Nestled in the Northeastern part of India, Meghalaya takes the credit of being the wettest place in the world. With scenic surroundings, lush green landscapes, white clouds and mist, Meghalaya never failed to capture the heart of the travellers. The sightseeing tour in Meghalaya includes a plethora of places that are suitable for travellers of all genres. 

Cherrapunji, being the place which receives the maximum rainfall in the world, Meghalaya can mesmerize you with its valleys, lakes, waterfalls, hills, and caves giving it a very serene and beautiful look.Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is the most developed area in the entire state. Shillong has often been called the Scotland of the East owing to the magnificent lakes all around the city and the hills surrounding it. The Living Double-decker Root Bridge is a popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunji, where trekking and hiking activities are offered for tourists.

Meghalaya has a rich history of fine craftsmanship, wood-carving, and artistic weaving, especially in the Jaintia and Khasi districts.

Moreover, Meghalaya also emphasizes on adventure activities letting the travellers get an overall experience in this beautiful state. 

The state also has something for the wildlife lovers,the Balpakram National Park where the rich biodiversity and scenic beauty doesn't fail to charm the tourists. Also, Nokrek National Park which is listed as UNESCO's Biosphere Reserve will let the tourists come across the rich flora and fauna.

Meghalaya also offers water sports activities near Umiam Lake and Ward's Lake where travellers can indulge in water scooters, paddle boats, rawboats, sailing boats and more. Coming to the culture of Meghalaya, tourists can learn about it from the festivals, music fairs and dance that takes place all across the state. Heading to shopping, Meghalaya houses some amazing handicrafts designed by skilled tribes. The markets are lined with shops that offer a variety of handicrafts including silk fabric, tribal jewellery, cane mats, pineapple fibre articles, carpets and bamboo objects. A visit to Meghalaya will let you experience and relish the splendid beauty of nature at its best. 

Language Spoken - 

Khasi, Garo,Jaintia, Nepali, Assamese








West Garo Hills

East Garo Hills



Things to do

Visit the Dawki River

Camping around Umiam Lake

Mountain Biking At Sohliya Village

Shop At Bara Bazaar Shillong

Explore Mawsmai Cave

Cliff Jumping and Zip Lining at Dawki

Photography At Elephant Falls

Trek To Bewildering Living Root Bridges

Water Sports At Umiam Lake

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Meghalaya is between October to June.

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