On the off chance that you begin as of now, at exactly that point you would reach Prashar by 5 p.m. before the dusks. 

Additionally, on the off chance that you are trekking during the storm time frame, at that point you will experience plenty of parasites on the trail. Ensure your arms and legs are secured consistently. Furthermore, do check occasionally for any parasites on your garments and shoes. 

The trek to Prashar Lake is very straightforward and simple. Be that as it may, as referenced previously, it is, for the most part, a tough course. In this way, you may tire effectively when rising on the slope. Likewise, it is prudent to take a neighborhood to manage with you who knows the course else you may get somewhat lost in the woods. 

From Bagi town, you have to stroll for in any event 1-2 Kms on rough territory. From that point onward, you will run over the backwoods trail which continues for another 3-4 km. Keep in mind that once you are in the woodland locale, adhere to the correct side tough way. Try not to go straight on the trail as you can get lost. Continuously, take the correct side trail which is going tough to remain on the course. 

After you complete 3-4 km, which will take around 1.5-2 hours, you will go over a little knoll. From here, you can appreciate a decent perspective on the encompassing mountains. After you have crossed the glade, you will re emerge the tree-secured zone which would be a move of 15-20 minutes. 

After the trip, you will see a couple of hovels which means you have nearly come to Prashar. From here, Prashar is scarcely 1 km away. You simply need to stroll toward the cottages and structures and following 20-30 minutes, you will see the principle street. 

A 5-10 moment stroll on this street will take you to the Prashar Lake walled in area. Here, you can camp or remain for the evening and after that leave the following day. You can take the 1.30 p.m. transport to Mandi the following day. Yet, if you need to trek back, at that point you would need to leave ahead of schedule at around 9 a.m. This will enable you to reach Bagi on time to discover the transport leaving from Prashar to Mandi.

- >Best time to Visit Prashar Lake-: 

Even though Prashar Lake trek can be finished consistently, each season offers something exceptional to the trekkers. Underneath, we have referenced what you can expect in each season here. 

- >Summer Season (Walk – June) 

If you are attempting to get away from the warmth, at that point mid-year is a decent time to visit Prashar Lake. The air is cool right now and you will appreciate outdoors close to the lake. Yet, ensure you convey adequate water for the trek as you can get effectively got dried out in transit. 

- >Monsoon Season (July – September) 

Prashar can be visited all round the year yet it is particularly lovely soon after the storms and during the snowfall. If you are hoping to invest some energy during the lavish greenery, at that point we would recommend you go only following a rainstorm. 

Do recall that the trail will be sloppy and elusive during this time. What's more, there will be a ton of parasites in transit. Along these lines, dress fittingly and wear legitimate trekking shoes. 

- >Winter Season (October- February) 

Although the streets are shut down from December to February because of snowfall, trekking is as yet conceivable. Be that as it may, you would need snow trekking gear to endeavor it. 

What's more, it is shrewd to go with a trekking organization or a nearby guide as the whole course is secured with snow. In this way, mishaps are probably going to happen on the off chance that you aren't cautious.


- >ATM and System Accessibility in Prashar 

- ATMs in Prashar-: 

There is no ATM close Prashar Lake or Bagi Town. Along these lines, ensure you pull back adequate money before leaving. There are two or three ATMs in Suran and Kataula however these are probably going to have no money in them. In this way, on the off chance that you have to pull back money, do it in Mandi itself. 

- >Network Accessibility in Prashar-: 

You won't locate a solid portable system association in Prashar lake. There won't be any sign on the trail itself however once you achieve the lake, you may get somewhat signal on JIO or BSNL sims. 

Nonetheless, the sign is very discontinuous so complete your sign brings in Mandi. 

Regarding the settlement, you won't discover an absence of alternatives here. Contingent upon your financial limit and solace, there are three alternatives for you to browse. 

Camping -: 

One of the most mainstream alternatives for a stay close Prashar Lake is to remain in tents. You can get your outdoor gear or you can contract a tent for the night here. The outdoors tent will cost you around 300 – 500 INR for each individual here. 

It gets extremely cold around evening time in Prashar. In this way, on the off chance that you are getting your tent, remember to get a warm camping cot and resting sleeping cushion too. On the off chance that you don't, at that point, you will wind up shuddering in cool the whole night. 

- >Forest Save Guesthouse and PWD Rest House -: 

Another alternative is to take a room in the Woodland Rest House or Trekker's hovel here. There are two guesthouses here, situated around a km from the lake. There are constrained rooms here so ensure you book ahead of time. 

You can call DFO Mandi at 01905-23536 or RFO Mandi at 01905-269485 to book a space for yourself. A room here is probably going to cost you around 500-700 INR.

