Travel Gossips- A Travel Meet-up in Delhi by Go4explore

Travel Gossips- A Travel Meet-up in Delhi by Go4explore On 20th April, Go4explore organize first travel meet-up in Delhi in which more than 50 travelers took part. The purpose of this meet up is as same as its name- Travel Gossips. We, 5 speakers, present our thought about different- different topics. Before this meet up, we thought that around 20-25 persons will come to attend this event because it was Friday and no one was free because of offices and works but we got the unbelievable responses. Travelers especially came from Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh to attend this event. More than 50 persons come and join us in Travel Gossips Meet up. This Meet up was held in Kunzum Travel Cafe in Hauz Khas, South Delhi and the timing was 3 to 6 pm in the evening. So let’s know about the speakers and their topics-

Heena Raheja – Travel Influencer, TEDx Speaker

Topic- How to manage job and travel both together.

In today’s times, everyone wants to travel but can’t because of Jobs and works. Heena talked about how you can manage the travel and job both together. She also said her story of the past when she did the job for 15000 rs salary and traveled on weekends.

You can check the embedded video below-

Sahil Singh – Travel Blogger, Trip Leader

Topic- Responsible Travel

Travel Gossips- A Travel Meet-up in Delhi by Go4explore

Nature is so beautiful, we need to save this if we want to enjoy this beauty in future as well. Sahil Singh talked about how to travel responsibly. Save the environment and nature from plastics and other waste. We need to take this topic seriously and learn about it. Recently, he took part in many activities for cleaning nature, trails etc. He worked in Dharamshala with Waste Warrior and collected lots of waste from the trails near Mcleodganj and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh.

You can check the embedded video below-

Jony Jindal- Travel Blogger, Vlogger, and Photographer-

Topic- The Art of Solo Traveling

Travel Gossips- A Travel Meet-up in Delhi by Go4explore

The solo traveling is an art. Jony (Me) talked about this art and some tips about how to travel solo and what things you need to know before start your long solo trip. He also talked about his last long journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (North to South India). He also talked about why he prefers to travel solo? What did he learn from his last solo trips? And how to do backpacking while traveling solo.

You can check the embedded video below-

Himani Chabra – Travel Blogger and Influencer

Topic- Problems That a female traveler face in India

There are many problems that a women traveler face in India while traveling solo. Himani talked about this very interesting topic and give lots of suggestions and solutions. There are many girls in our society who want to travel but they can’t, because of boundations. Himani discussed many solutions to these problems.

Mir Fayaz – Snow Trekker and Guide in Gulmarg, Kashmir

Topic- Snow Trekking and Camping Tips

Travel Gossips- A Travel Meet-up in Delhi by Go4explore

Most of the travelers love trekking as well. Mr. Mir Fayaz Especially came from Gulmarg, Kashmir to discuss snow trekking and camping trips in this meet up. He is a trek leader, snowboarder, and guide in Gulmarg. He gave us awesome tips about trekking in snow areas, teach us about Avalanche and how it comes and much more.

Me and most of the traveler are waiting for another meetup, I promise that I will organize another travel meet up in Delhi soon…

Happy Travelling 🙂


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