Nagaland is a wonderful state full of natural beauty, appeal and adventure that calls tourists from far and near. The state houses unending possibilities from heritage villages to wildlife sanctuaries. Tucked amidst the lush green and verdant sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate, Nagaland treasures an abundance of wild flora and fauna and even some medicinal plants. 

The people here are very kind and humble and if you visit the state, you will be welcomed with love and curiosity. Coming to the sightseeing places in Nagaland, from World War ll that took place in Kohima to the humble settlement between Indo-Burma borders in Mon district 'Longwa Village,' every town, city or village has a story to tell. 

This land carries music as an important tool for communication. Therefore, music in Nagaland is an integral part and you can hear soothing folk songs during many Nagaland festivals. This exotic holiday destination will offer you an ample amount of festivals and cultural ambiance to blend in with the locals. The land is a paradise for nature lovers as it is home to various flora and fauna and you can take up a trekking tour to some of the best places in Nagaland. Camping and trekking are both exciting adventure activities in Nagaland. 

Visit Nagaland is not complete without trying Naga Cuisines that give a unique blend of taste. Nagaland is mainly a meat-eater state, so you will find a lot of tasty chicken, pork, beef, and more. Some mouthwatering dishes Nagaland offers are bamboo steamed fish, salty smoked pork stew, dried fish and roasted intestines and there is more for the vegetable eaters. The state has a lot of skilled craftsmen and their handicrafts which are worth taking as a memento for remembrance. 

Language Spoken -

Nagamese, English, Ao- Naga, Tenyidie









Things to do 

Take a wild Safari at Ntangki National Park

Explore the Nagaland’s Cultural Heritage at Kisama Heritage Village

Take A Nature Trek at Dzukou Valley

Trekking at Mount Saramati

Camp Under The Stars at Kohima Mountains

Go For Boating at Doyang River

Best time to Visit

Winter is the preferable season since temperatures are low to moderate and touring the cities during this time is an absolute breeze. Therefore the best time to visit the state is from October to March.

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