- >Dormitory at the Sanctuary Complex-: 

You can likewise remain in the quarters in the Prashar sanctuary. We aren't sure of the expense however it shouldn't cost you more than 300-400 INR for a night. In any case, do recall that the offices are very essential here. 

- >Food Alternatives at Prashar Lake-: 

There are restricted choices at Prashar and none on the trek trail. Along these lines, ensure you convey enough water and snacks with you for the trek. The last real town to stock up will be Bagi town and the costs are somewhat on the higher side here. 

At Prashar, you would discover a few dhabas however they have restricted nourishment choices. You would get Rajma Chawla and a couple of different dishes here, so don't anticipate excessively. Rajma Chawla is in reality entirely extraordinary here in this way, do give it a shot. A basic feast here will cost you around 70 – 100 INR and will be very filling. 

You can likewise take your very own Maggi or Wai and approach them to set it up for you. They would take some administration charge (around 10-20 INR) for it however they would do it for you. 

There is likewise a can and a restroom here. Along these lines, if you wish, at that point, you can wash up here as well. Notwithstanding, they are shut during the nighttimes so you should mitigate yourself someplace unnoticeably. 

Likewise, the toilets and the restrooms are very awful close to the lake in this way, I would encourage you to keep away from them if you can.


- >Legends and Accounts of Prashar Lake-: 

Aside from the beautiful scenery, Prashar Lake is additionally known for its appealing legends. There are a few fascinating stories related to this lake which makes it an alluring puzzle spot to visit. Here are a couple of the top tales about this spot. 

Legend Number 1-: 

It is said this was where Prashar rishi used to ponder on the previous occasions. What's more, Prashar lake was the hindrance against the evil presences who attempted to enter the world. Sage Prashar had a steadfast fan who volunteered to go into the lake and execute the evil presences to secure the world unequivocally. 

As indicated by local people, the lake water began flooding and took steps to suffocate this spot. To stop this, sage Prashar's aficionado went into the lake and didn't turn out for another 4-5 days. Nobody knew whether he was in any condition. At long last, on the fifth day, he left the lake and water retreated to its unique level. 

From that point on, he remained with Prashar rishi here and made the Pagoda-like sanctuary in his respect. 

Legend Number 2-: 

Another prevalent legend about this spot is concerning the development of the lake. It is said that Bheema, one of the Pandavas, made this lake. As per the story, Pandavas were returning after the Kurukshetra war with Ruler Kamrunag. 

Ruler Kamrunag became hopelessly enamored with this spot so Bheema utilized his elbow to make a scratch which is the Prashar Lake. As indicated by local people, the lake is in the state of Bheema's elbow which is the reason this district is known as Kamru valley. Furthermore, the lake is otherwise called the Kamrunag lake. 


Story Number 1-: 

Every one of the local people says that nobody knows the careful profundity of this lake. Numerous individuals have attempted to discover the profundity however all have fizzled. Truth be told, when a couple of individuals accompanied all the estimating gadgets and a long rope yet despite everything they couldn't make sense of the profundity. 

Local people have seen long trees being suffocated in this lake with not a look superficially. 

Story Number 2-: 

Entering the lake premises is precluded and nobody is permitted to remain on that little island inside the lake. As indicated by local people, when a couple came and the woman wished to get her image clicked while remaining on that little island. 

Be that as it may, when she ventured on it, she tumbled down inside the water and her better half scarcely figured out how to pull her back. From that point forward this lake has been encompassed with wall to secure both the lake and the general population. 

Story Number 3-: 

The little island inside the lake moves as indicated by the atmosphere. When it will be awful climate, it moves to one side of the sanctuary. What's more, when it will be warm, it moves to the correct side. This is the thing that local people accept however we don't have any evidence for it. 

In any case, we witnessed the drifting island moving and make a full hover of the lake. 

- >Please Note: These are every one of the narratives advised to us by local people. We don't guarantee these to be 100% valid.

- >Summary-: 

Prashar Lake is one of the lesser frequented treks nowadays. This is because there is an appropriate street prompting this lake. Nonetheless, that doesn't imply that is anything but a delightful and commendable trek to endeavor. On the off chance that you are new to trekking or on the off chance that it is your first time, at that point Prashar lake trek is a decent decision for you. 

The course is simple and you have such a large number of astonishing perspectives to appreciate in transit. Be that as it may, ensure that you are appropriately arranged for the trek and have the vital hardware and trekking things with you. I trust this article encourages you to plan your trek to this wonderful, baffling area.

-By Aayush Raje Choudhary

(Content Creator, Go4Explore)



- >How to reach Prashar Lake 

As I referenced previously, Prashar Lake is available by a motorable street. Thus, there are a few ways by which you can reach here. 

