That Day I Missed My Flight First Time…

This was a sunny day of June and I was in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have to take off at 1:30 PM in the noon. I reached my hotel room at 11:00 from the destination. I packed my bag and ready to check out the room. I hire a taxi and leave for the airport at 11:30 AM. In google map, it shows I will reach the airport at 12:10 PM. But I found big traffic jam on my way. Maybe this is some local city program there or some other reason like raily etc. After it, I reached the airport at 1 o’clock in the noon and I missed my flight…

That Day I Missed My Flight First Time...This was an aircraft of Air India (Indian Airline). I asked Team of Air India that I will pay you extra charges if it possible to catch it. Because the aircraft is still on the runway and ready to fly. But they deny it. I left my backpacks to my brother room. Now I was alone in Jaipur Airport without any luggage or backpack. I was sad because I missed my flight. I had a meeting on next day in New Delhi. I was thinking about to book the new ticket for upcoming flights. But it is too expensive. Then I think about the other way to go Delhi.

Then I got an Idea to go Delhi by Road. I started searching on Bla Bla Car for share ride to Delhi at a valuable price. But I didn’t find any ride to Delhi from there. I find a ride to Gurugram. It is nearby to Delhi (approx. 25 km away from Delhi). I booked a seat on the shared car and start my journey from Jaipur from a Maruti Suzuki Desire Car. I started my journey at 4:00 Pm from Jaipur and I reached Gurugram at 9:00 Pm. Yes, it took 5 hours to reach there from Jaipur.

I went to New Delhi from Gurugram by metro and reached at 10:00 o’clock. Then I felt Road trip is more interesting than a journey of flight. I reached my destination within 6 hours from Jaipur. That day, I know how near Jaipur is from my home.

The amazing thing is that I received Rs 1350 refund (Taxes) from Air India and I reached Delhi in just Rs 1000. This is how I suffered after missing my flight.

How I got the refund from Airlines after missing my flight from Jaipur?

That Day I Missed My Flight First Time...After 1 hour of missing the flight, I received a phone call from Air India Airlines. They confirmed me that I missed or not and ask about reasons. After all story, they told me that they will refund the amount of taxes of the air ticket within 3-4 hours by reverse payment mode. Reverse payment mode is a method where you go your money from the way you pay. For example- if you pay by your debit card and you missed your flight, they will pay you in the account linked from this debit card by reverse payment mode. I received my money in my payment wallet. I was on my home and still in the profit of Rs 350. How amazing is that…


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