- >Reaching Mandi 

For coming to Prashar Lake, you first need to reach Mandi. Furthermore, since Mandi is a noteworthy center point in Himachal Pradesh, there are a few different ways to reach here. 


Kullu air terminal is the closest airplane terminal to Mandi at a separation of 75 km. You get normal flights to Kullu from Delhi and Shimla. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are lacking in time, at that point you can achieve Delhi and take a trip to Kullu. 

From Kullu, you will get both neighborhood modes of transport and taxicabs to reach Mandi. The transports will cost around 50 – 100 INR from Kullu to Mandi, contingent upon the transport type. Concerning the taxicabs, they will effortlessly charge you around 1000 INR for the 1.5 to 2-hour drive. 


Kalka is the closest real railroad station close Mandi. What's more, it is well-associated with a few noteworthy urban areas in India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, etc. Along these lines, you can without much of a stretch take a train to the Kalka station which is around 175 km from Mandi. 

From Kalka, you can take a taxi to Mandi for around 2500 – 3000 INR. Another alternative is to take the Himalayan Ruler Express to reach Dharampur and after that take a taxi to Mandi for 2000 – 2500 INR. Be that as it may, truly, this is a long adventure on the off chance that you are originating from a removed area. 


At long last, you can reach Mandi by street in your vehicle or utilizing open transportation. There are transports from Shimla, Delhi, Chandigarh, and so on to Mandi routinely. There are both private and open HRTC kinds of transport accessible. Also, you have a choice to pick a conventional, Volvo or a minivan for your adventure. 

A standard transport from Delhi to Mandi will cost you around 550 – 580 INR though a Volvo will cost you 1250 INR. If you pick a private transport from one of the transport booking applications, at that point you may discover a Volvo Air conditioning transport for 850 – 1000 INR. It takes around 12 hours to reach Mandi from Delhi in transport. The least expensive transport from Chandigarh to Mandi will cost you around 300 INR and will take around 6 hours to reach. 

As referenced above, you can likewise drive to Mandi in your vehicle. Mandi is around 140 km from Shimla,180 km from Chandigarh, and 430 km from Delhi. In this way, you can without much of a stretch appreciate an excursion to Mandi from these and other adjacent areas. For state transport transports, you can check the costs here.

Mandi to Bagi Town > 

When you have come to Mandi, you have to reach Bagi Town which is around 50 km away. It takes around 2-2.5 hours to achieve this town. From Bagi town, Prashar lake is only 10 km by street and 5-6 km through the timberland course. 

There are significantly two manners by which you can achieve the Bagi town: taxicabs and transports. 

Taxicabs : 

A taxi to Bagi Town will cost something like 1000 INR and will take around 2 hours to reach. This is a decent alternative if you are a gathering of individuals so the expense can be shared. 

In the wake of coming to Bagi town, you can hang tight for the transport to Prashar Lake or you can trek through the backwoods course.


Transports : 

There are additionally transports for Bagi town which will take around 3 hours to reach and cost roughly 20 – 30 INR. Be that as it may, the recurrence of these transports is very low and there is just 1 transport leaving each hour for Bagi. 

Along these lines, if you are lacking in time, at that point, this probably won't be the best alternative for you.

- >Bagi Town to Prashar Lake-: 

When you have come to Bagi town, Prashar Lake is very close. There are three different ways for you to cover the Bagi to Prashar Lake separation. 

Furthermore, on the off chance that you are wanting to trek, at that point this is likewise the beginning stage of the trek trail. You can either trek from Bagi to Prashar through the woodland course which is shorter or you can climb along the way to Prashar from Bagi which is around 11-13 km. You likewise have an alternative to taking the transport from Mandi to Prashar however there are just two transports which leave at 10 a.m. what's more, 1 p.m. what's more, would cost you around 20-30 bucks.


Taxicabs : 

If you are lacking in time and are not a major aficionado of trekking then you can likewise take a taxi to Prashar Lake. A taxi from Mandi to Prashar Lake will cost you around 2000 – 2500 INR for one side. It will take you around 2 to 3-hours to reach there. 

Transports : 

Another choice is to take the transports to Prashar Lake which more often than not leaves from Mandi at 11 a.m. what's more, 1 p.m. There are as of now just 2 transports day by day leaving for Prashar Lake. So if you miss these, you should either take a taxi or trek to the lake. 

The expense of this transport is around 50 INR and takes around 4-5 hours to finish the adventure.


At last, on the off chance that you are a trekking aficionado, at that point, you can likewise trek from Bagi town to Prashar Lake. It is a 5-6 km trek through the woodland way and will take around 3-4 hours to reach. The trek is generally simple with a couple of soak risings in transit. Be that as it may, you get the opportunity to see stunning perspectives and you can likewise rest in the knolls in transit.

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